Patients with schizophrenia recur after pregnancy.

Ms. Zhang, 30, was pregnant after marriage, and the couple were happy.However, there is a problem in front of them, because Ms. Zhang is a patient with a history of "schizophrenia" for many years. She has been taking medicine for treatment. Although the condition has always been stable, she suddenly stopped the medicine after pregnancy.Possibility.

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Under the discussion, Ms. Zhang and her husband decided to stop the medicine for giving birth to a healthy child.At the 33rd week of pregnancy, Ms. Zhang’s condition recurred, did not speak, did not speak, did not eat, did not sleep, and even hit people.To this end, the family is worried that Ms. Zhang and the fetus will be affected, and they want to give up pregnancy and it is difficult to choose.In the end, it was sent to the psychiatric treatment of the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province.

Qi Jing, deputy chief physician of adult psychiatry, introduced that after pregnancy, the endocrine environment and hormone levels will change greatly, and the function and psychological state of the body’s organs will also change with the advancement of pregnancy.Therefore, they are not only facing physical changes, but they also have to cope with the mentality change that is about to become a mother.For women with "schizophrenia", this is undoubtedly a huge challenge. After stopping the drug, there is a risk of recurrence. Continue to take medicine and worry about the impact on the health of the fetus.

Qi Jing explained that for patients such as Ms. Zhang, planned pregnancy and evaluation are particularly important. They should consult the doctor for the standard use of related drugs, whether they can stop drugs, or need to replace drugs to maintain treatment. They are allvery important.

After the admission of Ms. Zhang, she could not cooperate in the treatment due to her condition. She refused to take medicine and refused to eat.The doctor conducted a comprehensive assessment and inspection of his physical condition. At this time, the use of drug treatment alone is not the best solution. After the doctor obtained the consent of the family members, he decided to treat Ms. Zhang for no convulsions of electric shock (ECT), which is commonly known as "electrotherapy".It is a physical method that treats the safety of mental illness. It has fast results, good effect, and relatively high safety.

After a treatment, Ms. Zhang’s condition immediately improved and began to cooperate with eating. There was no impulse, and the monitoring of the fetal movement was normal.After 6 treatment, the doctor evaluated that Ms. Zhang had basically returned to normal and has reached the standard of discharge.

Qi Jing said that there are literature reports that in the past 50 years, ECT treatment has a high safety of pregnant women, and the risk of premature birth and abortion is not much different from the general population;Both mothers and fetuses have great risks, so they must seek medical treatment in time and control the symptoms as soon as possible under the treatment of professional doctors.

ECT is a very effective and low -risk method that can quickly control mental symptoms.Of course, after the symptoms of pregnant women with schizophrenia, the symptoms of pregnant women need to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor, and pay attention to prenatal examinations. Pay more attention to the emotions of pregnant women, so as to consolidate the efficacy, prevent recurrence, and allow pregnant women and fetuses to spend pregnancy steadily.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhang Shopo Correspondent Lai Jing

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