Pregnant women eat hot pot, beware of the heart!How to eat hot pot scientifically?

Almost again in the hot pot season. Every winter, many people like to eat hot pot. They are delicious and warm up, but whether pregnant women can eat hot pot and have been controversial. Some reports that pregnant women eat hot pot can cause fetal malformations.It surprised many pregnant mothers.

Many pregnant parents are away from hot pot because of this report.However, experts said that pregnant women are not completely unable to eat hot pot and can eat hot pot appropriately, but pay attention to the number of hot pots and eat as little as possible.And pregnant women have many precautions when eating hot pot.

Usually we choose to eat hot pot in restaurants outside. The hot pot soup base is often heavy. Some are red oil hot pot or Chinese medicine hot pot. The diet of the early pregnancy of pregnant women should be light.Essence

Hot pot ingredients are generally beef, mutton, pork, etc. The meat is more fat, and it is easy to eat more obese, and the purine content in the soup of meat is high.If high purine, high -fat, and high -calorie foods take too much intake, it will have certain side effects on the kidneys of healthy people.

These raw meats may contain the larvae of Toxoplasma and parasites of other livestock or poultry, which cannot be seen with the naked eye.When eating hot pot, people like to put the meat slices in the boiled pot and eat it. The brief heating cannot kill the parasite.Therefore, when eating hot pot, pay attention to hygiene and science.

If pregnant women want to eat hot pot, try to choose at home as much as possible. To ensure the lightness and nutritional balance of the soup base, they can use chicken soup and pork rib soup as the soup base.However, the hot pot soup base should not be used repeatedly.When eating hot pot, you can eat all kinds of meat, seafood, or more soybean products, such as tofu, tofu skin, yuba, etc., as well as green vegetables, bacteria, and potato.

Tofu is a kind of soy product containing plaster. It is appropriately put in tofu in the hot pot. It can not only supplement the intake of a variety of trace elements, but also play the role of clearing heat, annoying, and quenching thirst.

Vegetables contain a large amount of vitamins and chlorophyll, which can not only eliminate greasy, supplement the lack of human vitamins in winter, but also the effects of cooling, detoxifying, and removing fire.This is not only delicious but also balanced, but also beneficial to pregnant women.

When eating hot pot, prepare a pair of chopsticks alone, do not use it to pinch ingredients, and pay attention to put raw and cooked food separately when cooking hot pot, and wait until the food is completely cooked.

Pregnant women may experience vomiting and nausea during pregnancy, so the digestive ability of the stomach is naturally reduced.When eating hot pot, if the quasi -mother appetite is not good, they should slow down and reduce the amount of eating, so as not to digest and cause discomfort after eating.Pay attention to the frequency of eating hot pot, do not eat frequently to avoid getting angry.

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