Pregnant (novel)

In the afternoon, after dinner, Nanti and Liting City watched the sunset together in the field.

Nan Si, do we elope?Li Tingcheng said.

No, my dad’s legs and feet were not put, and he lived alone, I couldn’t abandon him.

Didn’t your dad take care of your uncle?Besides, your dad is the village chief, and there is also Wang Jue, who runs his legs, it is okay to say.

Still, I can’t abandon my dad so cruelly.

This is not abandonment. When we go out for a few years, have children, and come back, are you afraid that your dad does not agree?

No, I still can’t make up my mind.

If you think about it first, think about it and come to my house to find me. After that, Li Tingcheng woke up from Baogu (corn), and he left without returning.

Brother Tingcheng, Tingcheng brother … Nanti called several times, and Li Tingcheng did not stop, but accelerated his footsteps.

Every time Li Tingcheng leaves, no matter whether he is happy or unhappy, he will say a goodbye to Nanti. This time, no matter how Nanti called him, he didn’t care about her.

Nanti walked on the way home. The people in the village met her and greeted her enthusiastically. Every time Nanti responded very happy to them, but this time Nanti did not respond.She was as if she lost her soul.

Nan Si.

This voice immediately woke her up from her muddy, because this voice was sent out for 23 years.

Nanti looked at the older father in front of him, and he left him hard.

When do you have so much gray hair on your head?

Stupid child, dad is old, and people always have white hair.

Dad, you are still young, don’t always boast of yourself.

Hey, do n’t say, but I ca n’t escape the devastation of the years. Now I am most worried about your marriage. I ’m afraid that my legs will go that day and leave you alone.

Dad, don’t always talk nonsense, just talk about it.

Okay, okay, okay.Oh, okay, right?

This is almost the same.

However, I am still afraid that I have one day, as soon as I board my legs, leaving you alone and lonely, not relying.I am particularly afraid of the boy in Ling Tingcheng, run away, and live with him.I booked a family relationship for you.Married at the end of the year.

Dad, how can you do this, how can you do it for me privately?You know, I love Tingcheng brother.

I am your dad, why can’t I be a master for you?And although the people of Liting City are very handsome, his family is too poor, and you will only suffer with him.

Tingcheng brother who is not available is very smart and talented. He will definitely make me happy.

I admit that he is talented, but you do n’t necessarily make you live a good life. Do n’t forget. His mother ’s illness and death have owed a lot of money. You will only suffer with him.

Even if I suffer, I am willing, as long as I can grow old with him.So ask Dad to retire that marriage.

No, do you know that his family is the richest in our villages. You will be happy to marry him, and I can rest assured.

That’s just what you think, you want to marry you, I don’t marry.After talking about Nanti, he cried and ran away.

You have to marry if you don’t marry.

Nanti ran to the door of Liting City and patted the door by the door and called Tingcheng.

As soon as Ling Tingcheng opened Mendon Si, he hugged him, and Ling Tingcheng was aggressive.

Tingcheng, my dad booked a marriage for me and asked me to get married at the end of the year. What should I do?

We eloped, and I was waiting for you at the gate of the village at 12 pm.

I’m not eliminated, I want you to persuade my dad with me.

Do you think your dad will agree, you ca n’t get used to me when you are young, and now you agree?

Nanti suddenly stunned.

If you didn’t come tonight, I will leave this village and live outside.Will you come?

At this time, Nanti was very entangled in his heart. Both sides were the most important people in their own.

Go back first and think about it. After speaking, you can close the door and close the door.

Nanti took a long time to respond, and then went down to the house.

Put here, let it, oops, don’t block the door.

As soon as Nanti came to the door of the house, he heard this sentence.When I entered the door, I put the road full of yard, and I was almost blocked.

Dad, what is this, why are there so much?

Cai Li!

I said, I do n’t marry, how do you accept the gift?

Look at this posture, this row, colorful gifts, weddings must be better than this, you will definitely be happy.

I do n’t marry, I want to marry, I also marry what I like.

Do you like to marry that poor boy?

Even the poor boy, that’s what I want, don’t need to control it.

Without me, I will raise you so much, just to make you marry a rich person, and there are more gifts.Why are you so sensible?

Do you raise me so much, just to make me marry a rich man, and more gifts?

Yeah, otherwise I will raise you.After speaking, Nanao continued to get a lot of gifts.

Nanti’s tears seemed to be raining and couldn’t stop.

Nanti didn’t understand very much. Is the happiness of his biological woman than those gifts?

Nanti slowly walked into the door of the room and locked himself in the room.

If you are careful, you can’t afford it.Um, put it here.

There was a voice of Nan Ao outside. At this time, Nanti was even more sad. Why is his father who treats himself like this?

At this time, Liting City was packing his luggage. He didn’t want to live in this village full of snobbish. He didn’t want to stay again for a moment.

The only person he cared about in this village was Nanti, and he hoped that Nanti would come on time.

If she can’t arrive on time, he will leave without hesitation, because he really doesn’t want to stay in this place of love, even if a person he loves the most is not possible.

I just hope he can go with me.

When Nan Ao got up at night, he had not turned off the lights in the Nanti room.

After saying, Nanti didn’t turn off the lights to sleep, and it was all at 12 o’clock in the evening.

When I heard this voice, Nanti reacted.

It was twelve o’clock, and I actually sent a few hours.I don’t know if Tingcheng is gone.

Did you hear it, Nanti?

Nan Si hurried back, okay.

Nanti walked out of the house carefully and quickly ran to the village entrance.

Nan Si, you must come.Licita City was waiting in the village collection, and his heart was almost jumped out.

