One of my mistakes made the difficult dog carry it for 3 days, and almost lost my life.

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My dog is the second puppy. The last time I had a nest two years ago. That time it was born by ourselves. We did not help or know how to help.I ran out for myself.

When the dog was 61 days of pregnancy, there was a production symptoms. After more than 20 minutes, a puppy was born, and a puppy was born after about 30-40 minutes.The movement, but the puppy was not born, and it seemed to be quite hard in the stomach. The dog’s action was discontinued for a night, but the puppy was not born.My friend said it was okay. If there is a puppy in the dog’s belly, how long it will be born in the interval, the dog will not be difficult to give birth, and the dog’s spirit is normal, so it is not serious about it. It has been separated for 3 days.It was found that the dog couldn’t stand up and kept panting, and felt that it was not right, so he quickly took the dog to the pet hospital.

Pet doctor examination:

The dog’s temperature is as low as 36.5 ° C, the conjunctiva has been incarnate, the dehydration is particularly severe, the leukocyte is abnormally increased, the liver and kidney indicators are abnormal, and there is a dying puppy in the uterus.

Pet doctor disposal:

The infusion correction of the vitamin balance, anti -inflammatory, and then surgical treatment. Because the dog’s risk is too high now, after discussing with the owner, the body temperature is a little bit up, and the surgery will be performed immediately.

During the operation, it was found that the dog’s uterus had been partially broken. The puppy had died and performed uterine removal surgery for the dog. This result really shocked the pet doctor and the owner.The uterus will break.

The dog has been in a semi -coma after surgery. It was only 10 hours after the operation that the dog completely woke up. The owner kept crying because of his guilt.The tears seem to be comforting the crying owner.

However, due to abdominal infections, the dog wound infection was finally treated. After more than 20 days, the dog completely recovered. In fact, this was the best result. After all, the dog’s situation was a life of nine deaths.We don’t believe it can survive.

As a result of the master’s pseudo -awareness, the dog did not send it to the pet hospital for the first time when it was difficult, causing the subsequent dog’s uterine rupture and sepsis.

Pet doctor remind everyone: When a dog has a puppy, if you find that it does not give birth to a puppy for more than 2-4 hours, then you must go to the pet hospital to observe.Caesarean section.During the dog’s production period, give it some sugar water, eat nutrient cream, canned food, etc., so that it can be maintained.Dogs are difficult to give birth for more than 2 days. The dog’s life signs are unstable. Do not rush to rush to surgery. First, infusion allows the dog to slowly perform surgery, so that the risk of anesthesia will be reduced a lot.

[Listening to the pet doctor said that the knowledge of pet diseases in popular science in a pretty method, I like to remember to pay attention]

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