Princess Diana was also tortured when she was pregnant: "I’m disgusting when I stand up"

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Everyone may know that in this tragic marriage with Charles, she was tortured by astlemnosis and depression.However, in addition, when Diana was pregnant, her pregnancy reaction was very serious and uncomfortable.

In July 1981, Diana held a wedding with Charles.Four months later, the royal family announced that Diana was pregnant.In the early stage of pregnancy, Diana’s physical strength consumed a lot, often drowsiness, and even fell asleep even in the event.

According to Diana herself, her pregnancy was "very, very hard."Every time she stood up, she wanted to vomit."I have always been uncomfortable and often vomit in the morning."

"Whether I am in the Balmo Castle, Sandlingham Manor or in Windsor, I often run out of my pajamas and vomit, and I have fainted several times."

"This experience is very embarrassing. I haven’t read related books during pregnancy, so I don’t know it well. But I know this is morning vomiting."

In severe cases, Diana will not only vomit in the morning, but even pregnant vomiting at night.Diana said: "It was really terrible when I was with William. I wanted to vomit as soon as I stood up. Sometimes, in the middle of everyone’s dinner, I had to run out to vomit and return to the event."

However, in order to allow the baby in the stomach to develop healthy, Diana was unwilling to take any drugs for treatment of pregnancy, and she stood up alone.

In October 1981, Diana and Charles went to Wales, Britain for a short -term visit.Before this visit, Diana found that she was pregnant.Diana vomits before going out every day for activities."Wrong clothes, wrong time, everything is wrong. With this child, I feel uncomfortable. I am very embarrassed, I want to vomit, too uncomfortable."

During Wales’s visit, Diana intentionally or unintentionally covered her belly with her handbags.Although the stomach was not obvious at that time, Diana’s subconscious movement could show her physical condition.However, Wales’s visit was very successful, and the British people fell in love with this kind young princess.

After 9 months of hard pregnancy, Diana ushered in her first child, but the trouble was not over.Diana was no longer pregnant, but suffered from postpartum depression.According to statistics from British experts, every 10 postpartum women will have one person suffering from postpartum depression.

In the 1980s, no one would care too much about the physical and mental condition of pregnant women and mothers. Everyone felt that this was a normal phenomenon of pregnancy.Queen Britain also knows that Diana’s condition is not good, but she is not too serious.Diana said: "Postpartum depression is really hard. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t want to get up. You will feel that you have been misunderstood. You feel that you are very useless and your mood is low."

"Maybe I am the first person in the royal family to cry in public or suffer from depression after delivery. This is very scary, because if everyone has never seen such a situation before, how can they help me?"The isolated Diana has spent difficult pregnancy and postpartum depression alone.

Thirty years later, the views of pregnant women and maternals have changed.Women during pregnancy need to care, and Princess Kate generously shows that she suffers from "pregnancy drama vomiting".Kate’s pregnancy reaction is very serious, and it can even cause the body to dewater and failure.

During the George, Kate had to be admitted to the hospital because he was too severe.Both William and the royal family gave Kate a lot of support and care to help her spend this time smoothly.Compared to Diana, Kate is still lucky to love her.

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