Ling Tingcheng took out his mobile phone and looked at the time, and it was 12:30.

It seems that you will not come, Ling Tingcheng picks up his luggage sadly.Go outside the village.

Nanti ran to the village entrance at the fastest speed of her, but it was no longer seen in the city of Lingting.

Tingcheng will not leave, right?No, he won’t abandon me, no, Tingcheng, Tingcheng … No, don’t you really abandon me?

Nanti cried with heartbreaking, and his throat was almost crying.

Her cry woke up the villagers at the entrance of the village, and the villagers at the village entrance opened the door.

Crying, crying, crying away, don’t quarrel, Lao Tzu sleep.A villager scolded.

Nanti didn’t care, as if he couldn’t hear it, where he continued to cry.

When the villagers ignored him, they stepped forward and prepared to teach.

As a result, it was Nan Si.Xiao Si, why are you, why are you crying here.Quickly, who would call the village chief.

No, don’t call him, no one is allowed.Nanti roared with her biggest voice.

The villagers were aggressive.However, Wang Jue secretly ran to Nanao’s house.

Nanti yelled and continued where he cried, and no one cared about it.

The village chief, the village chief … Wang Jue called the door while calling.

Who is it? I still don’t let people sleep in the middle of the night.Nan Aoly opened the door.

As soon as I opened the door, I was about to scold Wang Jue.Wang Jue said that the village chief, Nanti cried at the village entrance, whoever ignored anyone, you should go and see.

Hearing this sentence, he immediately closed the door and ran to the village entrance with Wang Jue.

Running to the village entrance and seeing a group of people around.

When I walked forward, I saw the pear blossoms crying in Nanti, and the villagers next to them were advising her.

You all go back to sleep. Today, Nands bother everyone, I am here to pay everyone.

At this time, just scolded Nanti that man and respectfully said: What do you say?We don’t recommend the village chief. Nanti cried here. There must be something particularly sad. You also persuaded, and we went back to sleep.

Okay, bother you.

Everyone is gone, and there are three people in Nanti, Nan Ao, and Wang Jue.

Don’t cry, what’s so sad, don’t you just set a relative without your consent? Are you crying here in the middle of the night?

Nanti didn’t say a word.Continue to cry there.

You say something, what you cry, you have to give me a reason.

say something.Nan Ao said anxiously.

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding … Suddenly Wang Jue’s phone remembered.

As soon as he took the phone, the village chief looked at him with the eyes he looked at himself.Wang Jueli was a handle.

Yes, yes, how do I forget, I can call him.Nan Ao and Wang Jue looked at each other with a look of aggressive.

So he immediately stood up and touched his phone, but found that he didn’t think of the phone at home.

Dad, what about your mobile phone?

What do you do with your mobile phone, and why are you crying here?

you give me first.

What do you say first?

No, I can’t say, if I say you will definitely not give me.

As long as you say, I give it.

Okay, what do you say, if you don’t give it?

Do you have to bargain with me?

If you don’t give it, just go back to my family affairs, how about it?

Okay, you say first.In fact, Nan Ao did not intend to retire at all, so he just wanted to lie to Nan Si.

I want to call Tingcheng.

Why do you call that poor boy?

I want to tell him that I am willing.

What are you willing?

I am willing to follow him and leave here.

You, you actually want to abandon me, elopping with that poor boy, I have worked hard to support you so much, you actually want to abandon me for that poor boy.

I didn’t want to abandon you.

Have you left here with the poor boy, isn’t it abandoned?No, why did you suddenly abandon me, did you hear anything?Nan Ao asked very puzzledly.

What to hear?I said, giving me the phone quickly.

How can I give you the phone and let you find that poor boy, don’t think about it.

Dad, you are not counting.Remember you promise me.

After speaking, Nanti ran home non -stop.

Nan Ao and Wang Jue hurriedly chased.

As a result, Nan Ao fell to the ground in accident, and Wang Jue hurried to Funan.

Don’t care about me, are you chasing?

What about it?

Call me, why are you so stupid?


After talking about Wang Jue, he hurried to chase Nanti.

After a while, Wang Jue chased Nanti and stopped her halfway.

Wang Jue, you let you open.

No, I have to call the village chief and call him, and the village chief told me to do so.

After speaking, you are going to take out your mobile phone to call.

I just go home, you tell my dad directly, I go home.

Wang Jue asked with an unbelievable expression: Really?

What do I lie to you, this is my way home.And I don’t need to lie to you, right?

Yes, okay, I told the village chief that you went home.

After Wang Juegang and Nan Ao finished the phone, Nan Si ran away.

Wang Jue followed.

As soon as Nanti returned home, he flipped down the cabinet in his room. He finally found his phone and called Li Tingcheng’s phone anxiously.

You must pick it up in Tingcheng …

As soon as the phone was connected, Nanti couldn’t wait to say: Tingcheng, you come back to pick me up, and I am willing to go with you.And my dad promised me to retreat that marriage, so we can still come back to live. One day when we come to Japan, my dad will accept you.

Who are you, who is Tingcheng, did you make a wrong call?

Nanti heard this sentence and looked at the phone number again, and found it right.

At this point, the phone was hung up.

Nanti continued to call.

Dudu Dudu … Listening to the sound of the phone, Nan Si was nervous to the extreme, so afraid of the voice of the person just now.

The phone was turned on, but it was still the voice of that person just now.Nanti cried sadly.

Do you really don’t want me?

No, no, no, ah …

At this time, Nan Ao came, just heard it, Nanti said, "Do you really don’t want me if you really want me?"

