Pregnant mothers have a clever supplementation of folic acid, and the baby has many benefits. What should I do if I do n’t eat folic acid before pregnancy?

Many people have heard that she needs to eat folic acid when pregnant, but about how to eat it, it makes it difficult for many pregnant couples.The situation of lack of folic acid in our country is generally necessary to replenish folic acid at the beginning of pregnancy.

Folic acid replenishment starts from preparing for pregnancy

Folic acid is actually a vitamin, which plays an important role in splitting, growth and nucleic acid synthesis of red blood cells, and is a necessary material for the human body.However, the human body cannot synthesize folic acid, and can only be obtained through food and nutrients.In the first three months of pregnancy, the nerve tube of the human body began to develop, and the nerve cells were divided. At this time, if folic acid was lacking and the nerve tube development was inaccurate, malformed fetuses were prone to occur.Therefore, women will start to supplement folic acid in the first three months of preparing pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, take three months folic acid. By the third trimester, according to the situation, whether she needs to take folic acid.

There will be side effects if folic acid does not make up

The metabolism of zinc in the body leads to zinc deficiency

Too many folic acid tablets are easy to interfere with the role of anticonia drugs, and seizures of quasi -mothers who have related diseases

For a long time, a large number of people may have gastrointestinal symptoms such as anorexia, habits, and bloating.

Folic acid should not be taken with vitamin C

If you take vitamin C or vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 while supplementing folic acid, it is prone to resistance in a stable environment and affect the absorption rate.If you want to add at the same time, it is best to interval for more than half an hour.

Do not take folic acid before pregnancy, do n’t be nervous

Many people have no plan to prepare for pregnancy, accidentally getting pregnant, and naturally do not supplement folic acid.Many people are worried that they are pregnant before they have time to eat folic acid. What should I do if I have not eaten folic acid?

In fact, I do n’t eat folic acid during pregnancy. Do n’t be nervous. There is nothing universal. Folic acid only plays a role in reducing fetal deformity, cleft lip and palate, etc. It does n’t say that fetal deformities will definitely occur if you do n’t eat folic acid.Folic acid will not have fetal malformations.

How to make up for folic acid?

If you take 400Ug folic acid every day before conception, and take at least one month in advance, the risk of birth defects such as spine bifida in the fetus will be reduced by 70%.However, folic acid has different dosage. Remind friends and expectant mothers who prepare for pregnancy should not choose folic acid blindly. Before buying, you must carefully check the specifications of folic acid to avoid using the misalignment dose and cause adverse effects on yourself and your baby.

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