Pregnant women in the third trimester need to pay attention to

I have brushed a video before. It was a prospective father who said to her belly.It seems that the pregnant woman should have been pregnant for eight or nine months. Although she knows that it is just a story, she will still be angry. At the same time, she knows that in real life, this situation is very small.

However, seriously, it is really not possible to do everything after pregnancy to the third trimester. There are really many things to pay attention to.

Entering the third trimester, one of the daily homework of pregnant mothers is to count the fetal movement.

Because fetal movement is the health rails of the fetal health, you can understand the condition of the fetus in the uterus according to the changes in fetal movement. When the fetal movement is too much or too little, it may be a manifestation of the fetus hypoxia, but the consequences of hypoxia in the fetus are so serious …Mowing

Slow growth, brain cell injury, asphyxia, interest, etc. are too harmful to expectant mothers.

When the fetus is getting larger and larger, the space in the uterus is getting narrow and smaller, and there is more chances of hypoxia.

Pregnant mothers cannot go to the hospital for examination every day, but they can self -examination by several fetal movements every day ~ The number of fetal movements is not less than 3 to 5 times per hour, and the number of fetal movements in 12 hours is 30 to 40 times.

If the number of fetal movements in 12 hours is less than 20 times that the baby may have a hypoxia, if it is less than 10 times, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Therefore, the mother must count the fetal movement several times a day. It is best to count three times a day.

Try to take the most comfortable posture that you think are the most comfortable when you move, and then stay in a relatively quiet environment for an hour. In this hour, the baby will be recorded how many times the baby moves.

Remember, the fetal movement within 5 minutes can only be calculated once, and it is necessary to wait for the fetus for 3 to 5 minutes before being calculated.

In addition, although the fetal snoring is also considered fetal movement, this is not included in the number of fetal movements.

For more than 10,000 steps, if there is no time for the fetal movement this time, then at least every day, you should also feel the tire frequency frequency, strength, etc. at a fixed time.

If the number of fetal movements suddenly becomes frequent or less, it is suddenly very powerful or weak, or it is abnormal compared to more than or less than 50%less day before or less. Be sure to go to the hospital quickly.

Some people think that after entering the third trimester, the fetus has been stable, and the number of birth checks can be reduced.

Alas, really, somehow, no matter what time, someone thinks that you do not need to go to the production inspection frequently.

Is it really unnecessary?Certainly not!

Each birth checkup has different significance, and it should not be missed every time. Only normal check -up can know the development of the fetus and the change of pregnant women.

Moreover, the baby is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more skills. Tα has always developed dynamically. Every minute in the mother’s belly is changing, there will be more things that can happen in the uterus, but insteadThe number of times should be increased.

Therefore, at 28–36 weeks, there are not many birth checks every week every 27–40 weeks. Just go to the birth inspection on time.

Instead of sleeping position in the third trimester, the fetus will also affect the fetus. If the pregnant mother is lying flat for a long time, the uterus will compress the abdominal aorta and affect the blood circulation of the whole body, affect the blood supply of the placenta, and easily lead to hypoxia in the fetus.

Therefore, after the third trimester, the sleeping posture of pregnant mothers is also particular, and the sleeping position has always been a thing of pregnant mothers distressed.

People who always hear people say that they want to lie on the left side. When they think of lying on the left side for so long, pregnant mothers are a little scared.

In fact, the sleeping position of pregnant women can be adjusted.

The fetus is still small in the early pregnancy, and it doesn’t matter what sleeping posture. The fetus in the middle of pregnancy is not large. As long as the pregnant mother does not sleep on her stomach, the requirements for sleeping positions are not high.

Lie on the left side as much as possible, because the left side can alleviate the right rotation of the uterus of the pregnant woman, and it can also relieve the blood flow of the lower limbs, which is conducive to the blood supply to the placenta and avoid the fetus hypoxia.

But you don’t need to lie on your left all the time

① When the pregnant woman sleeps, it can be replaced with the left side and the right side. When I sleep on the left, I change the side.