Nan Ao was very happy.The poor boy finally knew the phase and finally was willing to leave my daughter.

Nanti picked up the phone again and started calling Li Tingcheng’s call again and again. She wanted to answer the phone. Li Tingcheng was answering the phone. Her favorite Tingcheng brother, but each time she answered the phone, she was a stranger.

Dudu … The phone was connected, Nanti said: How can you come back in Tingcheng?

I have said it several times. I don’t know what Tingcheng, and you made a mistake.Please don’t call again in the future.After speaking, he hung up the phone.

Nanti, don’t think about the poor boy, forget him, he is not worth you.Nan Ao said.

No, he is worth it. He is the best person in the world. He will definitely not abandon me. I believe he will come back.

Don’t think about it anymore, he is likely to come, he just doesn’t want you anymore.In fact, think about the boy who is quite reality, knowing that your marriage is coming, knowing that you can’t give you happiness, so he left.

The village chief, did you just elope with Li Tingcheng just now?Wang Jue said.

Yes, Nanti, you actually want to abandon your father and elope with the poor boy.I tell you, you are not allowed to go, and you will get married at the end of the year.

Dad, aren’t you promised me, is you going to divide, you are not counting.

I just talked about it?

I do n’t marry, no one is married, you want to marry you.

What do you say?If the poor kid will not come back, you will die.

No, he will come back, it will come back, don’t always call him poor boy.

If you can’t get back, you have to marry.After speaking, Nanao walked out of the door.

You also go to bed early, Nan Ao closed the door after finishing speaking.

Wang Jue, I also ask you to stay at the door of my girl’s room.

Village chief, I …

Before Wang Jue spoke, Nan Ao said: I go to my room to give you a bed quilt, but I must watch my daughter well.

Wang Jue was actually unwilling, but for the sake of the family, he still said good.Because if you violate the village chief, some policies this year will never think of him anymore, and people in the village will stay away from him.

Nanti in the room was thinking: Will I never see him anymore.

What to do, I don’t seem to live without him.ah……

Nanti cried in the room with her biggest voice.The neighbors next to them couldn’t sleep, but those neighbors didn’t dare to come out, because it was the village head.

Volume, let out, if you are in your heart, it will be bad if you can’t think of it.Nan Ao said.

Nanti cried all night, and his throat was crying.

It’s dawn, and the neighbors next to Nanti’s house basically have two big dark circles.

What should I do, what should I do?

Nan Si looked at the door of the room, slowly walking towards the door, and quietly passed by Wang Jue who was still asleep.After walking out of the house, Nanti walked towards the only Baijin Lake in the village.

Nanti stood on the lake and looked at the clear lake, so he wanted to go down and stay inside forever.

Wang Jue woke up from the dream and found that Nan Si was gone.

The village chief, the village chief, Nangsi disappeared.

What, go and find it.

After speaking, Wang Jue is going to find.

you come back.

What’s wrong?

Hurry up, carry me to the white brocade lake, I know her, I like to go there when I encounter something sad.

Nanti, don’t you have something to do, something happened, how can I follow you and enjoy the blessing at home.

Nanti looked at it, and Nanti’s feet walked towards the clear lake without controlling.

Nan Si, you come back.The village chief screamed.

Nanti heard the cry and immediately speeded up.

Quick, Wang Jue, go, save her back.The village chief shouted.

Flutter, Nanti jumped into the water.

Fluttering, Wang Jue also jumped into the water.

Nan Ao waited anxiously on it.

Eventually Wang Jue rescued Nands.

Fortunately, there is nothing. The place jumps in a shallow water area, and the water level is only in their waist.Fortunately, Nan Ao used to have the rules that did not let the children from taking Baijin Lake.So they don’t know the deep water there.

Nanti, why are you so stupid, not worth it for him.Nan Ao said.

No, he is worth it, because you are all because you have never let us be together, he will leave me because of you.Nan Si said angrily.

I am all for you, you will only suffer with him.

I am willing even if I suffer.

Then you go now, you go to him, if he really likes you, how can he know that you are going to get married, abandon you, stay away from you, and let you marry others.

No, he loves me, he has to take me away, not because I can’t bear you, I didn’t follow him.

Because of me, then you go to him now, you go.The reason why Nan Ao dared to say this was because he knew she couldn’t find him.

Find, you said lightweight, the world is so big, how can I find?

That’s not my business.

Then you retreat my marriage, I wait for him at home, and I believe he will come to me.

Don’t be stupid, Wang Jue quickly helped Nanti back.

After speaking, Wang Jue immediately lifted Nan Si, but Nan Si immediately pushed Wang Jue away and said: Do you promise me to retreat my marriage first?

No, don’t bargain with me here.Wang Jue quickly helped Nanti back.

No, you promise me first.Nanti shouted desperately with her hoarse voice.

Looking at Nan Si, Nan Ao could only agree first.

Go home, take a bath and change your clothes.Ask: When will we go to get married?

Go in a few days.

How long is it?

It’s two days.

You go to boil some ginger and drink water, don’t catch a cold.

Well, after Nanti burned the ginger and boiled water, he started cooking. As soon as he took out the meat in the refrigerator, he was disgusting.

Immediately put the meat in his hand on the table, rushed into the toilet, and vomited.

After vomiting, I found that my menstruation this month and last month didn’t seem to come.

I won’t I get pregnant, right?

She went to cook after vomiting, and she endured the fast meat in the refrigerator.

Make a good meal, the dishes are all together.Dad, dad, eat.

coming.Nan Ao slowly walked out, took the bowl in Nanao’s hand, and sat down and ate.

