Quickly understand the twelve emperors of the Western Han Dynasty

Han Gaozu Liu Bang (256 years ago -June 1, 195) The pioneers of the 400 -year -old Han of the Han Dynasty. At the age of 48, the soldiers were anti -Qin. They spent 6 years unified the world. At the age of 52, they became a generation of legends.

In the early years, Liu Bang had nothing to do.After the establishment of the Qin Dynasty, he served as the chief of Surabaya Pavilion in Peixian. Liu Bang’s main task was to escort the prisoner to the Laoshan to repair the emperor’s tomb.Liu Bang wanted to be a dead, and put all the remaining prisoners, and fled to Mangyu Mountain with several brothers. With the banner of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang’s uprising, Liu Bang returned to Pei County to launch Pei County Uprising. Liu BangHe claimed to be Peigong, and later lost due to Pei County, Liu Bang turned to Xiang Liang. Xiang Liang can be said to be the most important team in the anti -Qinzhong. Xiang Liang supported King Chu Huai Xiongxin.He was Wu’an Hou, and as Xiang Liang died, Huai Wang had great power, and sent Xiang Yu to the giant deer to solve Zhao Guozhi, while Liu Bang led another wave of troops into Guanzhong to destroy Qin.

Xiang Yu restrained the main force of the Qin Army. Liu Bang’s partial division was able to enter Xianyang as if breaking bamboo.In addition, I did not let me go in, so I was angry and attacked the city. Liu Bang obeyed Zhang Liang’s opinion to Xiang Yu. Xiang Yu walked around Liu Bang and named him Hanzhong County, Ba County, Shu County as Liu Bang as Liu Bang’s.Seal the land and seal the 18th vassal king,

Liu Bang’s sealed land was still weak at the time, but at this time he got the general Han Xin, and Liu Bang was actively preparing to recover the customs. At this time, the disadvantages of Xiang Yu’s division were exposed.Rong did not have the king of the king. He sent troops to unify the ground, so that Xiang Yu sent his troops to attack. At that time, Xiang Yu was not attacked. Xiang Yu’s purpose was to hegemony in the Spring and Autumn Period instead of becoming the emperor’s unification of the world.It is also determined that Sanqin has destroyed the three princely kings that Xiang Yu sealed in the Guanzhong

Liu Bang obtained the foundation of the Qin Kingdom’s unification of the world (Bashu area and Guanzhong Plain). Liu Bang contacted the princes of the princes to resist Xiang Yu and entered the capital of Pengcheng, the capital of the Western Chu Kingdom.The Wan Alliance was defeated, and Liu Bang fled while rectifying Xiang Yu again to rectify the soldiers and horses in Puyang.

Hanxin’s marching route

Liu Bang contacted Peng Yue to let him interfere with Xiang Yu’s grain road, and countered Jiujiang Wang Yingbu to attack Xiang Yu. The world was owned by Liu Bang, and Xiang Yu was finally defeated by Liu Bang and he was 刎 Wujiang.

After setting up Xiang Yu, the biggest obstacle for Liu Bang was the vassal king of different surnames. Later, Liu Bangping settled the vassal king of the other surname and formulated the White Horse League.

The reason why Liu Bang could defeat Xiang Yu with his weak strength was that he united all the power that could resist Xiang Yu, but Xiang Yu caused his failure everywhere.

Emperor Liu Ying of Hanhui (210 BC -September 26, 188).The second emperor of the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Han Gao Liu Bang’s eldest son, and his mother was Lu Yan after the Han Higher.

Liu Ying can be said to be a sad emperor. After the war of his father Peng Cheng, he returned home and picked up Liu Ying and his sister. Liu Bang kicked him and his sister several times to escape. Fortunately, Xia Hou Ying rescued them.The pheasant is not loved by his father.

Mrs. Qi, who was favored, wanted Liu Bang’s son Zhao Wang Liu Ruyi to be a prince. Liu Dangbang wanted to abolish Liu Ying several times and was resolved by Lu Hou.Use Cao Shen to rest with the people, but was forced to marry her sister Princess Lu Yuan’s daughter as the queen by the man manipulated by Lu Hou. She died seven years later.The son of the birth was the emperor and killed his mother. He lied that it was born of the queen and was for the former young emperor.Another sister -in -law Liu Hong was the emperor, but after Lu Hou’s death, Chen Ping and Zhou Bo completely eliminated Lu Hou’s power. After the young emperor was killed, the Emperor Hanwen took the throne and killed Liu Hong’s brother. Liu Ying’s pulse was the pulse.Trekly.

