Pregnant mother’s hands and feet are cold?The family do these three points, not afraid of chills

Pregnancy is a very important thing for a family.Summer is afraid of hotness and frozen in winter, but during pregnancy, pregnant mothers will inevitably have cold hands and feet.

People like grandma and mother always remind pregnant mothers to keep warm, especially autumn and winter.It is cold in autumn and winter, and the feeling of coldness after pregnancy is more sensitive, and it becomes very chills.With a baby in my belly, I will be afraid of cold.

During the pregnancy, the pregnant mother is low in body temperature and fear of cold and chilling is a common phenomenon, but it cannot be underestimated.Long -term cold hands and feet will not only have a bad effect on the health of pregnant mothers, but also harmful to the healthy development of the fetus in the abdomen.Pregnant mothers must pay attention to winter heating and find a way to deal with it.

For the health of the pregnant mother’s body and baby, is the heating of the home choosing a central air conditioner, floor heating or an electric heater?

-【Central air conditioning】-

Central air -conditioning, all families are basically installed. After all, it is necessary to avoid summer heat in summer, but how about using air conditioning to warm it?It is recommended not to choose air conditioners for pregnant mothers to warm up.

The first is that the air -conditioning wind is not clean: the air conditioner has accumulated a lot of "invisible" dust in summer, and it may carry germs. Even if it is often cleaned, it is useless.The constitution of pregnant mothers does not have the strength of ordinary people, and it is easy to be invaded by bacteria and dust, causing respiratory diseases or other unpredictable diseases.

The second is that the air -conditioning wind is too dry: often blowing air conditioners, which can cause fire, throat and nose pain, which is a personal experience of many people.Ordinary people are still unable to endure it for a long time, not to mention that the pregnant mother is not easy to bend over, and they have to shout the talents around them.And it is indispensable to turn on the air conditioner and the skin is dry. As a pregnant mother who likes figure management, it is not possible!

-【Floor Heating】-

Floor warmth, let alone, it is not recommended to install the pregnant mother’s house.We know that floor heating needs to laid a large number of curved pipes in the room, plus moving furniture, prying floor, re -laying flooring, testing, moving back to the home, etc.Play soy sauce.In addition, the floor heating is very hot, which will cause the room to be stuffy and will have a certain impact on the emotions, body, and baby development of pregnant mothers.

-【electric heaters】-

It is recommended to install wall -mounted electric heater, the reason is the following:

No pipeline.The wall -hung electric heater does not need to be laid the pipe, and it is not even more necessary to pry the floor wall. Just pinch, hang the electric heaters, and use the electricity to use it.

Not dry.The electric heater does not directly heal the air like the air conditioner, and blows out the heat. Instead, the radiation and streaming cooling method is used to allow the temperature of the entire room to flow and achieve the effect of "whole house heating".", Very dry".

Four modes for options.Choose a comfortable mode at home, choose the energy -saving mode when you go out, you can choose the anti -freezing mode for more than 48 hours when you go out for more than 48 hours. It also has 2 hours for compulsory heating, and the room temperature is driven by speed.

easy installation.In France, Haili An Dian Nuan can be installed in 15 minutes.

In summary, wall -type electric heating is the best choice for the family.

In addition to the suitable heating tools, two points of protection should be done.

1. Do a good job of daily hot compress care

Pregnant mothers have severe hormone levels during pregnancy, and the side will also affect body temperature changes.When the hands and feet are cold, warm water, apply hot water for yourself, promote blood loopholes in the limbs, and alleviate the cold hands and feet.

If the feet are not good, you can try rice wine and ginger slices to heat together to stimulate the medicinal properties of alcohol and ginger slices, which can keep warm and relax.Note that the temperature should not be too high, not exceed 40 ° C to avoid burns.

2. Use appropriate exercise to get rid of

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother was used as the key protection target.It is recommended that pregnant mothers can go out for walking and yoga to exercise easily, which is greatly helpful for promoting blood circulation and soothing physical and mental.

The home is equipped with an electric heater. Pay attention to hot compresses and exercise appropriately, easily solve the cold hands and feet, healthy and happy during pregnancy.

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