People who like to buy such foods pay attention

The original price of 50 yuan special price 10 yuan 3 copies

18.9 yuan spicy kelp tie sold 4.5 yuan

56 yuan a box of yogurt sells 29.9 yuan

The current price of 12.8 yuan mineral water is 0.5 yuan


What kind of discount?Is it so strong?

What is said to be "Live Food"!

[Food Food: The shelf life of the food is about to reach the food shelf life

But foods still during the shelf life..

In recent years,

"Life Food" economy

It can be described as the wind and water,

According to CCTV Finance and Economics,

my country Food

The market size exceeds 10 billion,

Over 40 % of the interviewing consumers,

Expressing to buy and recommendation for food.

Many supermarkets are set up

Period Food Counter

Taobao stores on the shops selling for -date food,

Almost nearly 10,000.

The person in charge of an e -commerce food industry introduced that about 2 million users have purchased the time of the public in the past year, mainly young people, post -90s, college students, including young people who work in second- and third -tier cities.

Specialty stores on the streets on the street,

The business is even more good,

Every day, people are crowded.

The processing of the past food

It is the problem of many businesses,

Not only do you not worry about selling now,

It is also favored by more and more young people.

Not only the elderly

Fine planning will live,

Foods have long become

New favorite of young people.

According to the survey, the food consumer group of the current period

The proportion of 26-35 years old is 47.8%.

The fellow people also set up a special group

"At a discount price,

Eat the delicious deliciousness."

Then the question is,

Can the food food be eaten?

Will eating for a long time damage health?

Foods can be eaten!

Food expert introduction: Foods are not expired foods, and it belongs to the scope of safe food.As long as it is stored properly, the quality of food is guaranteed.For many foods, especially those long -lasting foods, this shelf life is full of surplus.

Buying a duration of food is not a unhealthy lifestyle.As long as you buy it in a reliable supermarket or other formal channels, you don’t have to worry about security issues.

Is it risky for a long time?

Fan Zhihong, an associate professor of the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety at the School of Food, China Agricultural University, explained: It depends on whether the quality of food has changed.

"For example, eating potato chips, even if you just leave the factory, there are still unhealthy factors. But eating a period of canned tomatoes is completely without bad, no air leakage, microorganisms do not exceed the standard, and you can increase minerals and lycopene after eating."

"But there are also some short -term food -based foods, such as Basil milk refrigerated, and there are some soy products. The risk of short -term food for food is relatively high. It must be very careful."

How to "pick up" safely?

When buying a temporary food, there are some details that need to be paid attention to.

Health China has performed popular science: food can be roughly divided into long -sheet food and short -period foods.Long shelf -time foods can generally be stored for several months to several years, such as vacuum packaging grain, canned food, instant noodles, biscuits and the like.Even if it is in the shelf life, as long as it is stored and has not been opened, it can still be eaten safely.

And fresh milk, fresh fruit juice, current cakes or bread, cold fresh meat and other short shelf -sheet foods. If the shelf life is over, the risk of microorganisms will increase.This category of temporary food needs to be purchased with caution.

1. Some foods are not highly nutritious. For example, high -oil, high -salt, high -sugar processing foods such as potato chips are not suitable for buying too much even at low -cost temptation.

2. Nut snacks rich in fat, if it is not a vacuum/nitrogen -filled packaging, it is easy to produce unpleasant Hara flavors. It is better to buy a new factory as much as possible.

3. It is recommended to buy small packaging instead of large packaging foods, avoid waste causing waste.

Poke video

Listen to experts in detail

People have a high acceptance of food food

The state attaches great importance to the issue of food waste, and more and more people’s consumption concepts are also healthier and rational.Many young people who have been keen to stock up suddenly realize: "Instead of buying a bunch of foods at home, it is better to choose the food directly, and the price is more cost -effective."

Many netizens said that the second -time sales of the sequential food not only alleviate the backlog of the inventory of the merchant, avoid the waste of food, but also allow consumers to enjoy the low price. It is really much.

Finally remind you again:

List food can be eaten with confidence,

But consumers must also buy as appropriate,

After buying it back, eat it as soon as possible during the shelf life,

Avoid deterioration caused by deterioration.

What other doubts do you have to be in the future food?

Or are there any good suggestions?

Welcome to talk!

Source: News Morning News Comprehensive Collection

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