Qiaoqian’s inner three -phase cycle is long and naturally pregnant twins

I didn’t expect that the upgrade will come so fast

It’s almost two years since preparing for pregnancy, simply saying my situation.

1. The menstrual cycle is long, with an average of about 45 days, and there are more than 60 days when long.

2. Qiaoqian, I am the left side of 3 cm. I surgery in mid -October last year. Since I have been preparing for more than a year, the doctor said that the infertility factors produced by Qiaoqian were a bit more.EssenceThe previous posts are written in detail, and interested sisters can take a look.When I saw an injection after the operation, I asked Dr. Fu, who often looked at it. He said no, let me get pregnant as soon as possible within half a year.

Then the menstruation is then prepared to promote the arrangement.Two shots of the follicles are very slow. Go to the hospital to continue the injection. As a result, the doctor was not there.Another female doctor was very fierce. He said a meal, why he didn’t get an injection, and let the ovaries rest for half a year, and gave me a list of hormones.It was desperate that day and left the hospital directly.

The discharge was abandoned. When the cycle was less than 60 days, I had no menstruation. I took 5 days of progesterone at home and stopped menstruation after 2 days.January 24

8 days after menstruation, menstruation came again on February 6. At that time, he was worried that he was injured in surgical ovaries.There are many menstrual bleeding.

Then it was the New Year at home.My sister -in -law took 2 Chinese medicines and became pregnant, so I went to see Chinese medicine.I was in my mother’s house at the time, two or three hundred kilometers away from my husband’s house, and it didn’t pass.After the year, I planned to go to work in Zhejiang.My elder brother and sister -in -law still suggested that I go to see the doctor and say that try again.Because I planned to test tube in the second half of 2018.So I went to see Chinese medicine.

At that time, my cycle had been 16 days, and I had given up at the time.I took 3 Chinese medicines, a total of 18 packs.He was in the small clinic in Murakami, but many people were all day all day during the Chinese New Year, and 30 numbers were made up early in the morning and evening.Brother said that many people came to him to be optimistic.The sister -in -law also accompanied me to see the women’s insurance hospital in my hometown. The doctor prescribed some medicines, as well as progesterone, which made me lutenone in 30 days.After being promoted 3 times, if you do not conceive the test tube.

After coming to Zhejiang, I took 11 packs of Chinese medicine. At that time, calculated according to the 30 -day cycle, I almost started to eat progesterone.After eating for 5 days, there was no menstruation after 7 days of stopping the medicine. Two times in the middle were whiteboards, and they were also used to it.In the group, I talked about the test tube plan with the other three girls and planned to test tube at the end of the year.Ride a bicycle with my husband for 15 kilometers on the weekend, eat spicy hot pot, grill.The chest was bloated. At that time, I thought about testing again, and started to lose weight in summer without any time.When you are used to the whiteboard, a line appears when it was originally ready to throw away, and the other appeared.Deepening the next morning, my friend suggested that I go to the hospital to draw blood.3.29hcg 510, today’s 4.2 review HCG2981, the doctor said that it is very good.10 days later B ultrasound.

My suggestion is: 1. Qiaoqian can be surgery without surgery, and it is not good to get pregnant after surgery.In

2. Do not get injections after surgery. The injections will have menopausal symptoms, and there is no pregnancy within half a year. In fact, the probability is relatively high within this year after the operation.I still prefer to not get an injection (personal point of view)

3. About Chinese medicine this is the second time I took Chinese medicine. The first time I watched it in my house, and I didn’t want to eat 10 packs.I didn’t have any hope this time, but there was it.Because my sister -in -law also eats Chinese medicine.They say that sometimes Chinese medicine also depends on fate.This depends on personal luck

4. Easy mentality.I go to check HCG 510, which is almost 3-4 weeks.Because I did n’t know before, I did n’t pay attention to eating anything, and the baby was here.And I think that I will definitely have no drama this month, so I have the same room every time I come, and I never test paper or something.

Blessing sisters who are still preparing for pregnancy are early, and what they should come will come, but it is only a matter of time.bless all of you.

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