Pregnant mother, please pay attention: you should seek medical treatment in time when you encounter these ten situations

Domination of pain and bleeding, severe edema, vomiting, abnormal fetal movement, etc. must be paid attention to.

Breeding a new life is a process of happiness and a special period that requires careful care.The health status of pregnant mothers is closely related to the health of the fetus. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must check regularly and follow the doctor’s instructions.However, during pregnancy, even if the pregnant mothers are careful, there are sometimes accidents.In order to avoid accidents, pregnant mothers should have aware of some uncomfortable signs and be vigilant.In this regard, Zheng Cuixia, a pregnant woman school at Shijiazhuang Maternity Hospital, reminded that if pregnant mothers find discomfort such as fetal movement abnormalities, vaginal bleeding, pain, severe edema, nausea and vomiting such as unknown causes, they must seek medical treatment in time. Do not delay delay, So as not to cause accidents due to delay.The following ten abnormal situations are often more dangerous. If they appear during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to it.

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Abnormal fetal movement

If the pregnant mother originally moved normally and regularly, but suddenly there was too much or too little fetal movement, or it was obvious that the fetal movement was different from the usual abnormal situation, so they needed to go to the hospital early.

Vaginal bleeding

Some pregnant mothers will have mild bleeding in the early pregnancy. If there is a small amount of bleeding and uncomfortable abdominal pain, they can rest in bed first and observe it closely.

However, if you still bleed more than even more after rest, then no matter whether the bleeding is dark red or bright red, you should pay attention to it. You should go to the hospital immediately to check whether the embryo development is good.Essence

Inexplicable abdominal pain

Abdominal pain in the unknown cause of the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers must attract attention.If you are just slight abdominal pain, you can observe first; if there is severe pain or continuous slight abdominal pain, the pregnant mother must be vigilant.Like ectopic pregnancy, threatened abortion, fetal stopping, etc., abdominal pain will occur early in the early days.

Long -term headache

When the pregnant mother was pregnant, because the hormone in the body changes greatly, there will be some discomfort. At this time, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the reasonable rest, sleep sufficient sleep, exercise appropriately, and the diet is light and appropriate.However, if you find that the headache is very long, and the symptoms of dizziness or dizziness, or if you are unclear, the pregnant mother needs to pay attention to it, and should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Severe edema

As the number of pregnancy weeks increases, some pregnant mothers will have edema.If only the feet or ankle edema, the edema has improved significantly after one night of rest, then the pregnant mother only needs to pay attention to monitoring blood pressure, and at the same time, it can also raise the lower limbs appropriately to reduce edema.

If the edema of the pregnant mother is relatively large, the thighs or stomachs have edema, and the skin will be significantly depressed when pressing, then hurry up to see the doctor and perform relevant examinations in time to help diagnose whether there is a pregnancy hypertension.

Nausea and vomiting of unknown incentives

Vomiting in the early pregnancy is a normal reaction, but if nausea, frequent vomiting, unable to eat, systemic fatigue and other symptoms during pregnancy, it is a pregnancy drama vomiting.Pregnancy spitting can affect the nutritional absorption during pregnancy, and can also cause adverse reactions such as blood pressure changes, decreased urine output, water loss, electrolyte disorders, etc. In severe cases, it will also damage liver and kidney function and affect fetal development.Therefore, if nausea and vomiting are not eased, and the degree of pregnancy drama vomiting, then pregnant mothers need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to take corresponding treatment in a timely manner.

Pregnancy reaction disappears

With the increase of the pregnancy week, some pregnant mothers with early pregnancy reactions will feel that the symptoms of pregnancy reactions are slowly weakening. Generally, after the middle of pregnancy, the pregnancy response of the pregnant mother will be alleviated or even disappeared. This process is gradual.

However, if the pregnant mother finds that her pregnancy response suddenly disappears, and the feeling of chest pain is gone. This must be vigilant. It may be that the treatment of fetal stopping may occur.Therefore, when the pregnancy response suddenly disappears, the pregnant mother must not think of it for granted that this is the process of natural development during pregnancy. Instead, you should realize that this sudden change may be abnormal.problem appear.

The waist has strong pain

When she was pregnant, pregnant mothers may only be affected by some pregnancy reactions, and the waist and abdomen are not much discomfort.However, the later the pregnancy, the greater the pregnancy belly, and the weight of the uterus is basically borne by the waist of the pregnant mother.At this time, in order to maintain the balance of the body, the body will lean backwards, so that the waist pain is prone to occur.

If the soreness of this waist is within their own tolerance, the pregnant mother does not have to be overwhelmed, and can effectively relieve it through the correct physical posture and appropriate exercise. When the consultation is diagnosed, the pregnant mother can go to the pregnant women’s school to seek the professional help and correct physical body of a doctor.Guidance.However, if this waist soreness is very strong and even affects normal life, at this time, pregnant mothers cannot be careless, and they should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

Slow weight or too fast weight

After pregnancy, as the fetal cycle increases, the weight of pregnant mothers will increase.However, if the pregnant mother’s weight increases too fast or too slowly during pregnancy, it is possible to indicate that there are problems or other diseases in pregnancy. Do not ignore it. You should seek medical treatment in time.


During pregnancy, due to the changes in body hormones, women mostly have less skin itching symptoms.Slight skin itching is normal. However, if the skin itching is not alleviated for a long time, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of choleneaste accumulation during pregnancy. It is recommended to see it as soon as possible at this time.

Three cases are prompted to be hospitalized as soon as possible

In addition to the above ten abnormalities, they should seek medical treatment in time during pregnancy. Doctors remind that if pregnant mothers have the following three conditions before giving birth, they should also be hospitalized in time to ensure normal and safe delivery.

First, there are regular contractions that need to be hospitalized in time.

Second, the pregnant mother must be hospitalized for nearly 41 weeks of pregnancy.

Third, after the premature breakthrough of the fetal membrane is broken, the pregnant mother should reduce the activity, take the position, and go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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