Pregnant women’s stomach is prone to flatulence to relieve stomachs.

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Women often have flatulence during pregnancy.Especially when you are pregnant, your stomachs are more common. So, what impact will the flatulence of the stomach bring to pregnant women and fetuses? What should I do if I encounter flatulence? Is there a good way?Essence

What’s wrong with flatulence during pregnancy?

The flatulence in the early stages of pregnancy is mainly due to changes in hormone secretion: after pregnancy, due to poor stomach acid exhaustion, gastric acid is relatively high.In addition, when I was pregnant, the lutein was gradually increased during ovulation ovulation until pregnancy, and the lutein would deteriorate the intestinal peristalsis ability, and the excretion function was naturally affected. At this moment, the symptoms of flatulence and constipation occur.

Therefore, the main cause of premature flatulence is the change of hormone secretion.

If pregnant women themselves have gastrointestinal diseases, such as stool, flatulence, poor peristalsis, or gastritis, excessive gastrointestinal acid, and even diseases such as gastric ulcers.

The time of flatulence during pregnancy will continue for a long time, until 4 to 5 months of pregnancy.

Pregnant women have no major impact on the fetus, but there are some small effects. This is mainly because the mother will have a poor appetite when the mother is uncomfortable, and the absorption ability is relatively poor.Growth and development provides sufficient nutrition.

How to solve flatulence during pregnancy?

1. A small amount of meals

To avoid flatulence, start with diet.Experts believe that the stomach is swollen when flatulence. If you eat a lot of food again, it will cause the stomach to work too much and swell more.Therefore, you can eat 6 to 8 meals a day, do not eat too much food.In addition, do not eat liquid foods, because liquid food is not easy to digest for the stomach. It is best to choose semi -solid foods, such as cheese.

2. Eat more cellulose

Vegetables and fruits can be eaten more. For example, during the first pregnancy, the baby needs a lot of protein, so starch, pasta, and beans are easy to produce gas and easily make gastrointestinal discomfort.Act.In addition, you can get sugar and starch appropriately. Apple and pear are both good sources. You can also obtain starch and protein from the meat. Beef and fish are good choices.

3. Drink plenty of water

If there are too many feces accumulated in the large intestine, the flatulence will be more serious, so it must have enough water to promote bowel movements.It is recommended that pregnant women drink more warm water and not drink cold water, which will cause intestinal colic and cause the uterus to shrink.In addition, bubbles and irritating drinks should be avoided, and soda, coffee, tea, etc. should drink less.

4. Massage

When intestinal peristalsis is poor, you can help intestinal peristalsis by massage and remind expectant mothers that the uterus is located in the center of the abdomen. Some mothers will massage to the uterus because they do not understand the gastrointestinal position. In this way, it will cause uterine contraction.Therefore, when pregnant women have bleeding or uterine contraction, they must stop massage immediately.

Correct massage method

After 1 hour after meals, gently lie down, 45 degrees and a half lying position, and the massage should not be too large, about 4 to 6 times a day.

Starting from the upper right abdomen, move it clockwise to the left upper abdomen, and then massage the left lower abdomen. Remember not to massage the part of the uterus in the middle.

5. Walk more

Tourism is also a good way to promote intestinal peristalsis. As long as it is healthy and normal, pregnant women who are in good at danger of premature birth can take a walk for 20-30 minutes outside 30 to 1 hour after meals.If there are no places suitable for walking nearby, you can also move back and forth at home, which can also achieve the effect of walking.Experts suggest that pregnant women are suitable for easy exercise, so as long as you walk slowly when you walk, it can also help bowel movements and exhaust.

Recommend two dietary recipes to relieve flatulence during pregnancy

1. Sesame meat egg roll

Raw materials, 150 grams of pork loop meat, three eggs, 20 grams of white sesame seeds, fine salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, onion, ginger, flour, cooked pork, cooking wine.


1) Wash the shallots and ginger first, cut into a broken end, and then chop the linseh into meat mud into a bowl, add the minced onion, ginger, monosodium glutamate, refined salt, cooking wine, soy sauce;Son;

2) Put the rest of the two eggs in a small bowl, add water starch and refined salt into the pot, and spread into three egg skin;

3) Put the egg skin on the case, put the spine stuffing on it, roll it into a strip, after the egg skin roll, seal, apply a batter outside, and dip it in sesame;

4) Put lard in the pot, boil to 60 % heat, put the egg skin rolls and fry it into golden yellow, remove it and cut it into a section.

Features: Sesame meat eggs are crispy and tender outside, delicious, and rich in nutrition, which can help pregnant women help the spleen and digest, eliminate stagnation and abdominal distension.

2. Boured fresh mouth mushrooms

Ingredients: 300 grams of fresh mouth mushrooms, egg soup, 50 grams of egg soup, ten grams of olive oil, five grams of soy sauce, five grams of sugar, cooking wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, green onion, ginger, water starch.


1) Clean the mushrooms first, and then cut it into slices;

2) Wash and cut the shallots, wash and cut the ginger, and crack;

3) Put the oil in the pot, add the onions and ginger pieces to sauté the onion and ginger, and add soy sauce, cooking wine, chicken soup, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, white sugar;

4) After boiling, add mushrooms, burn in low heat for 3 to 4 minutes, use the high fire to collect the juice, and add a little water starch.

Features: Bourry mouth mushrooms are lubricated and fragrant, and are rich in protein, fat and multiple vitamins, vitamins, and trace elements, which are conducive to digestion and absorption, help pregnant women, and eliminate abdominal distension discomfort.(Pregnant mothers gang group)

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