Petting experience: The reason why the dog does not come to the holiday may be that there is a problem with the body or you may be pregnant.

Normally feeding dogs will start vacation on July and August. It lasts about 15 days. If the dog has different constitutions, there may be postponing situations. The owner can not worry.In addition, if the dog has been on vacation and breeding before, it may be that the dog is pregnant.If it is not the above two reasons, it may be a problem with the dog’s inner uterus or ovarian.Different reasons need to correspond to different measures, let’s talk about it in detail.

1. Time is delayed

If the dog’s constitution is poor or the variety is different, the dog’s routine holiday will come slower.The owner does not have to worry about the dogs who prepare for the nursing holiday.You can prepare clean and hygienic physiological pants first, because the dog will have blood -colored secretions in the private parts when the dog comes to the holiday. Wearing physiological pants can help the dog protect the private parts of the private parts and reduce the chance of being infected by bacterial infections.

Also pay attention to preparing a warm and clean dog foothills in advance to let the dog rest.In addition, if you are worried that the dogs are more serious, the owner can prepare some pets. When the dogs come to feed on vacation, help the dog to supplement nutrition and ease anxiety.

2. Pregnancy

Dogs during pregnancy will not have a routine holiday. It may not be seen in the early stages of pregnancy. The owner will feed normally and pay attention to keeping the dog warm.After 20 days, the dog’s abdomen may be bulged. At this time, you can take the dog to the pet hospital for examination.If you are determined to be pregnant, the owner should pay attention to helping the dog supplement nutrition, and pay attention to supplementing calcium to the dog in the middle of pregnancy. You can prepare some Wangli or Gegou Deng at home.

3. There is a problem with the uterus or ovarian

If it is not the above two reasons, it may be a problem with the dog’s uterus or ovarian.The owner should pay attention to take the dog to the pet hospital for inspection in time. After confirming the reason, it cooperates with treatment.In addition, if the owner has done sterilization surgery for the dog, it will not come for a holiday.

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