Pregnant women drink a cup of milk tea every day "milk tea blood"!Be wary of health assassins around you!

Drink a cup of milk tea every day

I drank "milk tea blood"!

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"Pregnant women drink 1 cup of milk tea every day into milk tea blood"

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A 37 -year -old pregnant woman in Nanning

Almost a day of milk tea

Still like to eat ice cream

As a result, I drank my blood and changed color

Recently, Gan Ling (pseudonym), who was 31 weeks of pregnancy, was hospitalized at the second affiliated hospital of Guangxi Medical University due to signs of premature birth.

The test results showed that Ms. Gan’s triglyceride reached 14.5mmol/L (each liter per liter), which seriously exceeded the standard.At the same time, she also suffers from gestational diabetes.

Ms. Gan’s blood (right) color is obviously shallow than normal blood

Normal serum is transparent pale yellow, and Ms. Gan’s serum shows milk white like milk.

The significant change of blood color is due to too many chyana particles, which shows that it contains a lot of fat.

After asking the medical history, Ms. Gan loves drinking milk tea, almost a cup of a day, and she also likes to eat ice cream.Combined with the analysis of medical history, her abnormal blood lipids are related to the abnormal bad eating habits and the high blood glucose during pregnancy.According to the doctor, Ms. Gan suffered from hyperlipidemia, especially triglycerides exceeding the standard.

What is triglyceride?

How does its exception affect our body?

Who is more likely to be abnormal blood lipids?

What is triglyceride?

Triglyceride is actually fat, that is, the scientific name of "oil".

Clinically, it is used as an important indicator, with total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C, commonly known as "good cholesterol"), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C, commonly known as "bad cholesterol"), becomingBasic items of "blood lipid examination".

The main function of triglyceride is supply and storage energy, and can also fix and protect internal organs.There are two main sources:

The intestine will absorb fat in food and turn it into triglyceride;

Human liver and fat, can synthesize triglycerides independently.

The level of triglyceride is generally affected by genetic and living environmental factors.Some people even increase their diet reasonably, and they will increase due to the decrease in their metabolic triglyceride capabilities.The acquired factors are mostly due to a large amount of fat in the diet, or other diseases, such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, and pancreatitis.

Glycerin trigly "explosion" can easily lead to blood flow obstruction

Generally speaking, two abnormalities of triglyceride and low density lipoprotein are particularly damaged to human vascular damage.

The triglyceride of the human body is high, which is particularly easy to cause death, liver failure, pulmonary embolism, as well as derivative diseases such as myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and abnormal limbs.

It should be reminded that once diagnosis of high glycerol sepsis is confirmed, it is particularly alert to the occurrence of severe pancreatitis.Once the occurrence of the pancreas is not controlled by the pancreatic liquid, the pancreas itself has been digested, and the mortality rate is extremely high.

Triglycerides of glycerin are exceeded, fatty liver often "finds the door"

In addition to the urgency mentioned earlier, the triglycerides are not controlled properly, and fatty liver often "finds the door".

However, many people do not take fatty liver, and even think that it is a "rich disease" that is not necessary to treat, and "it is not more fat."

The fact is -fatty liver disease has now become the largest liver disease in the world, and has been recognized as a common cause of concealment liver cirrhosis.In other words, fatty liver can develop into hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer.

What is the relationship between fatty liver and triglyceride?

Under normal circumstances, the lipoprotein synthesis of the liver is sent to all cells and organs of the whole body.

When the triglyceride synthesis of hepatocytes cannot be transferred outside the liver cells in time for various reasons, it will gather in hepatocytosis, and will eventually form a fatty liver.

Specifically, long -term intake of too much high -calorie and high -fat foods, at the same time, due to lack of exercise, it consumes too little consumption.

Women’s blood lipids in these two periods are easy to bright red lights

① Menopausal women

Diability is an important risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Women in menopause have lost the protection of estrogen, and the value of low density lipoprotein cholesterol is easy to rise, which will easily lead to abnormal blood lipids."Consensus of Chinese Experts with abnormal management" also pointed out that women over 50 years old are abnormal than men of the same age, and they must pay attention to abnormal blood lipids.

② women during pregnancy

When women are pregnant, due to a great change in hormone concentration in the body, it will affect blood lipid metabolism in the body.If triglyceride has increased significantly during pregnancy, and even severe hypercelcel essence occurs, it should be treated in time under the guidance of the doctor.Treatment of not timely treatment will cause acute pancreatitis in pregnant women, endangering the safety of the fetus and pregnant women.

Milk tea is not a healthy drink

If you are really habitual, treat it as a "renewal artifact"

Long -term drinking

It will inevitably destroy the body’s metabolism and immune system,

Triminate various diseases

How to quit milk tea?

Want to quit milk tea

Disease Control Jun 嘬 to give you a trick


1. Avoid hunger.If you do n’t eat or do n’t eat, your body will be thirsty for energy.

2. Diverse diet.Undead diet can cause you to have a desire for sugar.More vegetables and fruits can relieve the desire for milk tea.

3. Successful sleep.If you do n’t have a good rest, your body will need sugar to quickly provide energy. At this time, you may want to have a cup of milk tea.But doing this for a long time will make your weight gain, and it is more difficult to resist the temptation of milk tea.

Milk tea occasionally drink and drink

Don’t be greedy ~

The content of this issue is integrated from the South State Morning Post, Guangzhou Daily,, Life Times, etc.

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