Picky is related to cancer?Prevent cancer, 6 kinds of food on the dining table less

Cancer has always been one of the health issues that people are very concerned about. In addition to following a healthy lifestyle and regular physical examination, diet also plays an important role.Some people say that pickles are the "catalyst" of cancer, but is this really the case?Today we will discuss the relationship between pickles and cancer in depth.To prevent cancer, pay attention to 6 kinds of food at the dining table!

1. Whether pickles are cancer "catalysts"

For a long time, pickles have been considered to have a certain relationship with gastric cancer.The reason is that nitrite is often used in traditional pickled processes to maintain the freshness and beauty of food, and nitrite may more or less harm to the human body after converting to nitrite in the body.Nitrite and cholesterol reactions in the stomach will produce nitrobilic compounds, and nitro compounds are considered carcinogens.

However, modern food processing technology has been improved, reducing the amount of nitrite, and greatly reduced the carcinogenic risk of pickles.At the same time, scientific research also shows that the relationship between pickles and stomach cancer is closely related to factors such as personal diet structure and living habits.If we choose and eat pickles correctly and control the intake, we can enjoy it on a healthy dining table.

2. Stay away from 6 kinds of foods on the table to prevent cancer

1. High -sugar diet

High -sugar diet can easily lead to obesity and diabetes, and these diseases are related to the risk of multiple cancers.High -sugar diet may increase insulin levels and promote cancer cell growth.Therefore, in order to prevent cancer, you should minimize sugar intake. It is recommended to choose low sugar or sugar -free foods, such as fresh vegetables.

2. Red meat

Often or a large amount of red meat will increase the risk of colorectal cancer.Compared with white meat, red meat contains more saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, and it is easy to cause cancer.Therefore, in order to prevent cancer, we must also pay attention to reducing red meat in daily life and replace it with white meat.

3. Machining meat products

Such as barbecue, sausage, lunch meat, etc., after processing, smoke and marinating, contain nitrite and other carcinogens.Scientific research shows that long -term high intake of processing meat products increases the risk of gastrointestinal cancer such as colon, rectal cancer, and gastric cancer.It is recommended to reduce the purchase and consumption of such foods to prevent cancer.

4. Barbecue food

During the barbecue process, foods such as smoke and polygon aromatic hydrocarbons will produce carcinogens at high temperatures.Long -term consumption of barbecue foods, such as barbecue skewers, grilled fish, etc., will cause the risk of cancer diseases such as esophageal cancer and gastric cancer.In order to prevent cancer from occurring, it is best to take steaming, cooking and other healthy cooking methods.

5. High -salt food

Long -term consumption of high -salt foods may be prone to gastric and esophageal cancer.High -salt diet is related to gastric mucosa injury and cell distortion.In order to prevent cancer, the amount of salt should be reduced. Most people are recommended to control within 6 grams of salt intake.

6. High -temperature fried food

There are certain carcinogens in high -temperature fried foods, such as polygon aromatics and acrylamide, which will endanger human health.Frequent or large amounts of fried foods may be prone to colorectal cancer and prostate cancer. It is best to eat less such foods in life and eat more light and non -irritating foods.

Whether pickles are "catalysts" of cancer are controversial, and it is safe to correctly choose and eat pickles in moderation.Maintain a balanced diet, intake fresh, nutritious foods, and follow a healthy lifestyle, which helps reduce the risk of cancer.Although healthy diet and living habits are important factor in preventing cancer, it is not absolutely guaranteed.Of course, regular medical examinations and consulting doctors are still the best way to ensure good health.

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