Dad, what about Wang Jue?

gone back.

Oh, dad, then we will retire the marriage tomorrow.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I don’t have time.

What are you doing tomorrow, aren’t your jobs in charge?

Although you are helping me, some things still have to go through me.

Oh, then we should be fine the day after tomorrow, right?

Okay, that day, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will retire.In fact, Nan Ao and Ben didn’t want to retreat, just afraid of Nan Si to make trouble again, and stabilized first.

After dinner, after washing the bowl, Nanti walked to the place where she and Li Tingcheng often stayed.

Today’s sunset is the same as yesterday.Still so beautiful, but it is already wrong.

Nanti took out his mobile phone and made a phone call in Li Tingcheng. He hoped that it was his Li Tingcheng who answered the phone.This time the man pulled her directly.

She knew that it would not be him, but she still had some hope.

Will he come back, can I still see him?

Unconsciously, Nanti’s face was already full of tears.

Dudu … the phone suddenly thought.

Nanti returned to God and answered the phone.

Nanti is coming back at ten in the evening. Come back. Don’t do anything stupid.

Okay, I go back right away.

Back home, lying on the bed, closing his eyes, full of his mind, he was full of Li Tingcheng.

The next day, after getting up after dinner, Nanti went to the hospital. After a few hours of queuing, she finally arrived at her.

As a result, as she imagined, she really became pregnant with the child of Li Tingcheng. Nan Si looked at her belly and secretly determined that she must raise my child and wait for him to come back.

When I got home, Nanyao came back as soon as I made a good meal.

Dad, eat soon.

Dad, when will we retire tomorrow?

Can’t go to divorce tomorrow.

Why, will you have anything to do tomorrow?

Tomorrow is not that I have something to do, but you have something to do.

I have something?

Yes, have you something?

What about me?

You will know tomorrow, and remember to cook breakfast earlier, I will tell you again.

What do you say to me first?

It’s not just said, you will know tomorrow, what do you ask so much?

I have to know what it is.

I will know tomorrow, and I have to emphasize it a few times.

If you don’t say, I won’t go with you tomorrow.Now Nanti is more and more afraid of her dad. It feels like she and her dad feel farther and farther, and they do not believe in him. He tells her to leave a heart.

Okay, okay, okay, I said, can you go with me tomorrow?

You say first, what’s going on, and then decide.

No, I said you have to go.

What do you say first.

In fact, it is not something, that is, I will say it with my own house tomorrow, and let you and Lu Cheng pick the wedding dress.

Deer?Who, don’t you say, will you give me a divorce?

What kind of marriage, you will be happy when you marry him, but his family is the richest in these villages.

In fact, Nan Ao was reluctant to be reluctant to get the cost of 50,000 per month after getting married and the two of them.There is also a debt that can help Nanao return.

I do n’t go, go to you, marry him yourself.

What nonsense do you say?

I really do n’t understand, you are not bad, and our family living conditions are also very good. Why do you want to sell me for that gift, I really do n’t understand.

What you sell, don’t talk so unpleasant.

Do I say it is unpleasant, how do I feel like this?I have been thinking recently, did you be born?

You must be my biological, I just have such a baby daughter, and I am also thinking about your happiness.

I can’t feel it at all, you are for my happiness.

Okay, you must go tomorrow.Nan Ao said in a fierce tone.

I don’t go, I can’t get married.

Do you think that the poor boy of Li Tingcheng will still come back? Do you want to get old at home?

No, he will come back. Even if he doesn’t come back, I have him and my child to accompany me. Besides, don’t you still have you?

What are you and his child?Are you pregnant?

That’s right, I was pregnant with the child of Tingcheng.

What, how can you get pregnant?What to do, hey.

What to do, raise it well.

No, this child can’t stay.Nan Ao thought in his heart.

Tomorrow you will pick a wedding dress with Lu Cheng first.Nan Ao said.

I said, I don’t get married.

What should you do if you don’t get married?

I raise it myself.

How do you raise, what do you raise?

He is doing it by himself. Besides, even if you marry that deer, he may not accept it.

So you will pick the wedding dress with him tomorrow. After a while, I will come to the door and talk about it. Maybe I will accept it.

No, I want to raise it myself.

How do you raise it.

Just raise it like this?

Okay, let’s not say this first. If you think about it first, wait for the wedding dress tomorrow, you decide again, can you?

No, I said, I raise it myself.

Do you know how hard it is to raise a child?Now the people in the village dare not say anything. If I wait for me to retire, what should people in the village say you, have you thought about it?

I’m not afraid of them.

It doesn’t matter whether they say, what is important is that you have no ability to raise this child.You marry him, you are much easier.

I’m not afraid of suffering.

Okay, I can’t say you, you can raise it.But you still have to go to a wedding dress with Deer tomorrow.

Dad, I said, I won’t go.

If you do n’t go, I have said to Lu Cheng’s mother, this suddenly does not regret it, and if I say you are going to divorce because of pregnancy, what do they think of you and me?

Okay, I will go tomorrow.

now it’s right.Nan Ao said.

I must think of a way, the children in his stomach must not stay.Nan Ao thought in his heart.

The next day, Nanti finished dinner, and Nan Ao took Nan Si to go to the family.

This is Lu Cheng. Look at a person who tells you that you don’t believe it.Nan Ao said.

I didn’t say it or not.Nanti said.

Oh, this is Lu Cheng’s parents, calling his uncle and aunt.

Uncle and aunt.

Hello, Xiaosi, we have long wanted to see you. My son is every day how good you are.Lu Cheng’s mother Baisha said.