Emperor Hanwen Liu Heng (203 to July 6, 157 BC), the third emperor in the Western Han Dynasty.Emperor Han Gao Liu Bang fourth son, Emperor Han Hui Liu Yingyou, and his mother was Bo Ji.

Liu Heng’s luck is that his mother Bo Ji is not petted. Bo Ji was originally Wei Wang Bao’s wife. Someone said to Bo Ji that his wife will have the emperor.After being defeated by Liu Bang, Bo Ji was incorporated into the harem. Liu Bang had never seen Bo Ji.Talking about this as a joke, once Liu Bang heard Bo Ji after hearing it, he recruited Bo Ji to sleep, and Bo Ji also spoke very much, saying that he dreamed that he was circling in his belly, so he experienced it.Then one night, Bo Ji was born and gave birth to Wang Liu Heng.

Bo Ji

After Liu Bang’s death, Lu Hou had great power. Because Bo Ji was gone by Liu Bang, he was spared. He and his son Wang Liu Heng went to the queen mother on behalf of Liu Heng. With Lu Hou’s death, Zhou Bo calmed down Lu Lu to stabilize the world. Because Liu Heng did not have no because he did not have anyWhat forces were supported as emperors. After the throne, Emperor Hanwen gradually grasped power, after the governance, the construction of water conservancy, and diligence and simplicity, gradually realized the country’s prosperity, opened the governance of Wenjing, soothed the internal princes, and adopted the outside of the Xiongnu outside the Xiongnu.The purpose is to cultivate health.

Emperor Han Jing Liu Qi (188 BC -March 9, 141).The sixth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty (reigned in 157 to 141 a PC), Emperor Hanwen Liu Heng’s eldest son, his mother was Queen Xiaowen Dou Dou.

Liu Qi was lucky. In front of him, four brothers died. His mother also became the wife’s wife.With the central government, the princes of the princes have the financial and military power of the country, and the central forces cannot penetrate into it. Liu Qi re -adopted the wrongdoing strategy with the error, which eventually inspired the rebellion of the vassal states.

Eventually, with the help of General Zhou Yafu, Liu Qiping fixed the chaos of the Seven Kingdoms. Since then, the military and political power have been attributed to the central government.The strategy of continuing to cultivate health in the people’s health, and the further development of the socio -economic and national strength. He and his father, Han Wendi, were called the rule of Wen Jing during the rule.

Liu Qi’s inadvertent move was for two hundred years in the Han Dynasty. Liu Qi once called Cheng Ji to sleep. As a result, Cheng Ji could not sleep in the moon, so he first drunk Liu Qi to drunk him, and then sent his maid Tang.Ji Ji was sleeping, so one night, Tang Ji was pregnant and gave birth to Changsha Wang Liu Fa. At that time, Tang Ji had a low status and had to be loved by Liu Qi.It was Emperor Guangwu Emperor Liu Xiu of the Eastern Han Dynasty for two hundred years for the Han Dynasty.

The other son of Liu Qi was King Liu Sheng, Zhongshan King, and his descendant Liu Bei established the Jihan regime, which continued for another 43 years for the Han Dynasty.

In the three years of Emperor Han Jing’s three years (141 years ago), he died at the age of 48. He was buried in Yangling.

Emperor Hanwu Liu Che (156 BC -March 29, 1987), the fifth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty (reigned 141-87 BC), an outstanding politician, strategicist, and writer.The son of Emperor Han Jing Liu Qi, the mother, was the queen.

Liu Che had no chance to be the emperor at first. Thanks to his mother Wang Yan, his mother had married but still won Liu Qi’s love. Liu Qisheng saw that Liu Qi loved him for the next three daughters, but once the emperor died,In the second half of his life, he has to seal the land with his son. As a queen’s life, Wang Yan is unwilling to live her life in this way. She wants to gain a prince for her son.Princess Liu Ye.


Liu Xie is the biological daughter of the Empress Dou Dou. He is very favored by the Empress Dowager Dou and Liu Qi. In order to continue to become rich, Liu Ye once wanted to give her daughter Chen Ajiao to the prince Liu Rong born from Li Ji, but Li Ji was rehabilitated by a bite back.Because Liu Ye always gave his younger brother Liu Qijin to offer the beauty of Li Ji, and Liu Ye remembered Li Ji.

