Pregnancy will change the brain!Is "a silly three years" true?See what you say


Hello everyone!I am Dr. Yang. The key content of this article is "one pregnant and silly three years". The following is a science -related knowledge.

For a beautiful couple, they talked about their eyes from unfamiliar to familiarity with each other, and to entering the palace of marriage. Their eyes were full of longing, which was a beautiful performance brought by love.

And with getting married, forming a family, at this time, you often choose to prepare for pregnancy. You need a love crystallization of two people, that is, children.And it is very happy to pregnant women, and they are also looking forward to. They can more flood some maternal glory and look more gentle and stable.

Because she is about to be surrounded by love, and this is brought by the later children.However, after childbirth, some mothers will become no clever before. Is this often the "one pregnant and three years"?

Foreign scientists have found that after pregnancy, changes in hormone levels in the body can lead to changes in the brain structure.Specifically, the amount of gray quality under the cerebral cortex will be significantly reduced, and the function of the "preset mode network" in the brain will be significantly enhanced (that is, the brain is still working automatically when there is no conscious activity).

And this change still exists after 2 years after giving birth. In addition, in the female brain, the hippocampus responsible for storing short -term memory will also increase slightly, and it performs better in short -term memory tests.

Scientists explained that the reason for this series of changes is the characteristics of maternal characteristics and does not mean that brain function will be reduced.In other words, the mother is more sensitive and attached to the child.

For example, some mothers in life love their children very much. If they go far, they always want to take their children together.They play videos several times a day, just because they miss their children.

In simple terms, it mainly means that there are many things that pregnant women need to take care of them during pregnancy and postpartum, so there will be a bad rest, lack of sleep, or emotional changes.This will affect some aspects of memory, or it may easily lead to poor memory, or if you do not want to contact the outside world.

After the postpartum recovery or work, these symptoms will gradually alleviate.Therefore, there is no need to panic. It is important to emphasize that the reduction of brain tissue does not affect cognition. Instead, it will make mothers more "maternal" and improve the ability of social information, including emotional enhancement and facial recognition.

In other words, pregnancy will not cause women to become stupid. Even if pregnancy changes the female’s brain structure, such as gray quality, it will slowly relieve after one year.The woman suddenly had her own child and suddenly became a mother. She would be nervous, for fear that she could not take care of them alone.

If she has a considerate husband, it is good, and the mother who is a mother is stronger than a woman who has never had a child.Because they devote themselves to their babies every day, exercise special memories, discover their potential, and eventually become "Superman Mom"!

1. Don’t take medicine randomly

Simi Xin is a disabled heating medicine for pregnant women. Aspirin should not be used after 32 weeks of pregnancy.Antibiotics, if pregnant women have no clear evidence of bacterial infection, such as tonsillitis, hypertension, yellow sputum cough, runny nose, etc., antibiotics can be used.

Expucideity and cough drugs are generally safe, but cough medicines containing iodine makers are not suitable for pregnant women.There are also many medicines. It is recommended to have physical problems and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

2. Pay attention to diet

During pregnancy, adequate nutrition must be guaranteed, and most women may have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite in the early stages of pregnancy.Therefore, the early pregnancy diet should choose simple, palatable, and digestible foods. There is no need to force to eat, especially people with high blood sugar, hyperlipidemia and obesity should pay more attention.

3. Reasonable exercise

Pregnant women need to exercise appropriately during pregnancy.Many people believe that women should not exercise during pregnancy to avoid affecting the fetus, but appropriate exercise can actually enhance immune function, promote the state of the body and metabolism.

It can also improve some of the adverse symptoms of pregnant women during pregnancy, so pregnant women can do some exercises during pregnancy, which is also helpful for future production.

4. Examination on time

Pre -delivery examination is very important, because prenatal examinations can check whether the fetus is healthy and whether pregnant women are healthy.Timely prenatal examinations can be found that the fetus and pregnant women themselves change. If problems are found, they should be resolved as soon as possible.

If there is no prenatal examination, it is difficult to find problems. Once symptoms occur, there may be no medicine to save. The child will not be able to keep it at all, and may even endanger the life of pregnant women.

Therefore, after pregnancy, you must follow the doctor’s advice and check on time, don’t miss any check.In this way, the health of the child also has a related effect. We must pay attention to it, and learn more about the precautions during pregnancy.

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