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Dr. Qian Jinfeng

Deputy Chief Physician Affiliated to Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University

Women’s Day on March 8th, annual, cares for women’s reproductive health, and always.Let’s talk about "menstruation" today.

For women of childbearing age, "menstruation" is a "old friend" in life, and there are really many troubles related to menstruation. I am afraid that it will not come, and I am afraid that it will mess up.

What kind of menstruation is normal menstruation?

Women’s menstrual cycle is usually 21 to 35 days (the menstrual cycle refers to the intervals between the first day of the two adjacent menstruation). The menstrual period is 2 to 8 days.EssenceIf the cycle and menstrual period are too long or too short, too much menstrual flow, etc., you need to go to the doctor in time.

However, the number of days is easy to judge, and the menstrual flow is difficult to estimate. What should I do?If the amount of menstruation affects daily work and life, or if I feel more, I recommend coming to the hospital for examination.

If the menstruation is abnormal, or there is vaginal bleeding during non -menstrual period, what problems may be?

Women with sexual life during childbearing age, if abnormal vaginal bleeding occurs, first of all, it is necessary to rule out pregnancy-related problems (you can check your stool or take blood to check β-HCG by the pregnancy test stick).You may feel weird. Isn’t pregnancy not to menstruation? How can bleeding be pregnant?In fact, some pregnancy can also bleed, such as signs of abortion, inevitable abortion, ectopic pregnancy (commonly known as "ectopic pregnancy"), especially ectopic pregnancy, may cause internal bleeding, shock, severe time, or even life -threatening, so we must improvealert.

Menstruation is quite accurate, but the duration is long or the amount of bleeding is large. It may be related to uterine fibroids, uterine adenomyosis or placing in the bronze palace internal breds, which often lead to anemia.

Menstruation is chaotic, sometimes more than ten days, sometimes ticking is not clean.This situation is more common in the menopamental period (commonly known as "menopause"). Pay attention to exclude the possibility of endometrial lesions.Of course, even if it is not a period of menstruation, if you have a long -term disorder of menstruation, you must pay attention to exclude the possibility of endometrial lesions, and you need to go to the doctor in time.

It was only here for several months.The period extending the cycle is usually related to the scarcity of ovulation or ovulation, such as polycystic ovary syndrome and hyperlainemia.If the girl who has just started the beginning of the beginning, does not have to be too nervous, they usually need to establish a regular ovulation after 517 years, and menstruation will be normal.

Vaginal bleeding after sex.Cervicalitis, vaginitis, cervical polyps, etc. can cause post -sexual bleeding, and they must also be alert to cervical diseases such as cervical cancer. Be sure to see it in time.

After menopausal bleeding: Do not think that after menopause bleeding is "returning youth", it may be related to vaginitis, endometrial polyps, and endometrium cancer. Do not take it lightly.

Meridian bleeding may be bleeding during ovulation, or related to endometrial polyps, endometrial disease, etc.

Most women have no special symptoms during menstrual periods, and some may have soreness and swelling of the lower abdomen and lumbosacral region, which is also normal. If the symptoms seriously affect work and life, it is the category of dysmenorrhea. Pay attention to whether there is an endometrium ectopic level.Symptoms or uterine adenomyosis.

Every woman must love herself and care about her health. Except for menstruation, if vulvar itching, abnormal leucorrhea, pain in the lower abdomen, or touching the lower abdomen, they need to go to time.

It is also reminded that even if there is no discomfort, the annual gynecological examination must be arranged, cervical anti -cancer screening (including cervical TCT and HPV examination) and gynecological ultrasound examination, breast examination, etc.

Love yourself, understand yourself, care for health, and make life more exciting.

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