Liu Xun

And Wang Yan saw the opportunity to take the initiative to marry Liu Ye. Liu Qi has since ever made two women who slander Li Ji, one blowing the pillow wind, and one at a family gathering, but Li Ji relaxed his vigilance.Liu Qizhong was all worried, but Li Ji did not care, and eventually led to Liu Qixia determined to abolish the prince. Li Ji was depressed. At the age of seven years old, Liu Che was named Crown Prince, and 16 inherited the throne.

During the reign, Emperor Hanwu established a lot of skills. First of all, it was to strengthen the centralization of centralization and implement the order of push. The earliest princes can inherit the throne only when the eldest son of the princes.The vassal states are getting smaller and smaller, no longer capable of fighting the central government.

The second is to check and balance the prime minister. Choose the ability to participate in decisions as a servant and relatives, and set up the Department of Thirteen State Assassination History to strengthen the management of the county. The early history of assassination is only to monitor the place.The princes of one side.For economic reforms internally, iron salt was changed to official business, and money reform prohibited money, and a system of losing Pinghuai was adopted.Officials, send the materials transported to Beijing to a place that lacks materials to balance prices. For example, if this place is missing rice, the conveyor will send the rice to the court to this place to balance the price of rice to prevent merchants from causing price soaring prices.Increase taxes on merchants, move local pride to the center to prevent the formation of local forces.

The system of election talents has been formulated. Most of the previous talents have been visited or hereditary nobles. The inspection system of Emperor Hanwu was a local recommendation talent, which strengthened the central government’s control of the local government.Essence

After changing the policy and pro -pro -pro -policies, he sent Wei Qing and Huo Qubing to attack the Huns in the north, forcing the Huns to move north to Mobei, conquered the Heba area, and ordered Zhang Jian to make envoys in the Western Regions. Since thenThe south of Fujian and Baiyue were destroyed to the south, and marched southwest to the southwest, incorporated North Korea, Lingnan, and Yunnan -Guizhou areas into the Chinese territory.

The territory of the Western Han Dynasty doubled compared with the Liu Bang period.

In the Western Han Dynasty of Emperor Hanwu

However, Liu Che was superstitious in his later years, keen to seal Zen and suburbs, and splurge.As a result, social contradictions have been intensified. The exiles of Kanto reached two million, and they used the villain Jiang Chong. Because the prince Liu Ding and Jiang Yun had contradictions, they were framed and practiced to murder the Emperor Hanwu.The soldiers were killed, and the queen guard was forced to commit suicide. The Emperor Han Wu then knew that the prince was helpless to start the soldiers. He mentioned his son to rehabilitate. He realized his mistakes before he died.Black, seventy years old.Before dying, Liu Fuling was the prince.Emperor Xiaowu, the temple, was buried in Maoling.

Emperor Han Zhao Liu Fuling (94 years ago -June 5, 74 BC), the sixth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty, the youngest son of Emperor Hanwu Liu Che, the mother was Mrs. Hou.

The legend of Liu Fuling was born in the fourteenth month of his mother -in -law. Like Yao in the Five Emperors, Liu Fuling has no chance to become the heir of the emperor as the young son.Originally the first heir of Emperor Hanwu, but because of the witch’s chaos, the second son Qi Huai Wang Liu Ye died early.He said that he voluntarily came to Chang’an as the imperial palace of Emperor Hanwu as the guard work. Emperor Hanwu was qi on his head. This was not the messenger of Liu Dan, and Liu Dan’s sealed land was directly killed.The son Liu Yan was unruly, cynical, and his reputation was not good.Wuzi Liu Xun is the son of Emperor Han Wu’s pet, Mrs. Li Li. In order to let him land, Li Guangli and the concubine were made up for his children. Foreign relatives and ministers colluded with Emperor Hanwu taboos. The prime minister was killed.Liu Fuling, who was the youngest son, was entitled.Emperor Hanwu’s throne was squeezed by foreign relatives, and there was a lesson of Lu Hou’s front car, so Emperor Hanwu gave the Mrs. Hook, who was only 20 years old.

