Regarding pregnancy, precautions circulated among 8 countries in the world

In order to be able to exist in the world, fertility is naturally very important.For humans with a large number of different cultures, there are a lot of differences in the statement and precautions of pregnancy in different cultures.Some theories may make new mothers or expectant mothers in other cultures very confused.In today’s article, the editor will introduce you to the precautions spread among 8 countries in the world.

Gift gifts for newborn births are a common thing in many cultures. In India, people in some places will give pregnant women with bracelets.Especially when pregnant women are 7 months pregnant, Hindu women in Tamilnadbon will accept a ritual, and their hands will be brought with many bracelets.Experts from India said that this tradition has scientific basis, because the Dingdang sounds from bracelets can stimulate the baby’s hearing research that cheerful or calm music can reduce the pressure and depression of pregnant women, and help the fetus to develop hearing ability.Essence

In Turkey, some cultural groups believe that women do not eat fish during pregnancy. The reason for this is to prevent babies from being swallowed by fish.There is also a saying that pregnant women should not eat ice cream to prevent babies from having holes in their heads.Of course, these rumors have no scientific basis, especially the prohibition of eating fish is very unreliable.

There are many rumors about pregnancy in the Philippines. For example, during pregnancy, pregnant women cannot wear necklaces because this may cause umbilical cord to wrap around the baby’s neck.Of course, this is obviously very superstitious, because the umbilical cord entanglement is caused by the baby’s random fetal movement.On the other hand, there is another saying that women should eat raw eggs before childbirth, which can help lubricate the lane.They think that this can make it easier for babies to give birth.

The nutritional value of some raw fish is very high, but in all parts of the world, pregnant women are usually not encouraged to eat raw fish, because they are worried about the bacteria in them, doctors in some places even recommend that pregnant women do not eat raw fish.However, for Japan, the diet of raw fish is a very normal way, so it is considered a very healthy thing for pregnant women to eat raw fish.

In Mexico, there is a concept of food too "hot" or "too cold" from indigenous culture. People will warn women not to eat foods such as tomatoes, eggs and avocado, otherwise the temperature may affect pregnancy.There is also an ancient concept in Mexico that eating eggs can make babies smell bad.

Children from all over the world are very cute. Many people can’t help but praise their cuteness after seeing their children.However, in some places in Thailand, if a child is very cute, it is considered to cause the child to be taken away by ghosts.For pregnant women, people think that if they participate in the funeral during pregnancy, it may cause children to be entangled by the ghosts who are dead after birth.

In the Hawaii Islands, people hang the flower ring around the ritual’s neck to give others a polite behavior.The rejection of the flower ring is usually considered a rude social behavior.However, for pregnant women, they cannot accept a closed flower ring because it is considered that they are not auspicious for babies, and they can accept an open flower ring, or wearing a flower ring.

In the history of human beings, there are many strange rumors about solar and lunar eclipse.For example, the Aztecs rumored that the moon eclipse was bitten because the surface of the moon was bitten.If the pregnant woman watched the lunar eclipse, her child might have a lip.In this case, in order to protect their children, they must put metal things on the underwear, such as a needle.

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