Pregnant mothers eat more during pregnancy.

Each pregnant mother often has a wish. I hope that after the birth of her baby is high -value, maybe many people want to say that this is not determined by the genetic genetic inheritance of the parents?

The baby’s appearance is necessary to contact the genetic genetic inheritance of the parents.However, if the pregnant mother has the purpose of eating the following ingredients during pregnancy, the following ingredients are improved from the diet. The food that pregnant mothers eat during pregnancy are very helpful for the baby, and it has a particularly important effect on the baby’s hairpin in the belly.

The password of the baby looks good -looking skin

If the skin color of the parents is dark, pregnant mothers can eat ingredients containing vitamin C.Vitamin C can inhibit the production of skin color, reduce melanin deposition, and make the baby’s skin whitening skin.The ingredients include vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, red titles, citrus, winter melon, round shallots, thorn pears, apples, bright red dates, etc. Among them, apples are the best skin whitening skin tips. Apple contain vitamin and glucose acid, which can enhance hemoglobin and make the skin red.Plastic and pure, have a good nourishing effect on pregnant mothers with iron deficiency anemia and can be used as preferred.

The baby’s body is long -lasting password

If the parents are "regrettable", they can eat ingredients containing vitamin D.Vitamin D promotes bone growth into talents and promotes physical improvement. This kind of practical effect is more significant for fetal babies and babies.If the ingredients include shrimp skin, egg yolk, protein food, and vegetables and fruits.In addition, many ingredients cannot be ignored by pregnant mothers.For example, pure honey, pregnant mothers often take pure honey, can fill a variety of nutrients, moisturize the lungs and intestines, enhance the digestion and digestion and absorption of resistance, and make the pregnant mother’s emotional and comfortable emotional and comfortable.Some ingredients are not too much for pregnant mothers, such as spicy foods, lilac flowers, pepper, etc.

The password of the baby’s wise brain

Pregnant mothers eat more iodine -containing iodine -containing ingredients, which can promote the development of the baby’s brain and enhance IQ, such as seafood, seafood foods, fill the baby’s need for iodine and promote the combination of thyroid cysts.Excellent growth and development.If iodine -rich foods are the best with sea bands, and also contain nutrients such as protein, oleic acid, calcium, iron, etc., which can improve the ability of the human body to resist infection and have the effect of healthy brain and brain.

Baby’s dark hair password

If the parents are not very good and have problems with hair quality, pregnant mothers should eat more ingredients with vitamin B.Such as lean meat, fish, protein food, milk, toast bread, soy food, raw eggs, sea vegetables, walnut kernels, white sesame, rice and fruits and vegetables.Black, dark, and bright luster.

The password of the baby’s eyes is shiny

Pregnant mothers should eat more ingredients containing vitamin A, such as protein food, egg yolk, milk, fish oil, Hu Yanbu, apple.Among them, chicken liver contains the most vitamin A. Hu Yanbu can promote the improvement of hemoglobin and increase the concentration of blood.Pregnant mothers eat more of this type of ingredients to help the baby’s eye vision growth and development.

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