Pregnant mothers have been miscarriage 5 times in a row, and even dreamed of death is dead. What is the reason why poor pregnant mothers have multiple fetal stops?

Half a year ago, I encountered A Rong, a girl who had seen the disease here more than ten years ago.At that time, I was still a obstetrician and gynecologist who had just stepped up to work.That day, the gynecological department was lacking, and I was temporarily transferred to the top class.There was a girl’s irregular menstruation. When I came here to see the doctor, after I took her medicine, the dysmenorrhea was greatly improved.After that, she often came to me for treatment, and we became friends.

I hadn’t seen her for a long time because she went to work in Xinjiang.Later, she sent me a message and said that she was married. Then, she told me that she was pregnant, and then after a while, it was a fetal stop.Later, there was no news.

That day, when I was working in the obstetrics, I saw the girl again.She looked a lot more mature, and she had the charm of young women.But she told me that in recent years, she has been pregnant five times in total, but it has been produced in about 10 weeks of pregnancy.I told her: "Your situation is a habitual abortion. It may be the birth defect of the fetus and being eliminated naturally. It may be that you and your husband have other problems, or you have a problem." Next, I will do it for her to do it for herAfter a series of inspections, no problems were found at all.This is a tricky case!

Later, I read the records she had seen over the years and found that one problem was ignored, that is, the blood problem.After inspection, I was sure she was internal hemolysis.

Internal hemolysis is that the blood of the mother and the fetus cannot be merged, especially the mother is Rh -negative blood. The father is RH -positive blood. In this case, 100%hemolysis will occur. The fetus is often in the development stage.abortion.Fortunately, A Rong is not this situation, but this situation has no way to prevent it before pregnancy. Only after pregnancy can monitoring and preventive treatment.

A Rong really lacks confidence in pregnancy, especially after 5 times of heartbreaking pain, she felt fearful when she was pregnant.Coupled with living in the nasal congestion, she has been aborted so frequently. She has been pointed at her back by the villagers. Some say that she has done bad things in her last life.She said that she didn’t check … all kinds of rumors made A Rong fear.But I encouraged her to give her psychological guidance, and she eventually became pregnant.

After pregnancy, A Rong began to appear anxious. His suspicious ghost was afraid of the baby’s miscarriage. He had nightmares every night and dreamed of aborting the fetus.I immediately invited a psychologist for treatment for her and treated her internal hemolysis at the same time.

After some careful treatment, A Rong finally became pregnant for more than 5 months.At this time, the fetus was relatively stable, and A Rong reappeared and began to have confidence in both and the baby.

At 35 weeks of pregnancy, the hemolytic phenomenon was even more intense. In order to avoid the phenomenon of internal distress, I decided to conduct a caesarean section for A Rong in advance.As a result, A Rong gave birth to a son close to 5 pounds.Although the little guy is a premature infant, all indicators are normal and are a healthy baby.

On the day of discharge, A Rong pulled my hand and was grateful to tears. It could make her fulfill her dream of being a mother. Suddenly, I was moved by myself!

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