Pregnant women are yang, take medicine or hard resistance?Baby affect it?

With the weakening of the pathogenicity of Omikon’s mutant strain, the popularity of vaccine vaccination, most of the symptoms of most new crown infected people, similar to other acute upper respiratory tract infections, will experience fever, soreness, cough, throat, and runny nose.The infection rate and symptoms of pregnant women are similar to ordinary people. Generally, they have improved in three or four days, recovering in about five to seven days, and maternal mothers with basic diseases and chronic diseases may increase after infection.

For pregnant women’s medication, obstetricians often encounter the following problems:

After taking the medicine, you find that you are pregnant, can your baby still need it?

Cold and fever after pregnancy, can you take medicine?

I even encounter extreme situations:

As long as you have used medicines during pregnancy and pregnancy, no matter what medicine, you are required to terminate your pregnancy;

No matter what kind of disease, he refuses to treat drugs, and even endangers his own health.

So, what factors need to be considered during pregnancy?


If you accidentally get pregnant after taking medicine, does it affect the fetus?

The consequences of medication at different times during pregnancy are different.

After the fertilization to 2 weeks (3 to 4 weeks of menopause)

It is safer, the effect of the drug is "all or nothing."Either there is no effect, or it has an impact that causes miscarriage.Therefore, when you don’t know if you are pregnant, you don’t have to worry too much, and you don’t have to do artificial abortion. It is recommended to consult a physician or pharmacist.

3 ~ 8 weeks after fertilization (that is, 5 ~ 10 weeks of menopause)

High -sensitivity period.Drugs can cause abnormality but not necessarily abortion naturally.It is not recommended to use health products and nourishing drugs during this period.

8 weeks after fertilization to May (second pregnancy)

Middle -sensitive period.It is difficult to predict the impact of drugs.If there is a history of taking medicine, it is recommended to do a B -ultrasound examination in time to understand the growth and development of the fetus in a timely manner and eliminate malformations.

After fertilization in May (mid -to -late pregnancy)

Low sensitivity.During this period, the organs of the fetus were basically differentiated and continued to grow. The possibility of drug teratogenic was greatly reduced, but it may still affect the normal development of the fetus.


Do you must not take medicine when you are pregnant?

Reasonable medication during pregnancy is also a kind of protection for the mother/fetus, not all medicines will hurt the fetus.According to the toxicity and teratogenic risk of drugs, the US FDA divides the pregnancy risk level of drugs into five levels.

On June 30, 2015, the FDA formulated a new rule of pregnancy/breastfeeding. It is required that drug producers need to provide detailed information about the risk and benefits of women’s drugs and benefits in their drug instructions, including whether the drug is secreted by secretionEnter milk, affect babies, etc.

At the same time, the new instructions will also add the "pregnant men and women" entry to indicate relevant information on the effects of drugs on pregnancy testing, contraception and fertility.


Is it safer to take Chinese medicine after pregnancy?

Many pregnant women think that Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine are more natural and safe, and can be taken safely. In fact, the facts are endless.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine are also divided into toxic and non -toxic, and may also cause abortion or teratogenic effects on pregnant women.And due to the complexity of proprietary Chinese medicine, the content of each component is unknown, and the lack of clinical research materials for medication for special groups. Therefore, pregnant women must take a cautious attitude when taking Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine, especially in the early pregnancy (the first March), let alone take it casuallyEssencePregnant women need to take non -toxic Chinese medicine under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist.


Coperly prepare for the new crown home

Most of the following lists are OTC (non -prescription drugs). It is recommended that you can use it at home and use them with symptomatic symptoms.

For people with chronic diseases and prescription medicines, it is recommended to consult the doctor as appropriate for use.Note that the following drugs cannot be "treated with new crowns", just to relieve symptoms targeted.

1. Reflection and town analgesics

Take TIPS:

1. Pregnant mothers or breasts, if the cause is unknown, it is recommended to consult the doctor to clarify the cause, weigh the advantages and disadvantages before taking the medicine.

2. Body temperature is not the only criterion for judging medication. If the body temperature does not exceed 38.5 ° C, but when the physiological state and mental state are not good, you can also use antipyretics to relieve discomfort.

3. It is not recommended to eat with acetaminol and ibuprofen, or alternately.

2. Cough and phlegm medicine

Take a small TIPS:

1. It is not recommended to use cough and phlegm drugs by yourself, you should follow the doctor’s advice;

2. If the cough affects rest and diet, you can consult the doctor after taking medicine;

3. Based on pregnancy, carefully check the compound composition of cough and phlegm drugs.

3. Anti -allergic medicine

Take a small TIPS:

1. It is not recommended to use allergic drugs by yourself, you should follow the doctor’s advice;

2. Compound cold medicine may contain an ingredients of anti -allergic drugs. It is recommended not to be reused;

3. Avoid driving, mechanical operations, and operation precision instruments, because this type of medicine can cause trouble.

4. Tasting

Take a small TIPS:

1. Symptoms such as obvious weight loss, extreme fatigue, dry lips, dry skin, eye depression, and decreased urine output should be medical treatment in time to exclude other diseases caused by vomiting.

2. Try to avoid contact with the smell, food or additives that are easy to induce vomiting.

3. It is recommended to take composite vitamins 3 months before pregnancy, which can reduce the incidence of pregnancy spitting.

5. Others

Do pregnant mothers need to prepare Chinese medicine?

It is not recommended to prepare Chinese medicine for pregnant mothers and breasts!Chinese patent medicine generally lacks the safety data of pregnancy and lactation. The pharmacokinetic nature is unknown, and the clearance mechanism in the body is not clear, so it cannot be determined on the baby’s impact.

Do pregnant mothers need to prepare a reciprocal cold medicine?

It is not recommended to prepare a cold medicine for pregnant mothers and breasts!Common cold medicines are usually compound preparations, containing multiple components.

For example, pyromone -sensitive tablets contain pseudocemicine that may increase the risk of neonatal abdominal cracks ;ininetinetine tablet contains diamond amine that may cause fetal heart deformity ;inophenol coffee tablet contains caffeine that may affect the development of the brain.

Pregnant mothers are recommended to avoid using such drugs. If cold -related symptoms occur, drugs containing single ingredients are used for specific symptoms.


Principles of medication during pregnancy

1. There are clear indications and adaptive signs, neither abuse, nor sickness.

2. Users that are available or useless should be used as little as possible.For 3 months of pregnancy, drugs that can be used without being used for temporary can be considered.

3. Pay attention to the gestational week for medication, strictly grasp the dosage and duration.Adhere to the reasonable medication, stop the medicine in time after control.

4. Avoid combined medication to be able to take medicine alone. Drugs that can be more positive with conclusions do not need to be more new.

5. When two or more drugs have the same or similar curative effect, choose a drug that is less harmful to the fetus.

6. Affordable teratogenic drugs are prohibited.

7. Forbidden testing during pregnancy, including pregnancy testing.


Health care and consultation during pregnancy

Drugs instructions can provide important information about the most direct and convenient information of drugs, and have an important role in guiding the medication.Pharmacists can refer to the FDA baby vibration risk classification standards when providing pharmacy services.

Women of pregnancy cannot use medicines or stop drugs at will; Pharmacists cannot choose for the conceived women, and should be recommended for pregnancy women with the help of a doctor. If pregnant women have taken harmful drugs, they should be discontinued immediately.Then comprehensively consider the dosage of the drug and the age of pregnancy in pregnancy, and make a proposal for treatment.

When taking medicine, you should explain the purpose, necessity, precautions and impact on the fetus to the pregnancy of women to ensure the treatment effect and safety of the mother and fetus.

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