Pseudo -contractions, not to be indifferent to#pregnant mothers not easy

Pseudo contraction.

Hello, you, you are okay, today I have to talk to you about false contractions.Pseudo -contractions will occur after 32 weeks of pregnancy, but more and more sisters now have pseudo contractions 32 weeks before 32 weeks.Don’t believe us.

The panic during pregnancy is unbelievable, and we are also one of them.When did my pseudo contractions happen?In 4 months, I had false contractions, and I had false contractions in less than 16 weeks.But at that time, I was ignorant, and I didn’t know that I was a pseudo contraction.When did I realize it?It ’s been a month after pseudo -contraction. By 5 months of pregnancy, I think the frequency is getting higher and higher. I consulted some other pregnant mothers, and then they told me that this might be a contraction, and I went to go back.I had a hospital, but fortunately I was shocked. I found it early, and I suddenly realized in the second trimester.

So at present, there is no big mistake, let’s talk about this pseudo -contraction that makes people unique.

What is pseudo -contractions is that it is tight and hard under our lower abdomen, which is not regular.Sometimes if you are more serious, he will have a little abdominal pain.Pseudo -contractions usually occur at night, and he will disappear by himself in the early morning.He is repeated, and some people may find three or four times a night. For example, it may be six or seven times a night at night.What is the real contraction?True contraction is tight and hard, and it is regular.This kind of real contraction is the real contraction you are about to produce. It has three more and more time more and more time, the duration is getting longer and longer, and the pain is getting more and more powerful.

I just said that if you have a real contraction, it is really going to have children.Fake contractions will not cause you to have children.But if you frequently fake contractions, then he will induce you to have real contractions, which will cause your baby to have hypoxia or even fetal stopping.

Now I want to share with you, how did I make myself?I experienced this false contraction early.

In fact, I am a person who likes outdoor sports very much. During my pregnancy, I was uncomfortable because of people. I stayed at home and did n’t go out at home. When I was a little better, I could n’t wait to go out and go out to do it.Well, go shopping with the younger sisters and drink afternoon tea.The deepest one in my impression is that one day I went shopping with my sister for more than 20,000 steps. At that time, I had been pregnant for more than 4 months. When I returned home that night, my belly was from time to time.tight.But at that time I didn’t take it.Even if I did n’t go out during the day, I would have finished dinner at night and bend in the community.My walking curved is not to say 1000 steps. Even if I am 2000 steps, I will walk more than 10,000 steps, or even 20,000 steps like this.So I often contracted. Until I felt that he felt very powerful, and my belly was scared because of my tight contraction, and a little pain.

I had a stomachache with me for the first time. The next day I went to the hospital and asked the doctor that I had false contractions.Everyone’s contraction is different. Some people may have the contraction of the people.Some people may be like me that they do n’t understand anything or understand. Excessiveness to make themselves fatigue, causing the contractions to become more and more powerful, and in the later period of my belly, it is a bit painful.I found it earlier, so I did not make a big mistake.

Well, next, I want to share, how can we avoid false contractions?Don’t stand for a long time, don’t move heavy objects, don’t let yourself overwork.Once you find that your belly is tight and hard, it must be very frequent. Unlike me just finding that my belly is tight and hard, I have more than 10 times a day, and my stomach still hurts.

My solution is actually lying on the bed and lying on the bed for two or three days, and I almost do not exercise much.The problem of my false work is solved.In the later period, I also control my steps every day. Don’t take too much. I will sit down and rest for almost 15 minutes.I used to be pregnant with me before.Do not think of what you think, you must pay attention, especially your twin mothers like us should be more careful.

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