Pregnancy without appetite belly will affect the baby’s nutrition absorption

Obviously the stomach in the early stages of pregnancy looks very large. Pregnancy not only affects mothers’ emotions and appetite, but also likely to affect the baby’s health.How to soothe the discomfort of flatulence?Should I see a doctor?In fact, you can simply start with changes in diet, exercise, and daily life!

What are the causes of pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy: changes in hormones and lutein

When women are pregnant, in order to make the embryo go in bed smoothly, the hormones in the body change and the luteal secretion increase, but at the same time, it will also slow down the peristalsis of the entire intestinal tract and reduce gastric acid secretion.I feel uncomfortable.

Most of the pregnant women, the most severe flatulence, is the first three months after pregnancy, and it will slowly slow down after this time.

Late pregnancy: the uterus becomes bigger and compressed the stomach

With the growth of the fetus in the uterus, the enlarged uterus will naturally compress the gastrointestinal tract, push the stomach slightly, and the intestine may be pushed to the top or sides.And the normal exclusion of the gas and flatulence.

Will flatulence affect the baby?

Generally speaking, the pregnancy of pregnancy caused by hormones and lutein changes in the early stages of pregnancy is normal and has no effect on the health of the baby.

However, if in the later period, it is often because of the discomfort of the stomach, and if you eat less or become a picky eaters, it may lead to insufficient nutritional absorption of your baby.

How to relieve pregnancy discomfort?Starting from the three major facing diet, exercise, and habits

Dietary: Do n’t eat the wrongdoing of pregnancy!

1. Eat less bloating food

Avoid foods such as beans, eggs, fried foods, sweets, etc., and the diet should be light.

2. Meals a small amount, chew slowly slowly

Eating too much will make the abdominal distension more uncomfortable. It is recommended that pregnant mothers use a small amount of meals to eat to eat six meals a day, and slow down the eating speed and chew thoroughly.

3. Drink plenty of warm water

Drink more warm water every day, which can wet fecal stools, which facilitate the excretion of old waste and toxins from intestinal tract, and can enhance intestinal digestion and excretion.

Exercise: Pregnancy with flatulence must be moved

1. Fixed exercise every day

Appropriately increased daily exercise in pregnant women, which will make metabolism better and favorable exhaust, such as fast running, jogging, aerobic exercise, swimming, stretching, and pregnant women’s yoga.

2. Moderate moderate massage

When pregnancy is uncomfortable, it can be relieved by simple massage.After warm palms, start from the right upper abdomen, move in the clockwise direction to the left upper abdomen, and massage the left lower abdomen.

Remember to massage at least 1 hour after meal, and do not massage to the position of the middle uterine.

Life habits: Develop a good life and rest

1. Don’t lie down immediately after eating

After eating, do n’t sit or lie on the bed immediately. Standing and walking for at least half an hour, it is helpful to gastrointestinal motility.

2. Relax

Many pregnant women learn that after they are pregnant, they are in an emotional expectation, excitement and nervousness, and sometimes cause poor blood circulation in pregnant women. Therefore, it is important to learn to relax during pregnancy.Smooth bowel movement.

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