Questions and Answers 丨 Can pregnant women choose "painless delivery" after tattoos?

With the development of the times, some fashion women use tattoos to show their personality, and even some pregnant mothers will try to try special patterns on the belly, waist, and arms. Such a pregnancy experience seems to be "trend".But do you know that whether the mother chooses "painless delivery" or cesarean section, it must be anesthetic in the waist and back. Will tattoos affect anesthesia?Can I still have painless delivery?

Dr. Huang Shaoqiang, director of the Anesthesiology Department of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, pointed out that in fact, the tattoo itself does not affect pregnancy, such as tattoos in arms, ankles, thighs and other parts without risk.But when it appears on the back of the waist, many anesthesia doctors start to tangled: Will there be risks?

First of all, a risk factor is that tattoo pigments may be brought into the human body."Animal studies have found that after the rabbit’s simulation is anesthetized through tattoo skin, it can produce histological changes in the rabbit’s meninges." Dr. Huang Shaoqiang said.Tattoo pigments contain a variety of allergic substances. Metal salts in tattoos are prone to causing granuloma reactions and allergic contact dermatitis.Some studies have shown that permanent red dyes are related to moss -like reactions and pseudo -lymphoma.

Dr. Huang Shaoqiang reminded that although there is no evidence that human tattoo pigments can cause complications of neuropathy, when "injections" in the spinal anesthesia, skin fragments containing pigment will be trapped in the hollow pinhole, which may be taken with it.Enter the perception of the hard membrane or the cerebrospinal fluid, which is harmful to the human body.

For this reason, anesthesiologist has also taken measures to reduce risks:

• For example, anesthesia should be avoided in the near future (<2 weeks) new tattoos;

• From the technical level, through different intervertebral spaces and changes, etc., avoid puncture through tattoo skin as much as possible;

• Try to choose a small needle and so on.

However, no matter how many measures are, it is better to curb risks from the source.Dr. Huang Shaoqiang reminded that not only the waist tattoos are risky, but the anesthesia puncture point may also be a chest segment; not only for maternal women, but also many other surgical patients who need to receive internal anesthesia in spinal canal.Therefore, it is best not to tattoo in the spine area when tattooing.

However, if you already have a "unique mark" that needs to be delivered or surgery, don’t be too nervous. You can come to the anesthesia clinic for detailed consultation. Please anesthesia doctors to evaluate it and choose a safer plan.

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