Mrs. Hook

The eight -year -old Emperor Han Zhao Liu Fuling lost his mother and inherited the throne. Emperor Hanwu sent Huo Guang to assist Emperor Han Zhao. Due to the splurgery of Emperor Hanwu’s old age, the Han Dynasty had begun to decline., Light and thin, recruit the people of the people to give the court’s public field to the poor to cultivate, and hold an iron salt meeting to reduce the salt tax benefit to the people, restore the Xiongnu and relatives, reduce the loss of the national strength.Restore opened up the situation of Zhao Xuanzhixing.

On June 5, 74 BC, Liu Fuling died of illness. At the age of 21, he reigned for 13 years.

Emperor Liu Xuan of the Han Dynasty (91st to January 10th, 48 BC), the former name of Liu Xue, the seventh emperor of the Western Han Dynasty (74th to January 10, 48 BC), Emperor Liu Che of Hanwu Liu CheThe grandson of the prince Liu, the son of the emperor Liu Jin.

Liu Zhi’s childhood was very miserable. Due to the witch’s chaos, Liu Jian, the grandfather of Liu Xuan, Liu Jin, and his mother were killed one after another.He hugged the prison and raised it. It was five years before entering. It can be said that Liu’s childhood had been spent in prison, but he met the first noble prisoner, Ji Ji.He was very sympathetic to the prince’s encounter. He found two female prisoners from prison as a mother -in -law to nurture Liu’s illness. When he was four years old, Emperor Hanwu had a serious illness.All the prisoners were killed, and Emperor Hanwu’s illness could be good. Under the protection of Bingji, he was spared. At the age of five, Emperor Han Zhao Liu Fuling was forgiven the world.With the help of Zhang He, the grandfather’s old department, he was able to restore the identity of the royal family. When he was studying and married his wife and had children, Emperor Han Zhao died at the age of 18. Without his son, Huo Guang was the Minister of Auxiliary after the death of Emperor Hanwu.In the opposition, he wanted to find a obedient person as the emperor. At first he chose the king of Changyi Liu He, but Liu He did not have a lot of money. He brought a group of people to Chang’an and immediately set up his own team. This moved Huo Guang.The cake, Huo Guang and the queen abolished Liu He. Liu He only became the emperor of 27, and it was known as the Han imperial emperor.

Liu He

Liu Zhi has become the emperor, but it was the control of the emperor of the puppet. Liu Huan has been forbearing. In the second year, Huo Guang tentative Liu Zhi and said that he wanted to sue the old hometown.After that, Huo Guang asked Huo Guang to ask for big things, and he continued to reward Huo Guang’s family.Instead of Emperor Han Xuan’s forbearance, Huo Guang had to enter. He not only fell into power in the former dynasty, but also stretched his hands into the harem. He wanted to stand on his daughter Huo Chengjun as the queen and sent someone to kill the queen Xu Pingjun. This pair of Emperor Han Xuan came.It is the biggest pain. The wife who was embarrassed with himself was poisoned, but he could only tolerate it, and then revenge until his wings were plump.

Xu Pingjun

Finally, Huo Guang died in the six years of Emperor Xuan of Han Xuan. Emperor Han Xuan continued to enter the Huo Jiajia, while removing Huo Guang’s party Yu in the palace. When the Huo family reacted, the Huo family was killed by the Xuan Emperor.

After mastering the power, the first thing Xuan Di did was the centralization of power. He set up the book system to expand the authority of eunuch control, and the Minister’s master of Shangshu Province was weakened.

Politically adopt the way of king and hegemony, and adopt kings to the people to implement benevolent politics. It is a combination of Confucianism and legalists who are strongly punished by domineering law and corrupt officials.Economically, we will continue to adopt light and thin funds, rest with the people, and take care of the Huns with affinity. They combined with the western countries against the Huns and relatives with the Huns.Seeing Emperor Han Xuan in Chang’an, this marks that the Huns have become the country of the Han Dynasty.The history of Han Hungarian war in 150 was finally over, and the people in the north lived a peaceful life.

In December of the first year of Huanglong (49 BC), Emperor Xuan Di died of illness, reigned for 25 years, and was 43 years old when he died.After his death, he was buried in Du Ling and his nickname "Emperor Xiaoxuan". He is also the only emperor in the history of Chinese history.

