On the day of Li Yan’s death, the voice message was exposed, and all the legacy of Zeng Li was left to his mother; why is women more susceptible to depression?

This year should be the 30th anniversary of the singer Li Yan’s debut, but she chose to end her vitality on July 2nd.

(Singer Li Yan died, family mourn)

My sister recalled Li Yan’s life and death for a moment

The second sister Li Silin interviewed said that since Coco was admitted to the hospital on the 2nd, she had never slept.The index of breathing instruments, staring at each second, and the whole person tremble when he hear a beep. "

Li Silin said that his mother was a Chinese medicine medicine who refused to give up and insisted on saving COCO. "When Coco was sent to the hospital for the first time, the doctor said that the sister’s brain cells had died, but the mother refused to give up.Save the needle to treat it, to see the last effort to see the kindness. "

It is reported that Li Yan’s family revealed that Li Yan was plagued by depression. It is known that Li Yan had a haze of marriage and reef, which caused her original cheerful character to suffer from depression.The elderly mother and two sisters in their 80s know that the situation is serious, with a 24 -hour turn to accompany, coupled with the care of her friends, but unfortunately Li Yan eventually happened.It is rumored that Li Yan’s rich businessman husband Bruce Rockowitz (Le Yumin) did not go to work in Hong Kong this week. The company colleagues did not see him appear for the past few days. It is estimated that he had learned of the bad news after the accident.According to reports, Li Yan was born lightly in the Hong Kong apartment on July 2nd. The mother of Li Yan first discovered that at the time, Li Yan’s two sisters also called at home and called the police. Li Yan was taken to Mary Hospital for treatment.

"Li Yanli has a will, and all the legacy is left to the mother"

Public information shows that Li Yan’s mother is from Wuhan and his father is from Harbin. During his pregnancy, Li Yan’s father died of illness.Li Yan ranked third at home, with two sisters: eldest sister Li Qiulin and the second sister Li Silin.After his father died, the mother pulled the three sisters alone.On the 83rd birthday of her mother, Li Yan also sent a long article to celebrate her birthday, and said: Mom, I will always take care of you well.You raised me younger, I raise you old.I hope that my mother can be healthy and happy, Shoubi Nanshan, long -lived.Mom, you will always be my most admired and favorite person in my heart.

Li Yan’s second sister, Nancy, revealed to "Sing Tao Headline" in the early morning of the 6th that Li Silin’s most heartache was the 86 -year -old mother who had giving black heads. She said that her mother had lost her husband who had lost her husband under the age of 40At that time, her sister was just born, but she had a tragedy with Xin Ru’s big daughter.It is reported that Li Yanli has a will, and all property will be left to her favorite mother.

According to people familiar with the matter, singer Li Yan and her husband Bruce have been separated for more than two years and are currently undergoing divorce procedures.According to people familiar with the matter, the divorce agreement has been discussed, but there is still no formal divorce, so the other party can still call himself Li Yan’s husband.In addition, he also said that because Li Yan did not sign a divorce agreement before his death, Bruce may save some maintenance costs.

I once said I really want a child very much

Red Star reporter learned from a person familiar with the matter, "Two weeks ago, Coco fans also went to Hong Kong to visit her. At that time, because of rehabilitation, she shed tears in front of fans, but she could feel that she was very hard …… "The insider was very puzzled and shocked about Li Yan’s sudden death. He frankly shed tears when he heard the news."COCO had told me before that I wanted a child very much, but I never achieved it. I never expected that she would leave everyone in this way."

According to reports, Li Yan also spoke to the fans on July 2: "Feel everyone’s love and support for me, and then you will be my backing, I will cheer. During that time, I hope you yourself yourselfI am also healthy and happy, I miss everyone very much, I work hard and miss you love you and love you. "

Unexpectedly, this is the last words that Li Yan left for fans.Li Yan’s husband is Le Yumin, a wealthy man in Canada. She is 16 years older than her. In 2011, the two held a grand wedding in Hong Kong. The two -day century wedding scene was grand and became a good story in the entertainment industry.The two had no children after they got married.However, Le Yumin and his ex -wife have two daughters, but Li Yan didn’t mind this and got along well with the children.But the enviable marriage between the two was news of changes in the end of 2022.On the occasion of the New Year in 2022, Li Yan shared her recent situation on her social media. She weighed less than 85 pounds, and her body was really worrying.

In January of this year, some media broke the news that Li Yan and her husband had a marriage change. At present, the two are already in a state of separation.Sister Li Yan said that this was private, and she couldn’t do it or ask.

The stars remember Li Yan

Thank you for bringing beautiful music and unforgettable memories

Many people have experienced the brave power through Li Yan’s music, and also drawn positive energy.I believe this is also her inner kindness, prompting her to always love this world and be willing to pay for it.In such a season when Xia Yu wet the eaves, I hope that her distance is not alone. May the place where she arrives will always be accompanied by music and nostalgia.

Why are women more likely to suffer from depression?

A doctor of a psychiatric said that

Last night, the news that the famous singer Li Yan died of depression made everyone who loved her sad.People are shocked. Why do such a person who has always brought warmth and joy to fans, why do they end their lives?Intersection

Just last Saturday, my clinic came with a beautiful girl, 35 years old, and is currently the most difficult stage.Don’t look at her happiness in the circle of friends every day, few people know that she is not happy.She said: Looking at the piles of folders in the computer, I always cry silently. I can’t control my emotions. I have been thinking about why life is so bitter, why the feelings between people are so weak, why I am meWant to live?I return home every day with tired body and mind, and I don’t want to do anything. My appetite has dropped significantly. I really want to leave, and even end my life …

This is depression. The main clinical characteristics are based on the symptoms of continuous mood, decreased interest, and reduction of activities, which can cause serious adverse events such as self -harm and light life.It is like an invisible knife, chopping our body and mind a little bit.

