Pregnant women’s diarrhea and stools widen the fetal multi -department to protect the mother and child peace

Recently, Wujiayuan District, the People’s Hospital of the Three Gorges Center of Yichang, has treated a pregnant woman with severe blood in the stool."Pulling 20 times a day, ordinary people can’t eat it, not to mention pregnant women in the late pregnancy." Said Qiaoyun, Director of the Department of Gastrointestinal Medicine of the Wujiayuan District of Yichang City, said.Under the joint treatment of multidisciplinary experts such as obstetrics, digestives, and infection, Ms. Zhang’s condition gradually controlled and gave birth to a healthy baby.

There are as many as twenty times a day

Ms. Zhang replenished a high protein diet during pregnancy. She ate more shrimp and beef, etc. There was yellow stools. There were mucus pus and blood, and occasionally had hidden lower abdomen pain. The number of stools increased to 8 to 12 times a day.As the pregnancy increased during pregnancy, the symptoms gradually increased. "I have diarrhea nearly 20 times a day, all of which are mucus pus and blood, and the whole person is almost collapsed. I dare not eat anything, afraid that diarrhea is more powerful." Ms. Zhang recalled.After the onset of the disease, the treatment of the local clinic is not good. It is recommended to transfer to Wuhan for treatment. Ms. Zhang hopes to find a dangerous pregnant maternal treatment team for help.disease."If the condition is not controlled, there will be a hypoxia in the palace, which will even lead to premature birth or birth of low weight." He Wencong, director of the obstetrics and ward of the Wujiayuan District of the hospital.

Multi -disciplinary joint treatment is overwhelming

After asking the medical history carefully, considering that pregnant women are not ordinary intestinal infections, there may be ulcerative colitis.However, Ms. Zhang has never done colonoscopy in the past and can not be diagnosed clearly.The drugs used in ulcerative colitis are also special, and it cannot be rashly used when diagnosis cannot be diagnosed.However, it is not only difficult to do colonoscopy for late pregnant women, but also causes the risk of premature birth. It requires the technology and responsibility of doctors.After obtaining the consent of the patient, Qiaoyun was checked with ultra -fine colonoscopy. Finally, it was clearly diagnosed as acute severe ulcerative colitis, and special drugs were used in time.After more than a month of symptomatic treatment, Ms. Zhang’s intestinal inflammation was basically controlled.

The second step is nutritional support.Due to the torture of ulcerative colitis, Ms. Zhang’s weight gain slowly during pregnancy. By 34 weeks of pregnancy, she increased by 4 pounds.Not only did the nutrition of pregnant women not keep up, but the growth of the fetus was limited. Tongqiao Yun immediately invited the nutritional department to consult."Increase the nutrition of pregnant women, especially to increase the food rich in iron and protein, and conduct a 24 -hour meal evaluation." The clinical nutrition department of the hospital gives the dietary suggestions suitable for Ms. Zhang.

Oral drugs, nutritional support, preventive infection treatment … After a period of adjustment, Ms. Zhang’s condition has improved, weight gain, and various indicators of the fetus have reached normal levels.

After the patient’s blood in the stool, he started raising tires. Until 39 weeks of pregnancy, He Wencong suggested that Ms. Zhang had the conditions to give birth and could try the birth.Ms. Zhang subsequently lived in the obstetric ward, and eventually gave birth to a 5.1 pound baby boy, and the mother and baby were safe.

Back into ulcerative colitis?Don’t panic!

According to Qiaoyun, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) mainly includes ulcerative colitis and cloned disease, which are mostly on the disease in young and middle -aged, and female patients are exactly the age of childbearing.Many patients are worried about the adverse effects of the treatment of drugs on the fetus, so they dare not get pregnant.

Can I have a baby for inflammatory bowel disease?Li Hua, director of the obstetrics department of the Wujiayuan District of the hospital, said that such patients can become pregnant as ordinary people and have children, but they need to consult before pregnancy to improve the compliance of patients in pregnancy., You need to move forward ‘. The condition should be controlled during pregnancy and before pregnancy. During pregnancy, delivery, or even after delivery, multiple disciplines are involved to manage high -risk compliance women in the whole process. "(Correspondent Zhang Yanya)

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