Emperor Han Yuan (75 years ago -July 8th, 33rd, 33rd), Emperor Han Yuan, the son of Emperor Xuan Emperor Liu Xun and his wife Xu Pingjun, and the eighth emperor in the Western Han Dynasty.

A few months after Liu Ye was born, Emperor Xuan Emperor ascended the throne.But two years later, his mother Xu Pingjun was poisoned by Huo Guang’s wife.Due to the love of Emperor Han Pingjun, Liu Ye, 8, was established as a prince.When he was 26 years old, Emperor Han Xuan died, and Liu Ye’s successor was called Emperor Han Yuan.

Emperor Han Yuan has been well -educated versatile since he was a child, but he uses Confucian students to choose talents according to Confucian methods. It has not been carefully examined as his father, which has led to the recruitment of many nerds that greatly reduce the administrative efficiency of the central government, and alsoThe pet eunuch Shi Xian led to the corruption of the DPRK, which led to the imperial power of the imperial power and the chaos of the DPRK. He was also obsessed with beauty. He was died because of Aiji Sima Liangzheng.Liu Xun was born overnight. After the throne, he was even more obscene. From the folks, a large number of beautiful women were full of luxury in the harem. Finally, the Western Han Dynasty gradually moved to death.

On July 8, 33 BC, Emperor Han Yuan died in the Weiyang Palace in Changan. At the age of 42, he reigned 16 years and was buried in Weiling. He gradually changed from prosperity.

Emperor Hancheng Liu Yan (51 years ago -April 17th), the word Taisun, the ninth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty (reigned 33 years to 7 years ago), the son of Emperor Liu Xun, the mother of the Emperor of the Han Dynasty, was Wang Zhengjun.Essence

Emperor Han Cheng

Liu Yan’s mother Wang Zhengjun was originally the daughter of an ordinary little official, and was selected into the palace because of her beauty.When she entered the palace, she was caught up with the prince Liu Ye’s Aiji Sima Liangzheng died of illness. Liu Xun was sad and did not enter the female color. In order to hug her grandson early, Xuan Emperor sent several beauties to his son and ordered him to choose one.One fingers, selected Wang Zhengjun, and not ignored it only once.

Wang Zhengjun

I didn’t expect to conceive the child overnight. In 52 BC, the grandson was given.After death, Emperor Han Cheng succeeded, and she became the queen. Emperor Han Cheng was negligible to the discipline of Liu Ye, making him comfortably like wine and gradually no longer like him.Wang Zhengjun, coupled with Liu Kangduan’s talent, so he had the idea of abolishing princes, and Emperor Han Cheng’s pet Stan and Prince Edward were particularly good.In the position, Liu Yan became the emperor, and his mother Wang Zhengjun was respected as the queen queen. Liu Ye strongly rewarded the Wang family. Five people were named Hou.

During his reign, Liu Yan further centralized power, established a three -public system, and set up three positions with the same grade. The prime minister, Da Sima, and Daishong were actually dividing the power.

Liu Yan’s most famous is the emperor of the wine. The earliest queen of Liu Ye was the queen Xu Xuan Emperor Xu Pingjun’s family. Liu Xun began to like her very much, but because the queen had no son, the queen queen did not like her, Liu Ye did not like her.Gradually alienated Queen Xu, Liu Ye turned his attention to Ban Jiechi.Ban Jiechi is a talented woman with both talents. She has a high literary accomplishment and is proficient in the rhythm and Liu Xing. However, Liu Xun’s pet is only temporary.

Ban Jiechi

Until he met Zhao Feiyan, a peerless beauty.She was the dancer of the Princess Yang Grandon’s house.When Liu Yan took a trip, he came to the palace of Princess Yang and was attracted by Feiyan’s dancing posture and brought her back to the palace pet.Zhao Feiyan will ask Liu Ye’s joy. Liu Ye loves her very much. Zhao Feiyan also introduced the beautiful sister Zhao Hede to Liu Ye. Liu Ye immediately took Zhao Hede into the palace. Since then, Liu Ye was fascinated by the sister of the Zhao family.

Zhao Feiyan

After Zhao Feiyan was favored, he was unwilling to be a pet concubine, and began to seek the position of the queen. They designed framed that the queen Xue was practicing witchcraft, cursing Liu Ye, and Xu Queen was abolished, and continued to bribe the queen queen mother.The people said goodbye to themselves, coupled with Liu Yan’s love, Zhao Feiyan was named the queen. The sisters of Zhao were petting the harem for more than ten years. Liu Xun and Zhao Heide died on Zhao Hede’s bed.

