Polycystic three -year moxibustion and pregnancy experience sharing

When I saw the double bars for the first time, I couldn’t believe it until I confirmed the blood.Let ’s talk about my bitter history of pregnancy and give some positive energy for the polycystic friends!

I don’t remember that year, I found the polyssis. At that time, I didn’t care about it without thinking about pregnancy. I was slowly when my family was urging. I became anxious!At first thinking about the condition of traditional Chinese medicine to condition the body, it is not easy to want to be pregnant after menstruation!It is normal to take medicine after taking Chinese medicine intermittently for a year, and it is normal to take medicine.Polycontic friends know that they have been menstruation once or even half a year in two or three months, and the amount is very small. At this time, the heart is collapsed!Later, she made an appointment with experts from Shenzhen women and children. She told me that polycystic was determined by certain genetic genes, so it was slim about cure, but there was no problem with pregnancy (it should mean promotion).This gave me a heavy blow and felt that I was a defective person!After that, I gave up the treatment, thinking about it when I want it!After a few months, I decided to go to the hospital for promotion. After two months of conditioning with hormones, the doctor began to monitor ovulation, and at the time of the opportunity, he promoted it.During this period, I went to the hospital to line up all kinds of lining up. I really collapsed me. I wanted to give up several times!The first promotion failed!When the doctor explains when you are in the same room, you will feel too fake!I don’t know if there are little friends who feel the same!After the failure of this time, the doctor asked my husband to check the semen. It really had a little problem, that is, the vitality was a little lower, and it was not liquefied.At this time, the attention began to move, and began to see a doctor for her husband’s appointment. All kinds of information were checked. Until now, the husband did not take medicine and did not go to the review.But I’m pregnant too!

A lot of a lot, the focus is below!

I did not intend to see a name called "Moxibustion Diseases" in the Library Medical Book Office, Shan Guimin.I used to know moxibustion, but I never persisted and did not know what acupuncture points.After borrowing the book back to find the treatment of polycystic, I started my moxibustion treatment!During the period, I followed Shan Guimin’s Sina Weibo. Many positive energy, moxibustion half a year of pregnancy, compared to three months of pregnancy … also made themselves confident.Actually, I am a person who is very afraid of trouble!But I really fight for pregnancy!The first month of moxibustion, 33 days of menstruation came!And the amount is much better. For people like me who can only be sent with pads for a long time, how happy it can be used for daily use!Seeing the dawn, I’m more firm and confident!So while preparing to continue moxibustion, try to get pregnant, so the question comes, I don’t know when to ovulate at all.A bit cold …) If you go to the hospital to monitor, you can’t relax (everyone knows that you must relax when you are pregnant! Very important!) And I basically do not ovulate, so there is no one for ovulation.Pass!Since it is trying, then I will be in the same room for about fifteen or six days!The magical thing is that these days I really think about it … (I also made up once when I didn’t know the ovulation at all, and I didn’t hope at this time …) So the little friends followed, and it would definitely be pregnant.Intersection… During the National Day, there was no moxibustion for seven days, and my heart was very worried. This time I was postponed for 25 days. At that timeAfter seeing it, when I saw the bars, I burst into tears!Hurry up and ask your husband to watch it together!Really!After blood drawing, it has been confirmed, but I hope it will be pregnant in the palace!Today, the result of doubling blood came out, God blessed!

Finally, moxibustion is really a magical thing!Hope to promote the friends who are distressed!

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