Playing mobile phones during pregnancy during pregnancy, don’t put them in these two parts, it is not good for yourself and the fetus

Now it is the "low head". Whether walking, taking a car or eating, basically people who bow their heads to play mobile phones are no exception.But when I thought of mobile phone radiation that might hurt the fetus, I couldn’t help nervous, so I became nervous and playing with my mobile phone.

Does it affect the fetal radiation during pregnancy to play mobile phones during pregnancy?

The mobile phone is radiating, but this type of radiation is basically no harm to the human body. Even if it is minimal, it can be ignored.Many expectant mothers like to stay in their hands during pregnancy, and the babies born are healthy and healthy, so as long as they do not play mobile phones for a long time, expectant mothers do not have to be too anxious.But this is not to encourage pregnant mothers to play with mobile phones. There are many things to pay attention to, but also pay attention to keeping the phone away from the two parts below:


Although the mobile phone radiation is small, it should also be placed in a place far away from the abdomen of the pregnant woman. After all, it is the place where the fetus grows and develops. If placed in a place closer for a long time, it will affect the fetus.

Two, head

Many people are used to put their mobile phones on the bedside, so that receiving messages can respond in time, but this will also disturb the sleeping mother’s sleep.Suddenly awakened by the news, which will make people panic and anxiety. The next sleep quality will also decrease, and long -term will not be good for fetal development.

Even if mobile phone radiation damage is small, the following damage will be used for a long time:

1. Broken eyes.After pregnancy, due to the changes in the level of body hormone, the mothers will have mild edema and ciliary body regulatory force of the cornea. If you often play your mobile phone at this time, eye fatigue will cause your vision to decrease.

2. Dizziness.Looking at the mobile phone for a long time, people will have uncomfortable dizziness, dizziness, etc., especially when standing suddenly, they will be dark in front of them.

3. Reduce activity volumeAs soon as people play their mobile phones, they will forget the time, paralyzing on the sofa, and it has passed by half a day.If you do not exercise for a long time during pregnancy, it will easily lead to too fast weight growth, and it will be huge.

Therefore, I can play mobile phones occasionally during pregnancy.In addition, if it is a inferior charger, it is possible to explode suddenly while playing with mobile phones, and expectant mothers should pay attention!

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