Liu Yan was reigned for 26 years, 46 years old, and he was buried in Yanling.He was mediocre in his life, but left the messy stalls of the foreign relative Wang’s family, and laid the root of the calamity for Wang Mang to usurp Han.

Emperor Han Ai Liu Xin was the 10th emperor of the Western Han Dynasty (27 to 1 BC), his father settled at the Tao King Liu Kang; his mother Ding, who was in office for six years.

Liu Xin could not be the emperor, but because of Emperor Han and Yuan Emperor Liu Ye Wuzhi, Emperor Han Yuan chose two successors, one of which was his third brother Zhongshan Wang Liu Xing, and the other was his second brother Liu Kang’s son.Tao Wang Liu Xin, Liu Xin was cultivated by his grandmother Fu Zhaoyi (Emperor Han Cheng’s pet) since he was a child. He was very talented, but his third uncle Liu Xing had no talent. His grandmother Fu Zhaoyi spent money to bribe Zhao Feiyan, so Liu Xin was establishedFor the prince, Liu Xin is also very good at it. He is very respectful to Han Cheng Emperor Liu Xun. He told Emperor Liu Xun of Han Cheng, and I only knew shallowly. It was not enough to be the prince.I am willing to serve you now. Once you have a holy concubine, I will return to the country.Cheng Emperor liked Liu Xin even more. In March 7 BC, Cheng Emperor died of illness. Liu Xin, 21, successfully appeared on the throne, Emperor Han Ai.

Liu Xin has been in office for 6 years, and he is the power to fight against the Wang family of the foreign relative.He targeted the Wang family, while he weakened the power of the Wang Group, and improved their material treatment.In this way, although Wang was dissatisfied, he could not strongly oppose it.He also helped Fu Zhaoyi, who helped his grandmother, and his mother Ding’s foreign relatives to fight against the Wang family.

He also wanted to revive the big man, but his ability was limited. Although some measures were promulgated, they were resisted by the officials. In the end, they could only give up.Dong Zhaoyi looks beautiful, but he is unhappy. He likes Dong Zhaoyi’s brother Dong Xian. Dong Xian is more charming than his sister. After Dong Xian, the two entered the same car and went out to bed.


One day after lunch, Liu Xin woke up first and wanted to turn over and get up, but found that his sleeves were suppressed by Dong Xian.In order not to wake up Dong Xian, Liu Xin ordered to use scissors to cut the sleeve.This is the origin of broken sleeves.Because Dong Xian’s father was blocked, Dong Xian was also mentioned by Liu Xin as the big Sima of San Gong, and even gave Dong Xian to Dong Xian, and wanted to pass the throne to Dong Xian.

In June of the first year of AD, Liu Xin died of illness in Weiyang Palace.Ai Emperor was in office for 6 years, 27 years old, and was buried in Yiling after his death.He had a short life, and he had ambitions to restore the Great Han Jiangshan, but he had no fighting spirit and ability.

Emperor Hanping (9-5 years of AD) his father was Liu Xing, Zhongshan Xiaoshan, and his mother Wei Ji. Liu Ye was the eleventh emperor of the Western Han Dynasty.

Liu Ye is the son of Liu Xing, Zhongshan Wang, and the grandson of Emperor Liu Ye of the Han Dynasty.Emperor Yuan had three sons, Emperor Han Cheng, Liu Yan, Ding Tao Wang Liu Kang and Liu Xing.Emperor Han Cheng Liu Yan had no children, and Liu Xin, the son of Ding Tao Wang Liu Kang, inherited the throne for Emperor Han Ai, Emperor Han Ai favored the male pet, which led to no descendants.The branch was almost extinct. Liu Kang was born with Liu Xunzi until the forty and Wei Ji, and Liu Kang died soon. As a prince, Liu Xunzi had no chance to thrive, but Emperor Han Ai died without a son.This one, so the 8 -year -old sister -in -law was able to call Emperor Hanping in the same history. Xunzi originally meant rude utensils. At first, this name was hoped to be crooked, but the name of the emperor was not appropriate, so Xunzi Zi ZiziThe renamed "衎" means "harmony".

