Postpartum rumors: Can the maternal confinement not take a bath?able

After the mothers of Bao, after giving birth to a child, the body will be weak, and at the same time breastfeed, and continuously outputs the energy in the body, so it will be added with deficiency. Many mothers will have a lot of night sweats.There will be confinement.According to the older generation and traditional customs, mothers have suffered confinement. Because they are afraid of being cold, many pregnant women choose not to take a bath for a month.Can I take a bath when confinement?What to wash?How to wash?Next we will talk about it in detail.

First of all, the scientific answer is yes on whether the mother can take a bath in the confinement is certain and can be washed!And it is recommended to wash!

After giving birth to a baby, there will be active sweat glands and a large number of mothers sweat. At the same time, breastfeeding, especially in confinement, is the easiest to overflow milk, and the pajamas are full of milk.Keep replacement.All this is the most common pain point that every mother will encounter, and even some cesarean section mothers will have problems such as wound exudation and so on.The whole body is sticky, and all kinds of odors are mixed together, which is very uncomfortable.Think about it, if this state is in this state, even if the mother must not be depressed, it will be tortured enough.

In fact, at this weak stage, the body is more likely to be invaded by bacteria and more likely to get sick. This will also be greatly affected by the care of the baby. Therefore, it is wise to pay more attention to personal hygiene in confinement than usual.way of doing.

Second, when can I take a bath in confinement?What do you want to take to take to take?Is it to wash the water heater water directly?There are many places to pay attention here.

The mothers who just gave birth to the baby were extremely fatigue and weak in the past three days. Whether it was a smooth delivery or a cesarean section, if you take a bath, you can easily faint and there is a risk of big bleeding. During this period, you must not take a bath.Generally, after 4 days after the delivery, 6 days after the cesarean section, the body has no abnormalities, and after being discharged smoothly, you can start washing your hair and bathing. You can take a bath every day and wash your hair every other day. You can take a bath every 2 days in autumn and winter.Wash the head once every 3 days or more, depending on the actual situation of each mother.

You must not use a bath or bathtub in a bath. It is recommended to use a large disposable towel to dip it in and then put the cold water to scrub the body. When washing your hair, you need to help your family. Wash with water with water. During the shampooing process,You must not use your nails to grab the scalp. The movements must be soft, and the hair follicles after delivery are opened.Moms in cesarean section must pay attention to wound waterproof. Some confinement centers or Yuexun will recommend that mothers directly wash the water of water heaters with rain in order to facilitate convenience. We still do not recommend it.

The room temperature of the bath should not be too low, and it is easy to be cold;15 minutes is suitable.Bao Ma can buy a room temperature meter and a water thermometer, and mothers and babies need to be used.

What water is used to wash, but it is particular.The delicate life of the treasures all requires the bath water in the confinement. We also hope that all the treasure mothers can think about their bodies while taking care of their babies. After allWhen you are old, you will regret it.The words are homely, the bath water in our Bao Ma confinement is recommended to cook the water with the herbs of wormwood leaves. The water must be boiled and then cool to 45 degrees.You can buy a packed herbal medicine on the Internet. One pack is made every day. It is recommended to wash it for 30 days after delivery. Some Baoma conditions are allowed to wash 42-60 days.

Through our survey, the north of the Yangtze River is mostly a pure wormwood bag, and the hot herbal buns of hot herbs such as wormwood, wooden ginger, vine, lemongrass in Guangdong north of Guangdong are relatively special in Guangdong.Boil the grass for the maternal bath for the maternal.In fact, these herbs have a commonality, that is, it is armal herbal medicine, which helps the mothers in the confinement after the production of the production of the cold and warm, and the effect of nourishing the yang and nourishing qi.

The last warm reminder, the mother who gave birth to the second child personally felt it,

When you take a bath all the time, you still need your family or Yueyue to accompany and help. Many mothers will feel shy because of the traditional Chinese concept, or feel that they will wash themselves alone.The family or the aunt Yue Xun helps us. The postpartum body is too weak, and the bathroom is easy to wrestle.I hope every mother can spend a clean and refreshing confinement!

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