Ovarian tumor surgery is performed, can you still ask for a baby?

The 27 -year -old Wan Ru (pseudonym) requested surgical hospitalization for "6 months of detecting the right ovarian teratoma for 6 months".

Wan Ru Pacific Menstruation, 4-7/28-32, with medium menstruation and mild dysmenorrhea.Previous health, married, 0 for pregnancy 0.Examination: The actual and diameter of 5cm in diameter, clear border, and normal movement can be performed on the right attachment area. There is no tenderness.Yu was not abnormal.Pelvic B -ultrasound reminder: The front position of the uterus, normal size, uniform echo of the muscle layer, 5mm endometrium, mixed echo of 5.6*5.5cm in the right ovary, consider teratoma.

After admission, the test and inspection were improved. The results were normal and there was no taboos. I explained to Wan Ru’s surgery.

"Dr. Fu, I haven’t been pregnant yet, but I got teratoma. What is going on? Is it pregnant?" Wan Ru asked.

"Because this type of tumor originated from germ cells, it is a tumor produced in the abnormal state of reproductive cells, and the tumor contains sebum, hair, teeth, smooth muscles, and bone festivals.For teratoma. Mature teratoma can occur at any age. The earliest can be seen in new babies. It can also occur at the age of 80 to 90 years old, but most of them occur in women around 30 years old.There are very few cases that are possibilities for evil, so surgery is needed in treatment. "I answered.

"Dr. Fu, I checked it on the Internet, will you remove my ovaries? I haven’t given birth to a child yet. If the ovary on the side is gone, will I go menopaly in advance? Can I still have a child?" Wan RuAsk carefully.

"When there is surgical indication of the benign lesion of the ovary, surgery of ovarian tissue through cysts or removes physical tumors through cysts or removes ovarian tissue.When surviving residual ovarian tissue, ovarian resection is required. The main advantages of laparoscopy compared with caesarean section are: shortening time, shortening in hospitalization, reduced costs, and reducing adhesion; for women who want to retain fertility, reduce adhesionIt is particularly important for formation. Therefore, the method of surgery we develop should adopt tumor stripping to retain the normal ovarian tissue of the affected ovarian nest. The surgery chooses to remove ovarian tumors under the laparoscopic.Wait for the advantages. "I continue to answer.

"What if the ovaries have to be removed during the operation?" Wan Ru continued to ask.

"In the short term, bilateral ovarian resection before women’s menopause will go through sudden menopause, and usually troublesome menopause symptoms such as fever, sleep disorders, and emotional changes. After menopausal estrogen treatment, the treatment of estrogen may improveThese symptoms have not proved to have serious risks to use hormone treatment before menopausal. At present, there are very few information about fertility after unilateral ovarian removal.The number of follicles per woman has more follicles. Regarding the problem of fertility after removing one -sided ovarian, the main object of the relevant research is women with ovarian tumors with low possibilities of ovarian cancer or bad changes in conservative surgery.The gestational rates reported in comparative reports are very different, ranging from 42%-88%. For women in vitro fertilization, data with less women with only one-sided ovaries are inconsistent.Different from age, because the number of follicles in each ovary is more than the young women. "I answered.

After listening to Wan Ru, he signed the surgical opinion with satisfaction with her.

On the surgery day, we chose the tattoos of the right ovarian tumor on the right side of the laparoscopy. The surgery was smooth. 4 days after surgery, the pathological return was "benign tumor on the right ovary", and Wan Ru was discharged as scheduled.I told her to review it on time.

Six months after the operation, Wan Ru was pregnant.We wish her a smooth pregnancy!

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