Pregnant cats are fragile, and they will have a miscarriage if they are not careful!How should the shovel officer prevent?

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Although many cat -raising families choose to sterilize cats in order to reduce the burden, this will not only have certain benefits to their bodies, but for shoveling officers, cats have many problems during the estrus period, such as spraying everywhere to urinate around., Late at night, etc., sterilization can eliminate these situations. Why not?However, some shoveling officials still think that they should not deprive them of their parents’ rights, and they do not have sterilization, and they will find a suitable male (female) friend to breed for them during the estrus period.

A cat mother of a netizen’s house was pregnant. The cat he had been carefully took care of it, and he also prepared milk powder, nests, toys and other items for the forthcoming kittens, and looked forward to the arrival of new life.But it has been more than two months and almost 3 months, and the cat mother still has no production.Netizens are very strange about this. Is something wrong?As a result, I went to the hospital to check that the cat had no kitten in the cat’s belly, and I did not know when it had been aborted.Netizens are very sad about this, and they have never thought about it. It turned out that cats would also have a miscarriage!

I believe that many shoveling officers do not know that cats may have a miscarriage, so they may not pay attention to care during pregnancy, so that tragedy will happen.And not only can abortion, but also premature birth and death.

When the cat’s pregnancy reaches 8 weeks, the fetus already has the ability to survive outside the mother.The phenomenon of living or dead tires 8 weeks ago is called abortion, and the phenomenon of childbirth from 8 weeks to normal pregnancy (generally 62 to 65 days) is called premature birth.The phenomenon of the fetus is called dead fetus.

The abortion of cats is relatively common, and dogs will be relatively small, but the abortion of most cats before 4 to 5 weeks of pregnancy is difficult to find.At this time, because they will lick their secretions, they generally do not notice it. They will not be found. The cat’s cat is likely to have a miscarriage during this time, so it was not discovered.

The cause of abortion is divided into two types: infectious and non -infectious, and not infectiousness is further divided into two types: occasional and habitual abortion.In most cases, there are no preliminary symptoms, and abortion suddenly occurs.

▶ Infectious abortion

(1) E. coli, glyphobacter, splin bacteria, Brucelli, Salmonella, and cholera that can be infected with vaginal or vaginal pathway can all become the cause of abortion, premature birth or death.

(2) Gow -shaped worms are also due to the cause of abortion, premature birth, death, and weak fetal output.When a group abortion occurs in a cat farm, other reasons should be suspected of whether to be infected with a bow -shaped worm.In addition, the toxoplasma worms still cause congenital abnormalities such as human abortion or hydrocephalus. Therefore, it should also be paid attention from the perspective of public health.

(3) The infection of cats of leukocytes of cats can cause abortion, fetal absorption, fetal glass degeneration or dead tires.Cat’s virus virus (viral nasalitis), such as the virus in the 6th week of pregnancy through the nasal or venous veins, can also cause abortion, dead tires and placenta lesions.

(4) Cat leukemia virus (viral rhinopitis) can be separated from the uterus of the cat infected, but it has not been clear whether it has caused abortion, premature birth or death.

(5) Cat blood Baltong can also infect the placenta and cause abortion or death.At this time, the fetus died of hypoxemia or swallowing amniotic fluid due to anemia.

(6) Human -infected T -raw branches can induce abortion.

▶ Occasionally abortion

(1) Trauma.Trauma caused by traffic accidents can sometimes cause abortion.

(2) Lack of progesterone.The 48th day of the cat ovarian continued to produce progesterone on the 48th day after pregnancy, and then the placenta produced progesterone to maintain pregnancy.When the luteal formation is incomplete, abortion can occur at the 2nd to 5th weeks of pregnancy, or or early degeneration of the pregnancy.The placental functional failure will cause abortion or fetal absorption after the seventh week of pregnancy.Placental dysfunction is susceptible to in a specific system, so it may be related to genetic factors, sometimes caused by endometritis caused by mild bacterial infections.

(3) Vitamin A deficiency will cause embryo in bed difficulty and abortion about 50D pregnancy.

(4) Severe anemia and pregnancy poisoning.

(5) malnutrition before or during pregnancy.

(6) Poisoning, acute and chronic diseases.

(7) The aging of female cats.After the age of 4, the number of childbirth and childbirth of each pregnancy will gradually decrease. At the same time, the phenomenon of abortion increases.

▶ Habitat abortion

Cats who have aborted at 4 to 7 weeks of pregnancy are also high frequently in the next pregnancy.This is the characteristic manifestation of fetal death and absorption of fetal death and bleeding.The true reason is unclear.Cat’s breeding farm often has a habitual abortion of cats.

In the abortion of anemia or pregnancy poisoning, it is sometimes accompanied by body temperature decrease, irritability and persistent spasm.

When the owner finds that the cat has a secretion during pregnancy, or when the pregnancy is over, it is necessary to take a cat to the hospital to check the cause of abortion and abortion.

1. In terms of abortion, fetal absorption, fetal glass degeneration, or diagnosis of dead tires caused by bow -shaped worms, serum antibody examination is required.If the results of the inspection are positive, check it once after 2 to 4 weeks.Compare the results of the two tests. If the subsequent time is increased by 3 to 4 times from the previous serum antibodies, you can make a diagnosis.At the same time, the bow -shaped eggs in the feces should also be performed.

2. The diagnosis of exfoliating abortion and habitual abortion is more difficult.

1. Most abortion occurs suddenly, so it is difficult to prevent it.

2. For abortion caused by suspicion of lack of progesterone, it can start from 42D pregnancy to the top 7 ~ 10D for the due date, and muscle injection progesterone preparations (1 ~ 2 mg/kg, once a week).

1. During the pregnancy of the female cat, it is strictly forbidden to inject the injection of white blood cells to reduce the vaccine.

2. When a cat is positive or suspected of being positive or suspected, it is strictly forbidden to have mating behaviors and remove them from breeding cats.

3. During pregnancy, be careful not to let the cat exercise violently, and do not press their belly, especially when they are holding them.

4. Pay attention to the nutrition of the cat, but not too much, and the nutrition should be balanced.

Cats are very fragile during pregnancy. The owner must be careful. If there are many cats in the family, they must be isolated to avoid abortion.The cat’s mother is also very hard when breeding a small life. She prepares more deliciously to give it. When giving birth nearby, be sure to prepare its small nest.Doctors come to take care of, so that in case of accidents during childbirth, you can get timely treatment!

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