Preparation for pregnancy!Leucorrhea warning women’s physical health!

Generally speaking, women from puberty to menopause will have white secretions. Although it may bother you, it represents your health or not.Under normal circumstances, there are more leucorrhea for pregnant women, but there will be leucorrhea during ovulation, so it is best to cooperate with pregnancy test tests.

1. Understand the relationship between leucorrhea and pregnancy

1. What is a leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is a white secretion, which is usually caused by changes in hormones during menstrual cycle and ovulation.Under normal circumstances, the leucorrhea during ovulation will be thick and milky, the same, it will become thinner and elastic, so that the sperm can quickly enter the eggs.And the increase in leucorrhea during pregnancy.

2. Protoisa represents pregnancy?

If you are a pregnant woman, your leucorrhea will secrete more.Generally speaking, milky secretions are signs of pregnancy and more than usual.But it is best to match the test of pregnancy test instead of just relying on this sign.

3. Normal pregnancy leucorrhea

In the first 2 to 3 months of your pregnancy, you will have thick white secretions.This secretion is usually milky white and has a slight smell, which is a normal phenomenon.

4. Not so normal

If you find that you have a red, yellow, green, or brown leucorrhea, there may be or without odor, you should seek medical treatment immediately.The secretions may be itchy and uncomfortable, which may be caused by certain yeast or bacterial infection, so you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

5. Late pregnancy leucorrhea

You are likely to have a lot of leucorrhea in the late pregnancy, don’t be nervous, this is because of the fragments of mucus bolt.This is a common phenomenon in the late pregnancy.

6. Other leucorrhea reasons

In addition to pregnancy, hormonal changes in menstrual cycles also produce leucorrhea, as well as vaginal bacterial infections, drugs and antibiotics, contraceptives, pelvic infections, vaginitis, menopause, and sexually transmitted diseases can also cause leucorrhea secretion.

Second, the type of leucorrhea and its complications

1. White gray yellow odor smell

If your leucorrhea is white, gray or yellow, and has obvious odor, accompanied by itching, burning sensation, and swollen vagina or vulva, which is caused by bacterial infection.

2. Red or brown

If your leucorrhea is red or brown, this may be that your menstrual cycle is abnormal or abnormal bleeding.It may even be severe cervical cancer, vaginal or uterine cancer.

3. Other types of infection

If it is a white cheese -like leucorrhea, this represents yeast infection.If it is pink, it is usually the leucorrhea after production.If it is turbid yellow, it represents sexually transmitted diseases.Yellow -green, accompanied by unpleasant smell and foam, may be trichomonas infection.

4. Others should pay attention

Although leucorrhea is normal, you should pay special attention to in some cases, such as a strong smell or odor, the leucorrhea of this color, and more secretion than usual.

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