Pregnant women should pay more attention to things when they are five months pregnant!Do you know what?

When pregnant women are pregnant with their children for the fifth month, she has entered the most comfortable period during pregnancy. Both children and pregnant women have entered a stable period, the reaction of early pregnancy also disappears, and your body and mood will be much more comfortable.At this time, the movement of the fetus is not only flexible, but also coordinated.The baby may be able to hear what happened around now. The way he responded was to become more active and let his mother feel.Therefore, at this time, mothers have to pay attention to something!

Migrate.Now it is the time when the parents can perceive the fetal movement. At this time, the baby’s motivation is not very large.If you feel that you are swimming like a fish, or you feel that "Guru Guru" vomiting bubbles is just like flatulence and gastrointestinal motility, and the feeling of being hungry is almost the same. In fact, this is the baby moving.Now, the baby’s fetal movement should be held, it is best to look like at 8 to 9 every night!

Gingivitis: It may be found in about five months of pregnancy that every time you brush your teeth, your teeth will be bloody, and your gums will be red and swollen.This is due to changes in hormones during pregnancy, and bleeding caused by hyperplasia in the gums.However, it is not possible to use drugs during pregnancy, so you should pay more attention to the hygiene of the oral cavity. In fact, it is best to brush your teeth three times a day. If you need it, you can use dental floss.

Vaginitis: There are always various problems during pregnancy. You may find that there are more secretions in the vagina, and there is a strange smell.But don’t worry too much, this is because of high sexuality during pregnancy, coupled with vaginal congestion and mold easily grow and reproduce.So what needs to be done is to change and expose your own underwear and underwear, and eat less spicy food.

This month, because the organ organizations of the fetus are still constantly improved and developed, nutrition needs to be increased. In particular, pay attention to supplementing iron and calcium supplementing children in time.There is also the squeezing of the uterine organs of pregnant women, and there may be symptoms of indigestion, and we can reduce the number per meal and eat less meals.Expectant mothers also need to supplement some protein, vitamins and energy, promote the healthy growth of the baby!

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