Nan Ao said aggressively: Ah, I recognized him.

Nanti Gang was ready to say, "Do I know him?" Nan Ao quickly said: Kou home, don’t say it, let them pick the wedding dress and let them get along alone. We should discuss the wedding.

Yes, yes, yes, you can pick the wedding dress.

After speaking, Nan Ao got on the car of Lu Cheng and sat in his co -pilot.

Mom, we are gone.Lu Cheng said.

Okay, come back later.Baisha said.

Both of them felt very embarrassed, because both felt nothing.

After a long time, Lu Cheng had the courage to say, "Nanti."

ah.Nanti responded something unexpectedly, and Nanti thought he would not talk to her.

I thought you wouldn’t come today?

Ah, why ask so?

I know you and Li Tingcheng, and I know that you jump into the lake for him, so I think you will not come.

Do you know why I married me with Tingcheng?

Because I love you.

Is this a confession?

Yes, so do you really want to marry me?

Me ~

Nanti Gang wanted to answer Lu Cheng, and Lu Cheng said, "Don’t answer me first, I’m afraid I can’t hear what I want to answer." At that, let’s get off the car.

Suddenly, Nanti felt so sorry for him.

After getting out of the car, as soon as I entered the wedding shop, a waiter came to introduce Nandi and Lu Cheng.

Looking at the rows of wedding dresses, the pieces are very beautiful.

Do you try this?

I want to try this.

Nanti and Lu Cheng said at the same time.

It seems that we are almost the same.Lu Cheng said.

Nanti smiled slightly.Just follow the waiter to the locker room.

When I opened the curtain, I saw Nanti wearing a wedding dress.Lu Cheng’s heart again.

Nanti put on that wedding dress like a fairy.It is just tailor -made for Nanti.

Is it good?

Good -looking, right?This is very suitable for you.Lu Cheng asked.


After picking up the wedding dress, I should also pick my clothes.

Okay, then I will change it first?


After changing, Nanti and Lu Cheng went to the men’s clothing area under the service agent.

Looking at these suits, Nanti felt that they were all the same.

Do you choose for me?Lu Cheng said.

You can choose it yourself, I think they are all the same in my eyes.

Why is it the same? Look at these two pieces. They are different in color and style. How can you say the same?

I don’t know much, you should pick it yourself.

I have helped you pick the wedding dress, and you have to pick me suit.

I picked the wedding dress?

That good wedding dress is picked by yourself, but I also give you opinion, do you give me some opinions now?Let me change it first. Remember to give me an opinion after changing?

Okay, go to change it.

After changing it, the moment I opened the curtain, Nandi thought, how can I wear it so ugly?

How about it?Lu Cheng said.

No, change one.

After changing several pieces in a row, I finally found a suit that looks good.

Wrap this suit and the wedding dress and swipe the card.

Wait, don’t we book first, wait for the days to make a payment?

No, in case someone is robbed by others?

Grab it and change the other.

No, I want to give you the best.

Actually not.Nan Si didn’t want to make Lu Cheng too much, after all, Nanti didn’t want to marry Lu Cheng.

need.After speaking, deer achievements are delivered to the waiter.

What else did Nanti said, but the waiter had left quickly with the card, for fear that Lu Cheng regretted it.

Do I want to treat him frankly? I always feel that this is not good to him.Nanti thought.

What are you going to stay?Let’s go, it’s all done.

Nothing, let’s go.

After getting in the car, Nanti looked at Lu Cheng, and he was so fierce that he was fooled again.

Nanti made up his mind to say, "I’m pregnant."

Lu Cheng was ascent, and returned to God and said, "Is it from Li Tingcheng?"

Yes, so our marriage is abolished?

No, I am willing to raise it with you, and I will treat this child as their own child.


because I love you.

"We don’t seem to know it, and have never seen it before?"

"You really forgot, but it’s okay, I will let you remember slowly."

"Ah, do we really know?"

"Yes, I really know, and I still play well."

"You tell me."

"Here, let’s get off the car. I will tell you again when I have time."

"All right."

Back to Lu Cheng’s house.Nan Ao is discussing the marriage of Lu Cheng and Nanti with Baisha and Luda.

"Dad, what are you talking about uncle and aunt?" Nanti said.

"I’m definitely talking about your marriage. We have to talk about it for a while. You and Lu Cheng go upstairs to sit upstairs." Bai Sha said with a smile.

"Auntie, don’t use it, we will go back now."

"We haven’t discussed this yet, you sit first."

"Auntie, really don’t use it, in fact, I …"

Nan Si Gang wanted to say that I would not marry, but Nan Ao said, "Let you sit and sit, why don’t you listen, let’s talk right away."

"Dad, you …"

"Okay, don’t say anymore, go quickly." Nan Ao ordered in a very strong tone.

"All right."

Upstairs, the two were sitting on the sofa.

"Your family is so big!" Nanti said.

"Ah, is it big?" Lu Cheng said in surprise.

"Yes, it’s really big."

"By the way, where are you working now?" Lu Cheng asked.

"I, I work in a barber shop in Jingxian."

"Oh, I thought you would persist in learning art?"

"Ah, art, I never thought about learning art?" Nanti asked aggressively.

"Are you really forgotten?"

"Will you recognize the wrong person?"


"Are you so sure?"

"Yes, after you move, I went to find you, but you don’t seem to know me."

"Ah, I have no impression at all, and I haven’t moved home."

"What’s wrong with you, amnesia?"

"When are you talking about?"

"It seems to be eight, nine, and ten years old."

