Practical advice: In these 5 cases, pregnancy is harmful, and serious or even fatal

The perfect and harmonious family must have children’s participation. Couples of childbearing age must take measures to maintain sperm and eggs before preparing for pregnancy, so as to lay the foundation for eugenics and eugenics. Some small accidents will inevitably occur during pregnancy.In the five cases, children who are pregnant are unavailable, otherwise they will hurt their mother.

1. Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy means that the fertilized eggs do not bed in the uterus, but instead pregnant in the fallopian tube or cervix and cervix.The fertilized eggs that occur in the fallopian tube and cervix are easy to distinguish, but the pregnancy of the palace horn needs to be vigilant, just like growing in the uterus. When doing abdominal B -ultrasound in the hospital, it is not easy to detect if it is not distinguished carefully.The baby of ectopic pregnancy becomes larger with the growth of the month. When it develops to a certain stage, the uterus will be in a rupture state and even cause severe bleeding. If the rescue is not timely, it will endanger life.

2. Plane placenta pregnancy

The most dangerous pregnancy complications during implantation placenta. Most of the velvet of the placenta invaded the uterine muscle layer. In this state, the baby’s placenta cannot be stripped during threatening.In order to keep their children, some women directly remove the uterus, which lost their fertility.

3. There is no pregnant woman with a caesarean section for more than 2 years

With the development of medicine, caesarean section technology is already very mature, suitable for pregnant women who cannot childbirth because the fetal head and neck cannot be smoothly delivered. However, the uterine incision after caesarean section takes 2 years to slowly recover.If you are pregnant, you may cause the uterine incision to rupture, which can easily cause infection and bleeding.

4. Recently taking antibiotic drug pregnant women

Although antibiotics such as penicillin have no direct side effects on the fetus, if a large amount of intravenous injection of penicillin can cause fetal hemolysis; the antibiotics of tetracycline will affect the child’s nervous system development, which will cause fetal malformations;EssenceIf you take antibiotics and get pregnant in the near future, you should explain in detail to the doctor.

5. Recently injected with rubella vaccine pregnant women

The rubella is mainly a type of respiratory infectious disease caused by rubella virus. When pregnant women get up early in infection, it will cause the baby to have congenital heart disease or abnormal intellectual development.Rasal vaccines should be injected 3 months before pregnancy, and pregnancy should be avoided during the period.

Kind tips

In the above five cases, try to get the fetus directly as possible, otherwise it will directly threaten the mother’s life.Avoid random antibiotic drugs 3 months before pregnancy, and avoid contact with some radioactive substances.

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