Pain is "disease", don’t bear it, it may be a cervical lesion signal, I hope you have not been ignored by you

Life is sometimes strong and sometimes fragile.In life, some seemingly inconspicuous details are likely to become a fatal health crisis.For example, pain, as a normal pathological response, if there is pain in some parts of the body, it is mostly a distress signal sent by the body.Therefore, some people say that pain is "disease".

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In fact, I have a friend of a freelance.Working every day is the normal state of her life.Not long ago, she told me that her body had some abnormal reactions: lower abdomen pain, and a small amount of bleeding after the same room.Later, she went to check. The results of the examination were cervical inflammation, and there were signs of lesions. She was glad to find it in time, otherwise it might have to perform uterine resection.So do you know what signals will you send to your body before cervical lesions?

Little abdominal pain

When the cervical lesions occur, the early lesions are relatively small, so there are few symptoms of abnormalities, but over time, the lower abdomen will have a mass and a tenderness.If women’s lower abdominal pain continues, it is important to pay attention to the spread of HPV cancer cells, especially women with HPV infection should further go to the obstetrics and gynecological hospital for cervical biopsy.

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When the cervical HPV virus occurs, women also experience back pain, because cervical tumor obstruction can cause uterine to form viscous secretions without discharge, resulting in physical discomfort, the neck and waist will be affected, causing back pain.Fatigue is tired.If there is an aggravation, a secondary infection will also cause more severe pain.

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Cervical lesions are a general concept, including benign lesions and cervical malignant lesions of the cervix.

Usually the benign lesions of the cervix are the most common, such as cervicitis, cervical fibroids, and cervical polyps, which can be summarized as a benign lesion of the cervix.Cervical malignant lesions are cervical cancer.

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Conventional gynecological examination

Although vaccine can play a good prevention role, it is not time to do with the vaccine once and for all, and will not get cervical cancer at all.HPV’s high -risk types are much more than the current 7 types. Even level 9 vaccines can only prevent 90%of cervical cancer caused by HPV.

In order to effectively prevent cervical cancer, cervical epithelial cell screening should be combined with secondary prevention -cervical epithelial cell screening. It is recommended that women who are active in sexual life shall perform cervical epithelial cell screening (TCT)+HPV joint screening at least every two years.

Avoid staying up late

Staying up late is a particularly unhealthy living habit. First of all, it will affect the endocrine of the human body. Secondly, it will reduce the ability of the human body to resist disease and their own immunity. Therefore, women who often stay up late are more likely to suffer from cervical diseases.HPV virus, so women should try to avoid staying up late and develop a good habit of getting up early and getting up early.

Pay attention to personal hygiene

Because vaccines cannot prevent all HPV viruses, they should also pay attention to personal care, such as trying to avoid premature sexual activities before the age of 18-20 and reject multiple personality partners.

Pay special attention to the protection of sexual behavior. The simplest is wearing condoms, which can prevent HPV infection or other reproductive tract diseases.

Speaking of which I think of, a sentence in "Unprepared’s Life" "People do not know if they do n’t know if they are their own life goals, and I have to say that it is a fool."A healthy body and the pursuit of career are all side -by -side stations!No matter how much money, you can’t buy health.Therefore, everyone must pay attention to pain in the body to avoid the final minor disease.Finally, I suggest that women with sexual life must go to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital for examination every year, so that they can find the illness in time and be effectively treated.

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