"Oh, I had a high fever at the age of ten, and I didn’t remember what I used to do before."

"Oh, this is the case, no wonder."

"Can you tell me about the previous things?"

"Before, I think about it."


I remember that we were at the same table before, and I also talked well. The teachers paid special attention to the two of us in class. We almost separated several times. I hugged the table at the foot of the table.It was only for us to continue to let us sit together.

But there was an art class, and you suddenly ignored me. I thought I said something wrong, causing you to be angry. I thought a lot of words to coax you. I just wanted to coax you after class.You said, "Can you talk to me in class, I have to study hard, you can’t let the future artists less," I smiled at the time.

"Do you really have the idea of being an artist?"

"Yes, you say your mother likes art, and also said that your parents agreed. Your mother is responsible for drawing. Your father is responsible for selling paintings, but your mother broke his right hand, so you want to help your mother to implement that agreement."

"Really, my dad never mentioned his and my mother’s affairs, and asked him not to say, so I forgot these agreements."

"You ask him, don’t he know, right?"

"why do you say so?"

"Don’t you know that he is not your biological father?" Lu Cheng asked in an incredible words.

"Ah, isn’t he my biological father?" Nanti asked in doubt.

"Yes, he didn’t tell you?"

"Nan Si, are you two talked about it? Come down and eat." Nanti just wanted to ask clearly, and Nanao called downstairs.


As soon as Nanti was sitting on the dining table, Luda said, "Come to the future daughter -in -law, accompany me to drink white."

"Thank you Uncle, I don’t drink."

"It’s okay, just take a little bit."

"My dear, my daughter never drinks, and I should drink it with Xiaocheng."

"Dad, I don’t drink."

"Knowing that you don’t drink, don’t I have prepared peanut milk for you, you just drink a drink with Xiaocheng."

"All right."

Nan Si and Lu Cheng drank a drink.

"Ah …" Nanti didn’t wear anything at this time, and he was lying next to him.

Lu Cheng was awakened by Nanti’s cry, and he saw the scene in the room also jumped.

"You, you, what did you do to me?"

"I don’t know, I didn’t know anything yesterday after drinking a glass of wine." Lu Cheng was also aggressive at this time.

Nanti immediately ran to the toilet and locked himself inside.

Lu Cheng remembered that glass of wine, the more he thought about it.

Lu Jian immediately ran to the toilets and said, "Nanti, I will be responsible for you, don’t cry, you open the door."

"How can you treat me like this, do you think I will marry you like this?"

"Nanti, I don’t know what’s going on. I drank a glass of wine yesterday, and I didn’t remember anything."

Nanti was very messy at this time, and he didn’t know if he should believe in Lu Cheng.

"You go, you go out, let me be alone." Nanti cried.

"Okay, then you are quiet, I’ll go to the living room waiting for you."

Nanti cried in the toilet for a long time. After crying enough, he came out slowly from the toilet. He wore all his clothes. I thought of yesterday.

Yes, there was a problem with the cup of peanut milk yesterday, but it was given to me by my dad himself, there would be no problem, but think about what my dad did before.

Nanti suddenly remembered what Lu Cheng said to her yesterday.

"No, I have to ask clearly."

Nanti opened the door and walked towards the living room.

When Lu Cheng saw Nanti, he said, "Nan Si, should we go to the Civil Affairs Bureau now?"

"Let’s talk about this, you continue to tell me what you told me yesterday."

"Ah, what did you say yesterday?"

"Didn’t you tell me yesterday that my dad was not my biological father? You tell me what you know."

"What should I say?"

"Say you everything and me."

"I and you were very good friends when I was a kid. We were all going to school together. You lived very happy every day. Until your mother went up the mountain to work, accidentally broke his hand, and you became heavy.And every time I go to your house to play with you, your parents are basically quarreling. "

"How about it later?"

"After school that day, I sent you home, and the next day I listened to my mother and said that your dad ran away with a woman. You and your mother went to your uncle.I haven’t seen it for a long time. "

"Then you said yesterday, have you seen me later?"

"I met it on the road later, and I told you that I didn’t care about me. This is a long time later."

Hearing these Nands finally understood why her father had to treat her like that.

Nanti ran downstairs and shouted: "Dad, dad, dad."

"Xiao Si, your dad is back." Bai Sha came out of the room and said.

"Go back, when did you go back?"

"I went back yesterday."

"Then I’m back, aunt."

As soon as Nanti wanted to leave, Baisha immediately stopped Nanti and said, "Go back after eating?"

"No need." Nanti left Lu Cheng’s house regardless of Bai Sha’s retention.

"Mom, how can you do this?" Lu Cheng said.

"What’s wrong?" Bai Sha looked at him.

At this time, Nan thought that her mobile phone was still in the room of Lucheng, so she returned to Lu Cheng’s house. When she walked to the door of Lu Chengjia, she just heard the conversation between Lu Cheng and Baisha.

"Is there a problem with the glass you drank yesterday?"

Bai Sha’s eyes looked at the upper right, and did not dare to look directly at Deacheng’s eyes, and replied: "No?"

Lu Cheng will be drunk when he drinks a glass of liquor from an early age. When he is drunk, he will make wine crazy, so Bai Sha believes that Lu Cheng will not doubt it. He does not know that Lu Cheng is working hard. He has already trained a thousand cups and not drunk.

"Mom, don’t lie to me. I will be drunk when I drink a glass of liquor from an early age, but now I have grown up, I work hard, my wine has improved, so you should tell me the truth."

As soon as Baisha heard it, he told Lu Cheng to tell the truth.

