Pregnant cat

Author: Yishan Night Cry XCS Words: 2648

A year ago, I remember writing a kitten when I first came here, it was at the south gate.What I want to write today is another, at the North Gate, the cat is pregnant.

Seeing this cat for some days.At the beginning, the impression: thin, stomach, walking up, the skeleton of the limbs rolled on the back.Its hair color is not good, dry, yellow on the waist, like mountain forests.Due to it.

Don’t pay much attention.From time to time, I saw it appeared in the north gate.Sometimes, it came to the door of the duty room and sat there silently.I have heard the words "cats come to poor dogs".Suspicious.So I hurried it.Sound and scared.It was shocked and ran away.

In the spring just now, in the consecutive night shifts, a loud howl in the Beimen Garden was cracked.It seemed that the child was crying, and the heart was panicked.The cats are calling.There are more than one, there are three or four.There is it.The other are fatter than it.

I concluded that today’s pregnancy is closely related to several "howling" in Spring Night.As for which cat is under the cat, it is unknown.

It was suddenly discovered by my pregnancy.A few days ago, a young woman in a white skirt came out and stood at the door and waited for a car.With the cry of meow, the cat did not know where to come out, came to the woman’s feet, and shouted towards her, looking familiar.Holding his tail and rubbing at the woman’s ankle.When the woman saw it, she squatted from Gu Mao and said to the cat, I’m pregnant, I’m going to have a baby.And stretched out the cat’s neck.The cat’s obedient woman touched.The car came, and the woman got up to leave.The cat was still going to follow her. When I saw a woman leaving, she paid attention to the cat’s ass.

It was at this time that I found that the cat’s belly was bulging, which was different from usual. It was pregnant.I am surprised that every time the cat calls it, I want to touch it.It looked back at me. Before I approached, I ran away and drilled into the flowers.I never let me touch it.Why can this unscroping woman touched today?I am a little unhappy.

Since I found that the cat was pregnant and saw it again, I felt that it was much more tame.

I intentionally feed it.Eating a ball the day before yesterday, I just didn’t like to eat it, leaving it for it.Put it in the foam rice box.It also ate meatballs, and the leftovers leftovers did not eat at all.With the baby, how can I still pick up?I think, I won’t give you to eat, do you eat?

It was originally a cat without a owner.Unlike the wandering wild cats around, it only moves in the North Gate.Once, I found that I didn’t know when it had a bell on the neck.Later, a child said that it was raised by her shop.This tea shop is next to the north gate.In fact, at the beginning, it was like a wandering, and it was about to go to the tea shop. The tea shop took the owner of the cat in hand, and it was not a heart.It is still in and out of the north gate.At most, the tea shop sometimes gives it to it.It’s just that I have never seen it.Therefore, I was disgusted when I saw the bell on the cat’s neck.

Now that cats are pregnant, can tea shop take care of it?I see that the tea shop is often closed, and the owner is not at the time of seeing the sky.This cat owner is famous.Besides, who admits that the tea shop is a cat owner.

One time I was eating, looking up fiercely, seeing it sitting outside the door, looking at me.The pity was exposed in his eyes.Are you hungry?

As long as I remember, I will leave it to the only meat.Generally, I do n’t eat the meat of the cafeteria.

Today, it is almost time for dinner, and the meal has not been delivered yet. It is still a bit early, and it comes.Seeing that I had left again before eating.When I eat, it came over again.There are a few pieces of fat, I put it on my feet and greeted it to eat.It came over.Hearing a smell, smelling, touching, and trying, finally shaking his head and shaking his neck without eating.Why not eat?I thought such meat was a cat and dog dish.It does not eat.I was angry because of its picky.Looking at its bulging belly, I sighed.

The lights were on, and the night came.When I came to an end a day, I was about to get off work.Standing outside the north gate, looking at the strong twilight, seeing a black shadow in the distance in the distance, a climbing look, the cat was sitting there, and it looked east.I walked over, it stood up, and I walked forward, and I followed it parallel.It came to sit on the ground 20 meters away from the tea shop, and his face was in the direction of the tea shop door.

