Pregnant mother’s belly to hides a big tumor or small or small?

It was only at 26 weeks of pregnancy that the liver had a fist -sized malignant tumor, and Ms. Wang faced the pain of "Bao Da Bao Small".Recently, experts from the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University performed surgery for Ms. Wang Ms. Wang to help her "cut tumors and protect their taboos."On July 6, Ms. Wang was discharged from the hospital and returned home to continue her baby.

Ms. Wang is 33 years old and lives in Optics Valley and pregnant earlier this year.Two weeks ago, she went to the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University for a pregnancy test. The obstetrician learned that when he was in the consultation, Ms. Wang had suffered from hepatitis B and did not check the liver situation before and after pregnancy. She suggested that she be a liver B -ultrasound.

The results of the inspection are surprising: Ms. Wang’s liver has a tumor, which is close to 8 cm diameter, like a fist size.She was diagnosed with "primary liver cancer".Professor Yuan Yufeng, liver and gallbladder and pancreas surgery of the hospital, analyzed that liver cancer is a tumor with high degree of malignant degrees. Most patients have lost the opportunity to surgery while consultation.Ms. Wang is relatively lucky. Her liver tumors still have opportunities for surgery, but the fetus has not yet matured, and surgical trauma may cause abortion of the fetus. If the fetus is developing, the tumor will continue to grow in Ms. Wang, and the cancer cells may be metastasized.Treatment opportunities.

At this time, Ms. Wang had been pregnant for 26 weeks. The baby was lively in the stomach and was very cute.Seeing that the baby will be born soon, but he is in dilemma because of huge tumors.What should I do next?Ms. Wang’s family was tangled with contradictions.

For the fetus in Ms. Wang and her belly, Zhongnan Hospital specially established a multidisciplinary cooperative team including surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, and intensive medicine to formulate a treatment plan overnight to strive to treat both pregnant women and preserve the fetus.

On June 29, Ms. Wang underwent surgery.Under the accurate control of the anesthesiologist team, Professor Yuan Yufeng’s team performed a left half of the liver resection for Ms. Wang. The length of the operation was controlled within two hours, reducing bleeding and impact on the abdominal cavity and uterine.After surgery, after the relay of multi -department medical staff such as Li Jiafu and Dr. ICU doctor Cai Shuhan, Ms. Wang broke through the heavy levels of low blood pressure, fast heart rate, intestinal obstruction, etc., and resolved frequent contractions.Signal, successfully keep the fetus.(Reporter Wang Chunlan Correspondent Li Yan)

Source: Wuhan Evening News

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