Oral first abortion experience: I was peeled out in public

What did abortion bring to them?Today’s article shares the self -description of the abortion of patients:

I was 31 years old, at the age of 25 and 26, I experienced two miscarriage. I didn’t say anything other than the "perpetrator" because I felt regret.But I want to tell all my sisters with my own story that tens of millions should pay attention to protecting, do not experience this path that hurts themselves.

I am a stupid person who knows later. In my twenties, I am still purely playing. I do n’t want to be responsible for anyone, and I do n’t have to be responsible for me.

At the age of 25, my boyfriend and I were together for about a year. At that time, we did not wear a set, and he ejaculated.At that time, my aunt had just left for two or three days. We thought that it was a safe period anyway, and pursued the stimulus. The two people orgasm at the same time. I didn’t expect that the aunt did not come a month later.

It was the first time in my life to see the two bars of the paper measurement. I cried instantly, and the whole person was stunned.

Because I didn’t want to marry him, I resolutely chose a miscarriage.

I didn’t feel scared when I went through the surgical procedures, but when I entered the surgical house of a 8 or nine people, there was no partition. Every girl took off her lower body clothes and barely put her legs on a special chair.For a moment, ashamed, irritability, and anxiety all came into mind.

Doctors calmly treated every panic, which made me trembling.

I started to infusion. A anesthesiologist came over and asked me to take a deep breath. I saw that she injected a dose of medicine into the infusion bottle. In a few seconds, I didn’t know anything. After waking up, I saw a small container next to it.There may be hundreds of milliliters with bloody turbidity …

I hateful that after this time, I did not learn much lesson, and the scars forgot the pain. After a year of drunk once a year, I was recruited again …

I called and confirmed the perpetrator, and he said, "How do you know that it is mine," I quarreled angrily.

The next day, the calm herself went to the hospital alone. A young female doctor said to me for my focus, "Good girl, don’t always do this."

I was silent, and after a few days, I experienced another surgical operation.When the doctor helped me get off the operating table, I cried, it was the kind of regret that I cried at the beginning.

Later, I spent a lot of postoperative recovery at a high price. The next day I hurriedly drove the plane and ran for a while. Until now, when it was rainy, my aunt was unbearable a few days ago.s things.This should be the so -called confinement.

Since then, I have finally made up my mind to fall in love, refuse to not wear a set of sex life, enrich my love of myself, work hard and make money.

Sometimes I also consider that I have experienced two surgical trauma. My body and mind have been scarred, and the uterus is not so healthy, but I still look forward to encountering my loved partners.If I plan to get married in the future, I don’t know how to enlighten the other party. I can only pray that I will have the opportunity to give birth to a healthy baby in the future.

I want to tell other girls that I must love myself well, leave a healthy body, and leave the right of choice for yourself, so that you can choose independently, regardless of you in the future, rather than like me. Maybe you may regret it.lifelong.

accidental pregnancy,

I have to be the time when people flow

It is inevitable to damage to our female body

Our gynecologist here gives girls some suggestions

Teach you how to minimize the damage?


Have sufficient psychological preparation

Think about whether you have fully prepared for abortion surgery.In the face of the first pregnancy, in the face of the flow of people, the psychology is a little nervous, worried, and afraid. Now that you have decided to have a flow of people, you should not have a good psychological burden.Preparation.


Avoid going to irregular small clinics

The equipment, environment and doctors’ professionalism of the small clinic are not guaranteed. Going to the small clinic to be the flow of people. If the operation is improper, the uterine perforation may be severely damaged, resulting in uterine perforation, uterine cavity infection, etc.Tune, secondary infertility, cervix sticky cervix, habitual abortion, etc., these will all have a great hidden danger for future fertility, cause great harm to women’s physical and mental physical and mental, so we must go to a regular hospital.


Choose the right flow of people

If women need artificial abortion, the golden time of the abortion is 35 ~ 55 days pregnant.The relatively short, the amount of bleeding is small, the surgical process will be safer and the postoperative recovery time is relatively short, which is easier to recover.


Do a good pre -surgery

Some accidental pregnancy women mistakenly believe that pre -surgery preoperative examination is an extra examination, which is a waste of time and waste of money.

The pre -surgery of abortion is essential. First of all, it is necessary to look at the position and size of the pregnancy sac in the palace, eliminate whether there is an ectopic pregnancy, and then check the health status of each reproductive system of the pregnant woman through the B ultrasound.Other examinations include blood routine and conventional examinations of blood pressure and electrocardiogram.There are no abnormalities after checking the abnormal situation to ensure safety.


Choose the way of flow carefully

1. Carefully do medicine and abortion without permission

For the first time, do not try the drug and abortion by yourself. Although the price of the drug flow is cheap, the success rate is relatively low. After oral drugs, the pregnancy tissue may not be completely eliminated. If it is not clean for a long time, it is easy to follow the colonial system infection.If there are residues in the uterine cavity, you need to perform a palace surgery, which is equivalent to secondary damage to the body.

2. Choose a minimally invasive Palace abortion technique

Women who are abortion for the first time, because the uterus is softer, in order to retain the future fertility ability, we must choose the abortion technology with small uterine injuries to terminate pregnancy.

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