People who eat honey are not sick in Sai Lisai River

The boss I want to eat a bully melon today.Buying melon can be overlord melon.This is nothing to give you.I have a way to let you sell all these watermelons for one hour, and it can also make you hot in the city.Let many people know that you sell watermelon here, watermelon is not enough to sell, and do not believe it or not.In this way, if I say the method I share with you, you think it is useless. Today, you can buy all these watermelons.If you think it is useful, I can take a watermelon.

This is what you said, I said well, bring your mobile phone and teach you.good.First of all, we opened the vibrato and searched the mirror, search for your watermelon, and then click on the topic of watermelon.You see whether the watermelon is played at 217.914, at this time we need to participate immediately.Then take a video of your watermelon, the watermelon is big and sweet, right?For example, shoot a video. After shooting the video, we have to take the popularity of music.Search for a hot song point, then click to find more music, pull down, and find the soaring list.These songs are more popular music. Use this point to use it. Let’s sing at hot music?At this time, order the next step, let’s participate in the topic of watermelon.

What watermelon you can sell here, and then you can hit your position behind. For example, your location is here, right?You marked the location of you to sell watermelon, and then there is a hot spot for application for application. Did you see it?We choose to choose a hot list and search for a watermelon.

You see these are the hot topics of watermelon, we just connect one, and we can put it on its heat. For example, this is related to this. You can see the heat here, there is a heat here and there is a location.You can find you when you brush your video, right?After the release, the high -end settings are released here, and the high -definition release.If this switch is not turned on, you have to turn it on, so that the video is more high -definition, so that others can be easier to brush you.Then we click on it.

Is this method simple?Simple and simple, is it very simple?Yes, you see, we must learn to sell watermelon with mobile phones, so that it is better to sell it here than you sell here, right?And tens of thousands of customers in the same city know that you are selling watermelons. You don’t need to sell watermelon like this.Learn?After learning, just like this, I will leave. My mobile phone, people who eat honey will not get sick, Saisai Timi.

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