I am a spiritual science doctor. Among my visitors, many people have mentioned a question: Doctor, we see in magazines that women are more likely to suffer from depression. Is this true?Why is it?

Indeed, in recent years, many scholars have conducted a lot of research on the gender differences of depression. They believe that women have become more obvious due to factors such as physiological, psychological, social, and cultural factors. The incidence of depression is about twice that of men.Why is it easier for girls to be unhappy?

Generally speaking, the genetic degree of depression is about 30%-40%, while women’s genetic risk is higher than men.Women’s emotions are vulnerable to environmental factors, and under bad environments, genetic factors will increase the susceptibility to specific mental disorders.

Of course, female hormones are also an important influencing factor in depression.Everyone must not underestimate the changes in hormone levels. Hormones can regulate multiple neurotransal systems that participate in the development of depression in the brain, as well as the sensitivity of the individual’s environmental factors.From adolescence, pregnancy to menopause, women in different life cycles are accompanied by changes in ovarian hormone levels, and the severe changes in hormones will cause the risk of depression to increase significantly.

Studies have shown that the decline in estrogen levels and the rise of follicle stimulus levels are risk of depression for women during menopausal periods.In the early stage of tension, low mood after birth, and menopausal anxiety, the unstable results of female hormones are the result.

Do you know, there is a magical little guy in our brain -almonds.Although it is small, it is closely related to human emotional regulation, and it plays an important role in emotional response and emotional memory.

Scientists have found that female depression patients are more obvious than that of male patients. Although the decrease in the decrease in female almond volume in adolescence is not directly related to depression risk, it may cause women to increase the sensitivity of negative events, and then increase the prevalenceRisk of depression.

In addition, women with more than men’s sleep disorders, while long -term insomnia can cause people’s thinking and memory loss, endocrine disorders, mental sluggishness, anxiety and irritability, and even induced or aggravated mental pain and cause depression.Men who love sports and "psychological anti -男" lady

From adolescence, women’s emotional instability has been significantly higher than men.Women are more likely to experience anxiety, anger, guilt and depression, and have poor anti -pressure resistance to the unknown results of the environment.Female friends are more likely to interpret ordinary situations as "dangerous signals" and see small setbacks as "big grinds".This trait is also a high -risk factor for depression.Under normal circumstances, men have greater physiological reactions to social psychological stress. For example, they have words and deeds to attack others, and women’s stress response is relatively weak. They are more inclined to attribute the reason to their own abilities and lack of ability.Or have a bad personality.From the perspective of evolution, this phenomenon is to protect the impact of the fetus from the mother’s stress.

However, the weaker response transfer is related to higher depression risks.Based on psychoanalysis, the theory of "spiritual vent" theory believes that the timely venting of negative emotions experienced is a key factor in maintaining psychological health. If the anger that can be experienced for a long time will eventually lead to depression.

In terms of hinting, women are more likely to accept hints. Most women are kind and compassionate, and at the same time they are more fragile, timid, unable to hide their words, vanity and self -esteem.The recognition of others and society, in the face of interpersonal pressure and negative sexual life events, women are easier to worry about this than men.

Psychologists found that when emotional low occurred, men liked to vent and get rid of their depression by participating in sports activities and divert their attention.Women are unwilling to move, and they will unwillingly carry out "psychological anti -psychological", that is, repeatedly thinking about the possible causes of emotions and various possible explanations, passively repeatedly experience the pain, which will also extend their depression.Long -term negative results and helpless expectations will eventually lead to despair and may progress as depression.Two factors may make women "stronger in their hearts"

Here we must also tell you an interesting phenomenon: the higher the social and economic status and education level of women, the smaller the risk of depression.This can be understood in this way. Generally, women with higher education levels have a comprehensive acceptance and relatively good mentality when dealing with life events; people with low income and low academic qualifications, due to the narrow social contact surface, experienced negative sexual life events due to negative sexual life eventsAt this time, there are fewer ways to solve the problem, and it is easier to cause heavier negative emotions.

In addition, the negative incidents in the early growth experience, such as physical/emotional abuse, and being ignored, will form a "inseparable knot" existence.In the subsequent life, as long as there is "awakening" of related events or scenes, emotions such as pain, anxiety, and inferiority will reproduce, making life invisible to the sun.

Talking about the above -mentioned list, everyone should be able to know the cause of "why women are more susceptible to depression".Experts from all over the world are paying high attention to "female depression", advocating the establishment of a warm and spacious social and family support system, so that they can get psychological support and comfort, and feel happiness.In addition, experts also advocated that women should grow themselves and make reasonable psychological adjustments, and advance with the times with "good self -efficacy".

At the end

Every time there are events we do not want to see, we think about life.Yes, I hope everyone will think about their lives from time to time, and often accept some new ideas and ideas.The essence of modern civilization is that it is unsuccessful and continuously updated.Er Nai is a beautiful woman, not to abandon her original intention, let alone give up love this world.After wind and rain, the world is worth it.(Text/Qiao Ying/Deputy Chief Physician of the Shanghai Mental Health Center) Walk all the way, COCO

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