② There is no specified side lying degree when the side is lying. The body can maintain 30 degrees with the bed, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees.

③ Pregnant mothers can alleviate the discomfort during sleep through other aids. For example, putting a cushion on the abdomen or waist, it can be easier when sleeping.

The lazy mother recommends using a pregnant woman’s pillow. After using the abdomen, waist, and legs, it has a good support point. Whether it is left or right, it feels much easier, and the quality of sleep has improved.

Speaking of the last sentence, although he should pay attention to the sleeping position in the third trimester, if the doctor did not deliberately explain, he did not need to deliberately maintain a posture. Otherwise, the pregnant mother would not sleep well, but it would affect the development of the fetus.

After 28 ~ 32 weeks of pregnancy, the fastest period of the fetus growth and development, the weight of the fetus increases by about 200 ~ 300g per week; the growth rate of the fetus at 33 ~ 36 weeks is still very fast.At the peak of fetal development, supplementing nutrition is imperative.

It is said that eating too much is better to eat.

In the third trimester, the demand for various nutrients in pregnant mothers has changed.

According to the recommendation of the Chinese Nutrition Society:

For protein demand, the amount required daily during the third trimester is about 105g.

For calcium demand, the amount required daily during the third trimester is about 1000 ~ 1200mg.

For iron demand, the iron element required daily in the third trimester is about 29g.

In addition, pregnant mothers can properly supplement DHA, which can promote the development of fetal brain and vision, which is not less than 200 mg per day.

That is, pregnant mothers can usually eat more fish, lean meat, chicken, dairy products, egg products, soy products, vegetables and fruits, etc. These foods are rich in high -quality protein, vitamins, and minerals.Essence

While paying attention to supplementing nutrition, we must also control the weight to avoid excessive blood sugar and the fetus too heavy.Essence

Light weight can be increased appropriately, and the fat pregnant mothers should reduce the intake of carbohydrates and control the weight.

After the third trimester, the fetus has grown very fast, and the pregnant mother’s belly looks bigger like a balloon, and it is becoming more and more inconvenient to walk. Some pregnant mothers are particularly large.It is particularly obvious when going down the stairs.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to safety, try to go to places where there are more crowded people, and avoid strenuous exercise, including the activities between husband and wife, and avoid impact caused by premature birth.

For the abdomen, you must also take care of it to avoid compression of the abdomen, such as bending over, force, squat, etc., will increase abdominal pressure. Be careful when you do these actions.Excessive caused the fetal membrane prematurely, forcing the fetus to report in advance.

During the third trimester, the pregnant mother’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and constantly pressing down, it is easy to cause the pregnant mother’s body to have some physiological and psychological discomfort, such as insomnia, constipation, edema of the lower limbs, pubic pain, sciatica, etc.

For the pregnant mother who loves beauty, there are some even more fatal changes, such as scary weight, face ministers, acne, hairy hair, melanin precipitation in all corners, stretch marks like fishing nets in the abdomen …

Reversal and irreversible, all the imagination and expected.

No matter what, pregnant mothers must be mentally prepared, and it is best to interfere in advance.

① Appropriate exercise can increase the elasticity of the skin, reduce stretch marks, prevent fetal hypoxia, relieve pain, and help to give birth.Especially in the Kiger Movement, novice mothers can follow the audio on the mobile G APP to do the Kagel movement to exercise the bottom muscles, which helps enhance the motivation of childbirth, helps to give birth, and can prevent side cutting and postpartum leakage.Urine and other issues.

② Proper soaking feet can relieve leg fatigue, cramps, relieve lower limb edema, and promote sleep.

③ Doing more happy things can relieve anxiety.

Try to make yourself easier to make your body and psychology easier.

In addition to the above matters to pay attention to, pregnant mothers should take some time to learn about childcare knowledge of childbirth and nursing newborn in order to accurately determine when to be admitted to the hospital, how to work hard for delivery, how to properly milk after delivery, how to care for freshmen after childbirth, how to care for new studentsA series of things such as children can be able to survive the role of novice mothers throughout pregnancy and excessive pregnancy.

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