At this moment I was moved.Is it the owner of the tea shop?Waiting to go home, wait for food?Anyway, at this moment, cats take tea shops as their home.Although the tea shop did not put it in my heart.

I think of the cat’s pregnancy, is it unique to others, or is my stupidity?

I always feel that it is passive and unwilling.This is a bad thing.However, in fact, I was pregnant.The male cat that makes it pregnant does not see the trace.Is it a weird male cat, or is it complaining about this female cat?Inexplicable.

When you are pregnant, the cat must be responsible.Let the kittens in the belly grow up and be born.The cat must bear this process.

I was thinking, how can a cat have a kitten?Think about a miracle.How long is the pregnancy period?Do you do it alone when you are born?How to complete?Do people take care of people?

I worry about it unexpectedly.

I think of Xiaobai from this cat.Xiaobai is a puppy once raised by his brother’s family.I wrote it.Unfortunately, Xiaobai died in the winter.When I fed the cat to feed the cat, I remembered that when I was eating at home, Xiaobai ran over, obediently, knows, silently, standing on the side of my feet, waiting for me to feed it.I can dial some meat and vegetables as much as possible.Xiaobai licked cleanly, and the slate was shiny.Xiaobai also picks eaters, likes to eat meat, broth with broth.Xiaobai does not eat white rice.

I thought that cats and dogs ate everything, as long as I could eat it.In fact, this is not the case.Cats and dogs also have their character, and they have their destiny.

In the next few days, it came to meals.Like Xiaobai at that time.We seem to have some kind of tacit understanding.

It sits outside the door.It’s okay, like the uncle in winter.Don’t come to the world at ease, no matter how old you are.

When I eat inside, it calls outside.

I was almost ate, and I intentionally left it a little.

This time there was a pork liver, leaving three pieces for it.Don’t know if it eats?Together with the lunch box, a little leftover rice, place it on the ground.

It smelled first, took a look, tentatively biting a piece of pork liver and chewing.Put your head for chewing, and make a piece of pork liver three times before chewing.Eat all three.A little leftover onion did not move.

Then I threw the lunch box.It took a steady and leisurely step, drilling the railing, and then lying on the side of the field.I think it’s its most comfortable posture.When I came over, it felt keenly, raised his head immediately, a pair of yellow eyes looked at me, and called me meow and meow twice.Its screams, soft and low breath, and feel weak.Makes people think of the patient.I can feel that it has more exchanges with me, or it becomes close and trustworthy.

I want to take pictures of it.Close to the past, it crawled up and had to stick over.I told it to lie down, and it didn’t care.I said, I didn’t eat it anymore.Finally it can’t be shot.After that, a sneak shot was zoomed in.

I remembered, did I give it a day’s staple food?I feel that it is to maintain its life with the least supplement, of course, and the kitten cub in its belly.While feeling great, he was stunned.

At this time, the cat found a bug around.Worm is tan.The cat quickly connected to grab the bugs with two feet in front, pressed, stepped, and fluttered.Try to bite bugs with your mouth.The cat’s temptation feels like taking shuddering in the fire, like biting hedgehogs.I finally didn’t eat it, probably there was Jia, or or not appetizing.

The agility of its movements made me feel: it is not as weak and weak as I imagined.It is still very healthy.While I was at ease, I lamented the tenacity of vitality.

One afternoon, I was sitting a little sleepy, dizzy, and closed my eyes from time to time.The cat lying on the back of the pillar, belly, and belly, and his two front feet kneeled under his body, squinting, and he looked sleepy.Its posture looks like a rabbit.Sometimes, it comes step by step from a distance, with the majesty of the tiger.I opened my eyes every few seconds.Open it, it is still there.Open it, it is still there.When I opened my eyes again, it disappeared. I wonder where did they go?I feel like a nap while reading. When I woke up, I found that my classmates were not there, and there was no one in the classroom.Surprisingly.

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