Pregnant mothers need to be vigilant.

If there are some signs before and after the due date, you need to immediately attract the attention of pregnant mothers. What are the signs?

Under the end of the uterus

Before and after the due date, the bottom of the uterine in the upper abdomen will drop from the heart nest to the heart nest and the navel. The pregnant woman will suddenly feel that the upper abdomen is full, and the breathing is smoother than before, the appetite is greatly increased, and the abdomen is external.It is fully explained that the bottom of the uterus falls, indicating that it will cause delivery in the near future.

Back pain

A few days before childbirth, the uterus often caused irregular shrinkage due to the bottom of the uterus.At this time, pregnant women often have back pain and abdominal distension. The duration is very short. It often occurs at night and disappears after awake.At this time, there is a period of time before childbirth. In modern obstetrics, it is called "false labor."When this happens, pregnant women should go to a regular hospital for examination in a timely manner to allow doctors to arrange admission time according to the actual situation.

stomach ache

At the end of pregnancy, especially before and after the due date, the uterus has intermittent contraction and relaxation. Pregnant women may have slight irregular contractions, which causes abdominal pain, which is normal.However, it should be noted that if there is a regular abdominal pain that lasts for 10-20 seconds for 5-10 minutes, and it is accompanied by abdominal tightening and a small amount of secretions, you should not be careless. You should go to the hospital immediately and calculate each every check.Time to shrink and relax (intermittent).Those who have reached 37 weeks of pregnancy are in full monthly delivery, and less than 37 weeks may be a premature sign of premature birth.

Premature fetal membrane break

Shen Jie, director of the pediatric insurance department of Chongqing Anqier Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, said that in the late pregnancy, especially in the absence of any priority of giving birth, a large number of symptoms such as urine or a small amount of liquid suddenly occurred, indicating that the fetal membrane was broken.After the fetal membrane breaks up early, the uterine cavity is connected with the outside world. In this case, it is easy to increase the chance of going up infection, especially when the fetal head is floating or the fetal position is not positive, it can also cause the risk of umbilical cord prolapse.Clinical medical research believes that there are many causes of premature fetal membrane, which is often caused by the increase in the pressure of intrauterine in the palace.It should be noted that after the fetal membrane breaks up early, pregnant women should be kept flat, and the hips should be raised. Regardless of whether there is uterine contraction, they should go to a regular hospital in time.On the way to the hospital, the hips of pregnant women should also be kept high to prevent the umbilical cord from getting out of the umbilical cord. Try not to stand and walk.After the doctor’s strict examination, it is confirmed that the pregnant woman with a rupture of the fetal membrane must be hospitalized.(Supply of Chongqing Anqier Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital)

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