Pregnancy bleeding = abortion?Reveal the true face of bleeding during pregnancy

I am pregnant, but bleed

What to do?Find a doctor!

Bleeding during pregnancy, this topic is really enduring

Due to the growth of the fetus, different stages of pregnancy

The causes of bleeding have their own characteristics

Today I will tell you about the bleeding in the early pregnancy stage

1. Abortion

The most common reason

The most common cause of vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy is abortion.At the beginning of the abortion, the vaginal bleeding is relatively small, often dark red or brown secretions. Sometimes it is accompanied by hidden pain in the lower abdomen, which is a threatened abortion.After the doctor’s treatment and rest, the symptoms disappear in most cases, and can continue to bred.

However, if the symptoms are worse, bleeding increases, the lower abdominal pain is obvious, and even the vagina is discharged from the vagina, the abortion is inevitable.

The topic of "fetal protection", which is often concerned in reality, is mainly aimed at the puzzle current.

2. Ectopic pregnancy

The most dangerous reason

The most dangerous cause of vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy is: ectopic pregnancy, also known as ectopic pregnancy.As the name suggests, it means that the essence egg does not bed in the uterine endometrium, but the tissue outside the endometrium, and 95%of ectopic pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube.

Why is ectopic pregnancy risk? Because with the development of the embryo, the fallopian tube cannot support the growing embryo, and the fluff penetrates the tube wall, causing the tube wall to rupture, a large amount of bleeding in the belly, can cause shock, or even death. At this time, the vagina is the vagina.The amount of bleeding will not be a lot.

Women who have had a history of pelvic infection, women who have done uterine cavity, and have undergone fallopian tubes should be more vigilant.

Due to the increase in cesarean section, pregnancy at the incision of cesarean section is becoming more and more common. This danger is that embryos are planted and scarred in cesarean section, causing uterine rupture and big bleeding. It is also dangerous to life.

Therefore, expectant mothers can use as much as possible by themselves.

In addition, no matter what type of ectopic pregnancy, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time, even if it is still doubtful.

3. Port

The reason for the disgust

Another more dangerous reason is: hydatiditic tires.Most of the patients with hydatidia are disconnected and small bleeding, but there may be repeated blood bleeding during the meantime, and sometimes blisters are found in the blood.

More serious can cause pregnancy vomiting, pregnancy hypertension (proteinuria, hypertension, edema), so these performances during middle and early pregnancy, especially for B -ultrasound examination.

The treatment is mainly clearing the palace technique, but it is worth noting that the hydatidiform may have disgusted and evolved into an invasive hydatidifier, so patients must adhere to regular review.

4. Cervical erosion, cervical polyps

Some less terrible reasons

Some gynecological diseases also cause vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy, such as cervical erosion and cervical polyps.These diseases are generally found under careful examination of specialists.

However, bleeding caused by cervical lesions is often difficult to distinguish between bleeding caused by miscarriage, so doctors often deal with early pregnancy.

In addition, when early embryo is planted, it may be a bit bleeding when it is about the same as the menstrual cycle, or there is a faint discomfort in the small belly. In most cases, it will be good for a few days to rest for a few days. Don’t worry too much.

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