"Mom, how can you do this, what if she go to the police or hates me?"

It turned out that he was also forced, and it seemed that I had misunderstood him.

"She dares to call the police. Son, I am all for you. In case the surname has returned to take her away, you lost her.Essence

"Mom, I still think what you do is too much. What I want is that she is willing." Lu Cheng said.

"She is unwilling to be willing. I tell you that yesterday I had signed an agreement with her father, so she didn’t want to be willing."

"You sign an agreement with her dad, what’s the matter with her?"

"We wrote the agreement on the white word she signed."

"What?" At this time, Lu Cheng couldn’t believe it.

Nanti was outside the door, and his face was already covered with tears.

"Why do he treat me like this, why." Nanti said painfully.

When Lu Cheng and Bai Sha heard this sentence, when he went out, he found that it was Nanyi.

"Nanti, let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau when we wait."

"Xiao Si, aren’t you going back?"

Lu Cheng and Baisha said at the same time.

"Auntie, can I see your agreement?" Nanti said.

"Ah, have you heard it?"

"Yes, I heard it, so can I see the agreement?"

"Mom, let’s take it out." Lu Cheng said.

"Okay, wait."

Baisha walked towards her room. After a while, Bai Sha showed the agreement to Nanti.

The agreement reads that after Nan Sisi married Lu Cheng, he had to give Nanao 50,000 yuan a month every month. He must also help Nanao to pay off all the debts. If Nansi did not marry, he would double the compensation.

Nanti also looked at the signature carefully, and it was confirmed that she signed it.

"Debt, my dad, no, did Nanao owe debt?"

"Yes, your dad owes a lot of debt, you don’t know?" Bai Sha said.

"I don’t know, how do he owe debt?"

"Playing cards, how can you owe?"

"He never plays a card."

"Do you think I lie to you, I need to lie to you?"

No wonder, he is often not at home, and he can’t be a brick house at the neighbor’s house.Nanti thought.

"Auntie, I go back first, the agreement returned you, this agreement was not signed, so …"

Lu Cheng listened to Nansi, and immediately took the agreement from Baisha’s hands.

"Son, why are you so stupid?"

"Nanti, I’ll send you back, right?"


Lu Cheng directly hugged Nanti and stuffed into the co -pilot of the car.

"I don’t need to send it." Nanti called.

Lu Cheng didn’t listen to Nands’s shout at all, and drove away.

Nanti saw that wood has become a boat.

"I go to my uncle’s house."

"You won’t go?"

"Yes, I don’t want to go back yet."

"Then, where is your uncle’s house?"

"You drive, I’ll give you a way."

A few minutes later, I went to Nanti’s uncle’s house.

"I’m here, you go back." After talking about Nanti, got out of the car.

Lu Cheng also got out of the car and said, "Go with you?"

"No, it is a few minutes away from my house anyway."

"I still want to go with you."

"I said, I don’t want to, you are so annoying."

After Nanyi said, he walked towards Nanao’s house.

Seeing Nanti’s look of annoying, Lu Cheng understood that he had to avoid, so he was waiting for Nanti at the door of Nanti’s uncle’s house.

"Aunt, what about my aunt?" As soon as Nanti entered the white stone’s courtyard, she saw her auntie read.

"Xiao Si, you are doing things in the village in the house."

When I heard this sentence, Nanti was a bit surprised, but Nanti said nothing, and went directly into Baishi’s house.

Because I did n’t like Nan Si since I was a child, I was unexpected when I told her Xiao Si.

As soon as Nanti entered the house, Baisha outside the house said, "Old stone, I went out to play cards?"

"Okay." Bai Shi came back.

"Xiao Si, you are here." Bai Shi said.

Nanti walked to the opposite side of Baishi and sat down.

"Well, Nan Ao, is my biological father?" Nanti asked.

"How could he ask this?" Nan Shi said.

"Because what he did is not like my dad."

Baishi was silent.

"Hey, just say he is my biological father."

"He is your biological father." Nan Shi said a little dodging.

"Don’t lie to me, I’m so big, you don’t need to lie to me."

"I did not lie to you."

"Then you look at my eyes and say."

Nan Shi did not dare to look at Nan Ao’s eyes.

"I have grown up, I am not a child, so please tell me."

Nan Shi thought about it, and decided to tell Nanti, after all, Nan Si was no longer a child.

"Nan Ao, he is really not your biological father."

At that time, the mother broke, and your mother was afraid that your father would leave her and guarded everywhere.

At that time, the village of your dad was Hua Village. There was just a very beautiful and rich person. She seemed to be Qin Yu. Your father and her were very close because her father and mother also quarreled many times.

As soon as your father quarreled with your mother, Qin Yu would comfort your dad.At that time, your dad basically with her every day.

Later, your mother couldn’t bear it anymore, so I asked your father to make a choice. Whether you choose your mother or Qin Yu.

"My dad chose Qin Yu?"

"Yes, your dad left the village with Qin Yu that night."

"Who is Qin Yu, how can it appear in Hua Village?"

"Qin Yu is the granddaughter of an old lady in Hua Village. Because the old lady died, Qin Yu came back to give her a funeral."

"What about then?"

"Who is Qin Yu, how can it appear in Hua Village?"

"Qin Yu is the granddaughter of an old lady in Hua Village. Because the old lady died, Qin Yu came back to give her a funeral."

"What about then?"

Later, your mother took you to find me. After all, your mother broke her hand and could not raise you to grow up.However, my family also has a heavy burden. It happened that the village chief was Nan Ao. He saw your mother, but your mother didn’t like it.

