Pregnant mothers are prone to "frequent urination".

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Are you nervous and anxious after pregnancy?

If you ask this question, the answers that most women may give are yes. They are both worried about their physical condition and fear of the fetus.Mom has a uncomfortable.

After pregnancy, the state of the body is always different from before pregnancy. The novice parents do not know, and may think that the body is in a condition, but in fact, some are normal.

For example, after many women are pregnant, they always want to go to the toilet, especially in the night, they will get up at night before they fall asleep.Due to poor rest, the fetal development is not smooth.

As everyone knows, frequent urination after pregnancy is a normal physiological response, and there is no need to be frightened. As for the reason, it is necessary to talk about why the pregnant mother is frequent.

1. In the early stage of the embryo position to promote frequent urination

In the first three months after pregnancy, the embryo developed in the uterus of the mother’s pelvic cavity, and the pelvic cavity not only has a uterus, but also the bladder. When the uterus grows as the embryo grows, there will be more.Occupy the space in the pelvic cavity, thus squeeze the bladder, causing the feeling of frequent urination.

2. The congestion of the basin of the basin stimulates the pelvic nerve

After the fetus, the blood supply of the uterus was too abundant, which caused the pelvic nerve after congestion at the bottom of the pelvic cavity, causing the mother to frequently feel the feeling of urination.

3. Uterine compression

After 12 weeks, the uterine swelling was enough to overflow the pelvic cavity, and instead squeezed the mother’s internal organs. The compression of the bladder became smaller, and the frequent urination may be alleviated.

However, in the months in the second trimester, the baby’s baby is too big, and the urinary organ in the pelvic cavity will be squeezed again. The frequent urination may increase again. Some mothers may go to the toilet at night seven or eight times, and they are always urinating.Awake.

Sleeping at night, he was suddenly awakened by a feeling of urinating. Maybe some mothers would choose to be patient until they couldn’t help but go to the toilet. This was not good for the body.

Frequent urination may cause the symptoms of infection of the urinary system, causing annoying gynecological diseases. If it is not cured in time, it may also endanger the baby that is about to be born soon, which is harmful and unhelpful.

If you want to go to the toilet, you need to go in time. It is best not to bear it. Although the frequent urination is very annoying, it is easy to endure the illness.

Tips 1: Control the time of drinking water

Moms who are already pregnant have more water supply than ordinary people. It is not advisable to reduce drinking water in order to reduce drinking water at night, but drink too much and always urinate frequently. Pregnant mothers seem to be in a dilemma.Essence

In fact, you can relieve frequent urination by controlling the time of drinking water. For example, a small amount of water during the day and multiple times, reducing the amount of water drinking at night can work to a certain extent.

It is also worth remembering that it is best not to drink water when you feel thirsty. It is best to replenish the water regularly during the day. In this way, it will not feel thirsty and urinate.

Tips 2: Moderate exercise

The way the human body excretes body fluid is not only urinating, sweat can also exclude excess water. In daily life, you can do more appropriate exercise.The symptoms of frequent urination will be reduced.

Tips: Through dietary adjustment

Some of the food we eat in daily life are more diuretic, such as winter melon, red beans, bitter gourd, loofah, watermelon, etc. These things should be eaten in moderation.

I always urinate frequently after pregnancy. Although it is generally normal physiological symptoms, I also have to go to the hospital for examination earlier to check the possibility of urinary disease.Prepare for birth.

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