Pregnant women coughing blood are not as simple as you think. Listen to the doctor said

Xiao Lan, 38 years old.The daughter is 13 years old, because her husband is the only child in the family. The in -laws said that there is only one child at home that is too calm at home, and the child is lonely.Xiao Lan couldn’t help the elderly. After preparing for pregnancy, she was pregnant in January this year.

After pregnancy, I think that there will be more places to spend money in the future, and Xiao Lan is not the kind of coquettish person, so he continues to work to run business.One day in May, there was a rain on the way to delivery. When she returned to the company, her stomach was a little painful and a little red.In the second morning, she saw a blood stasis on the white eyes of her left eye.After seeing the doctor, the doctor said that she was angry and moved her fetal gas, and she had to recuperate.

On the day of rest at home, Xiao Lan began to cough.Thinking about the rain and a cold, because she didn’t want to take medicine, she cooked some soup and sugar water that moistened the lungs and cough.It took three days to be good at this time.On the night of the fourth day, the cough was aggravated, and there was a trace of blood in the yellow sputum.The next morning, the situation was more serious.

Her husband was busy sending her to the hospital near her house.The test results may be pneumonia caused by tuberculosis.At the doctor’s suggestion, Xiao Lan took an inflammatory needle in the hospital for two days, but the situation became more and more serious.It is no longer hemoptysis, but coughing.On the third day, Xiao Lan’s condition declined sharply: shortness of breath, low blood pressure, deficiency heat.He was rushed to the city center hospital.

At the central hospital, her husband shook his hand and signed several illnesses.After losing twice, Xiao Lan’s condition slowly stabilized.Later, under the doctor’s consultation, it was true that it was not pneumonia caused by tuberculosis, but complications caused by uremia during pregnancy.Fortunately, I did not continue to use tuberculosis medicine, otherwise, the consequences were unimaginable.

Under the symptomatic treatment of the doctor, Xiao Lan quickly recovered.Therefore, the illness must be treated in time. When the condition is uncertain, it cannot be treated blindly.As the saying goes, the murderer does not need a knife. It does not make sense. This is how many medical accidents happen.

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