Really, the drug flow will not only affect physical health, but also may affect fertility

Now that society is becoming more and more open, many people have sex without getting married, because they have not taken relevant contraceptive measures to cause unexpected pregnancy.Under such circumstances, many people do not want children to plan, so they choose the way of abortion to end pregnancy.If the fetus is still small, many people will choose the drug flow, which is mainly convenient, and the harm to the body may be less harmful than artificial abortion.In fact, the harm of the drug flow is still very large. Will the drug flow affect fertility?

Generally speaking, as long as the drug flows are clean, the examination will return to normal. There is no problem with the usual menstrual cycle and menstrual flow, which will not affect fertility.However, if repeated repeated drugs, it may affect the fertility situation.Generally, the method of choosing a drug flow is to abortion. This is time -limited. It is carried out from 35 days to 45 days of pregnancy. If it exceeds this period, it may not be able to terminate pregnancy by the way of drug flow.If you want to get pregnant after the drug flow, it is better to choose half a year.Because the damage to women’s body is relatively large, this requires a process to restore the function of reproductive organs and so on.

In fact, the dangers of drug flow are still relatively large, the most common is to cause infection.Because the time required for the drug flow will be relatively long, and sometimes the pregnancy -related tissue fabrics cannot be discharged, and the recovery of the uterine is not good.The vaginal bleeding time is relatively long, and sometimes it will last for two to three weeks, and it may grow up to one to two months.Prolonged chronic blood loss can cause feminine anemia. This will lead to a decline in physical resistance. Decreased physical resistance will easily cause bacterial infections and cause diseases such as endometritis.In addition, the drug flow will also affect the function of women’s ovarian.To a certain extent, the drug flow will inhibit ovarian function, and it will also affect the development of follicles and ovulation.Of course, some women will also have irregular menstruation after the drug flow. Generally, the menstrual cycle will become longer or shorter, which may also lead to increased or less menstrual flow.

To a certain extent, a drug flow will not affect fertility, unless it is not handled when it is multiple times or the drug flow.However, although the impact of drug flow on fertility is not great, the drug flow will still cause some harm to the body. For example, it will cause the emergence of some gynecological diseases or cause irregular menstruation.Therefore, in daily life, we must take good measures to avoid accidental pregnancy.

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