Later, Nanao talked to me and said that as long as your mother marries him, I will win some benefits for my family. I actually don’t agree, but it is too poor.Persuaded your mother to marry Nanao.

However, it didn’t take long for your mother to marry him, and he died of illness. The heavenly you who sent her, you couldn’t accept it, and accidentally fell into the pond, and he had a fever amnesia.After your mother died, Nan Ao sent you back, but I don’t know why he took you back the next day.

"Why don’t you tell me, isn’t he my biological father?"

"Because he doesn’t let me say, in fact, I also hesitate, should I tell you, but I think of the things he did to you, so I think it is time to tell you."

"Then I will go back first,”. "

Nanti just opened his feet, Bai Shi said, "Xiao Si, don’t you blame me?"

Nanti said something unexpectedly, "What, what to blame you?"

"Actually, when you jump in the lake, I want to tell you the truth, but your aunt will not let me go, you understand."

Nanti smiled and said, "Don’t blame you."

Nan Shi was afraid of Yu reading, and Yu Shi decided to dare not go west.Nan Si knew this since he was a child, so Nan Si was no wonder.

Nanti walked to the door of Nanshi’s house and saw Lu Cheng still waiting for her.

"Why are you still here?" Nanti said.

"I want to send you back, and we have to talk about the marriage of both of us." Lu Cheng said.

"Is your village called Hua Village?"

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

"Nothing, we have nothing to do with it, don’t come to me again."

Nan Si didn’t want to have a relationship with Lu Cheng, and did not want to follow her adoptive father’s designed road.

Lu Cheng was a little excited to hear this sentence. He grabbed Nands’s hand and said, "What does it mean?"

"It doesn’t matter, please don’t come to me again in the future." Nanti shook off Lu Cheng’s hand and left quickly.

Lu Cheng looked at the back of Nan Si’s departure, and he didn’t understand.

After a while, Nanti walked into her yard and watched her living from an early age to a large house. She suddenly felt strange.

Nan Si didn’t know how she should face her adoptive father.

Nan thought first went to the barber shop in Jingxian for a few days. As soon as he turned, Nan Ao came out of his room. When he saw Nanti standing in the yard, he said, "Nanti, come back, why not enter the house, do you not enter the house?What are you doing in the yard? "

Nan Ao turned into the house after speaking, and Nan Si followed into the house.

As soon as I entered Nanao’s room, Nanti said, "What do you want to do like this?"

Nan Ao showed an aggressive look and asked, "Ah, why do you say that?"

"What are you pretending?" Nant Si was puzzled.

"What pretend, what are you talking about?"

"Last night you got medicine in my peanut milk?"

"How is it possible, what do you want to say?"

"What am I talking about, don’t you know?"

"What do I know?"

"Don’t pretend anymore."

At this time, Nands’s eyes, tears like pearls, have been spinning on that eye.Nanti has been holding on, so as not to make tears wet his face.How much she hopes, all this is just a dream. When she wakes up, her father still loves her as a child, treats her well, and cares for her in his palm.But reality is always so cruel.

"What am I pretending, can you not make it clear?"

"Speak clear, ha ha …"

"What’s wrong with you?" Nan Ao pretended not to know.

"Why do you design a relationship with Lu Cheng?" Nanti said this with a heartbreaking voice.

The pearls on the eyes still fell down.After a while, it became a storm, and couldn’t stop.

"What, do you have a relationship with Lu Cheng?" Nan Ao still pretended to know nothing.

"Hehe, don’t pretend, Lu Cheng’s mother told me everything."

"His mother said?"

Nan Ao was still lucky. If Bai Sha did not say an agreement, Nan Ao wanted to designed the relationship between the two of them, saying that everything was designed by Baisha, and he didn’t know anything.

"What I should say shouldn’t say, all said."

When Nan Ao heard Nan Si saying this, he knew that his careful thoughts could not be done.

"Xiao Si, am I for your good?" Nan Ao pretended to be in Chengdu for your good look.

"For me, I think you care about money?"

"What to say, I think for your happiness."

"Do you think I believe it?"

"Nanti, after you had a relationship with Lu Cheng, you told him that you were pregnant after a while, so it would be logical. I said that Dad is for your good, but I don’t believe it."

"What are you doing, it will cost 50,000 yuan a month?"

"I’m not afraid that he will find that the children in your stomach are not you and Lu Cheng. Dad is saving you money. It’s really not that Dad is greedy for money."

"You are not greedy for money. You just let me be with Li Tingcheng. If you agree, there will be such a thing?"

"Dad is really for you."

"For me, I didn’t feel it at all."

"That Li Tingcheng doesn’t love you at all, Dad is also for you, afraid to follow him, and even more afraid he bullys you."

"He loves me very much, if you don’t agree with you, the two of us have been together long ago."

"Love you, he just left, you call him, don’t let it be answered, do you still say he loves you?"

"what do you want to say?"

"Logging out a phone call, it would be better to use it for a long time. Obviously, Li Tingcheng had long wanted to leave. He had a premeditated conspiracy. This shows that he doesn’t love you at all."

"No, you lie to me, he just loves me." In fact, Nanti knew that he was unwilling to believe it.

"Love you, you will be willing to leave you; love you, and on the day you will leave your WeChat QQ; love you, you will leave you without any contact information."

Nanti crouched down and cried.

Nan Ao walked to Nanti and patted Nansi’s back with his hands, saying, "I’m really just thinking about I’s happiness. Is there a father in the world that the happiness of his father is not the happiness of his daughter?"

Nanti heard this sentence and returned to God.

"Are you really my biological father?" Nanti said.

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