Although Liu Ye said that the emperor successfully succeeded, he actually had a twists and turns during the period.Emperor Ai loved the male pet Dong Xian. When he died, he did not stand the prince, and it meant that Dong Xian inherited the throne.However, Dong Xian was just a vase but could not fight at all Empress Dowager Wang Zhengjun. She recaptured the power from Dong Xian and asked her nephew Wang Mang to enter the palace.迎 was welcomed by Wang Mang. Since then, the foreign relatives of Fu and Ding’s foreign relatives have been suppressed, and the foreign relatives Wang re -control the country’s power.

Wang Mang

Although Liu Ye became the emperor, he was actually a puppet, and he was controlled by Wang Mang.In order to be able to learn the lessons of the Emperor Han Ai for a long time, Wang Mang was not allowed to enter the DPRK’s foreign relatives, fearing that they would divide Wang’s power.To this end, he also established Liu Chengdu as the King of Zhongshan, and took Liu Xi’s mother Wei Ji as the Queen of Zhongshan, and the younger sister of Liu Ye was the king.Outside the court, Wang Mang married Emperor Hanping for further manipulation. He married his 15 -year -old daughter to the 12 -year -old Emperor Hanping.

Wang Mang’s daughter

However, Liu Yan gradually grew up. He was very dissatisfied with Wang Mang’s authority, and he was very dissatisfied with Wang Mang to keep his mother Wei Ji in Zhongshan Kingdom.Wang Mang was also afraid that Liu Ye, who grew up, would be unfavorable to himself, so in the winter of 5 AD, he poisoned and poisoned Emperor Han Ping. Liu Ye was reigned for 5 years and died at the age of 14.After his death, he was buried in Kangling and Emperor Xiaoping.He was the most sad emperor of the Han Dynasty. He succeeded at the age of 8. He was a puppet of 6 years. He died at the age of 14.

Liu Xian, the father of Xunzi Liu Ying (3-23 AD), reigned in 6 to eight AD. The twelfth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty was also the last emperor.

Liu Ying was born in the three years of the first year of the Yuan Dynasty (3 AD), and was the Xuansun (fifth generation) of Emperor Han Xuan. His great -ancestor Liu Huan was born of Wei Jiechi of Emperor Han Xuan.In the first five years of the Yuan Dynasty (5 AD), Emperor Hanping was killed by Wang Mang. Although Wang Mang wanted to usurpted Han, he felt that the time was immature.The descendants of the descendants, in order to control him easier to control the Emperor Xuan Sun, who was only 2 years old, Liu Ying, who was only 2 years old as the heir, but Liu Ying was too young to be the emperor, so he set up Liu Ying as the emperor.It is no different from the emperor’s power, etiquette and usage. Wang Mang only claimed to be a minister when he saw the sister -in -law Liu Ying and the Empress Dowager Wang Zhengjun.In the 8th year of AD, Wang Mang believed that the timing of independence on Dai Han had matured, so Liu Ying was forced to give him a meditation. The change of the country was "new" and established the new dynasty. Liu Ying was abolished by him as a stable public.At this point, the 215 -year -old Western Han Dynasty established from Liu Bang.

Although Liu Ying was kicked off by Wang Mang, Wang Mang did not dare to kill him, but did not let him go to the country, so he placed him under house arrest. The purpose was to be afraid that someone would use Liu Ying to make a banner to oppose himself. Liu Ying was like this.After being closed for 15 years, and no one talked to him, 15 years have not been in contact with the outside world that Liu Ying has become an idiot who does not know anything.

In the 23rd year, Liu Xuan, who established his own emperor, led the army to enter Chang’an and killed Wang Mang before rescued Liu Ying.

Although Liu Ying was already an idiot, some people still used him as a cover. Pingling people Fang Wang robbed Liu Ying to Linjing and embraced it as an emperor.

Liu Ying became the emperor for a few days, and the emperor learned of the matter, regret that he had not killed Liu Ying at the beginning, making him an obstacle to his own emperor.Liu Ying’s orthodoxity is much larger than Liu Xuan of the royal family. Liu Xuan is the descendant of Liu Fa, the king of Changsha, and Liu Ying is the Xuansun of Emperor Xuan, and he has been the emperor for 5 years. The appeal is far greater than Liu Xuan.So Liu Xuan sent Fang Wang to kill Liu Ying, and Liu Ying was killed. His life came to an end.

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