Regarding the birth of children, admission, settlement, medical insurance and reimbursement handles to teach you all kinds of procedures

The previous articles have basically finished some precautions from pregnancy to childbirth. This article summarizes the materials needed and prepared by the entire process.

The article still opens the article with the fertility process

Let’s talk about the pre -pregnancy examination on Beijing, because some friends asked this matter some time ago, here is a brief explanation.The Maternal and Child Health Center here has a free pre -pregnancy examination for the married couple of childbearing age.

Process: APP (Health Beijing) or Telephone Appointment-> Carrying ID cards (Beijing) or residence permits (non -Beijing households) to collect "National Free Pre -pregnancy Equipment Health Inspection Service Card" ->Inspection-> 3-5 days of results, the couple can listen to the results of the results.

materials needed:

1. ID card (Beijing household) or residence permit (non -Beijing household)

2. "National Free Pre -pregnancy Equipment Health Inspection Service Card"

Inspection of precautions, such as fasting, C13 inspection precautions, etc., you can inquire or consult the local women and children online.In addition to free inspection items, you can also increase the inspection items on the spot.

Of course, you can also go to the hospital outpatient check for examination before pregnancy. There are differences in the contents of the checks that may be issued in different hospitals. For specific examination items, some doctors will open medical insurance and some do not take medical insurance.I have a friend who went to the hospital for inspection. At that time, some of the women’s examinations such as B -ultrasound. Doctors said that those who could take medical insurance for medical insurance for medical insurance were given a checklist in medical insurance.So go to the hospital for an order for your own check -up.

The main note from preparing to pregnancy is to eat folic acid (men can also eat)

The first thing to learn about pregnancy is to handle the mother and child health manual

Venue: Community Health Service Center

Time point: After 6 weeks of pregnancy, you can go to handle (generally found that pregnancy is almost this time point, the calculation time of the gestational week is calculated from the end of the last menstruation)

Materials required: (The following is the requirements of my community hospital where I live, there may be differences in different communities, based on local community consultation, prevails) accountbooks: Beijing household registration with Beijing account book, maternity account book with foreign accounts+residential residenceCertificate (there are subtle differences in different communities, it is best to hold both the household registration of both husband and wife) ID card: The identity card of the couple’s ID card certificate proves: generally the B -ultrasound proof, and some communities can use hematuria/pregnancy test forms

Process process: Take the above materials and go directly to the community on the working day. Generally, you will go to the morning.After the information is registered, the "Mother and Child Health Manual" (pink small book) and "Children’s Health Care" (a small blue book) will be issued.These two small books must be kept well, and subsequent production and postpartum infants will be used.In addition to these two things, a sufficient amount of folic acid will be distributed for free.

Picture source: Baidu search

File materials may not have the same requirements for each local hospital

However, the materials I checked are necessary for these materials: the hospital’s clinic card, because the obstetrics must be at their own expense, the medical insurance card cannot be used here.Ultrasonic can see the "Mother and Child Health Manual" issued by the community (the pink book) issued by the community

Some other materials such as: psychological evaluation forms, etc. can consult the requirements of specific hospitals.

After the file is established, it is necessary to prepare materials for the subsequent process. At this time, the most important paper document is the "Beijing Municipal Maternity Registration Service Form"."This is the previous quasi -student certificate


Both husbands and wives or one have a Beijing account, you can choose to handle online or on -site.The non -Beijing household must go to the neighborhood committee or the street to handle

Process process:

Here I only talk about the on -site processing process.

The processing process of "Beijing Municipal Maternity Registration Service"

First take the material to the community or the street to fill in the "Beijing Municipal Maternity Registration Information Collection Form", and then get the stamped "Beijing Municipal Maternity Registration Service Form" after 3 working days

"Beijing Municipal Migrant Population Registration Registration Service Form" handling process

It is also to go to the community or the street to fill in the "Beijing Moral Population Registration Information Collection Form".After 15 working, go to the community or the street to collect the stamping seal "Beijing Moral Population Registration Registration Service Form"

My community is to go to the neighborhood committee to fill in the information, then go to the street to send materials, and then go to the street to collect the stamp documents after 15 working days.

materials needed:

One or both parties are Beijing households: the two parties have a hukou book. If the identity card of the marriage certificate is a two -child, you still need to bring the child’s household registration book.

Non -Beijing households: The two parties have a hukou book, and the marriage certificate between the two parties of the marriage certificate and the Beijing residence permit or the residential card. Our community must bring a real estate certificate or rental contract (original).Essence

Only emergency or outpatient confirmation can be hospitalized,

Materials required: Find a doctor to issue a receiving form before giving birth (usually go to the emergency doctor, provided that they confirm that you have the symptoms of birth).When you fill in the information in advance), the "Beijing Municipal Maternity Registration Service Form" or "Beijing Moral Population Registration Registration Service Form". Remember to submit a copy here.The maternal ID card maternal insurance card deposit "Diagnostic Certificate of Diagnosis Diagnosis" is used for follow -up reimbursement and requesting leave for maternity.Or when you apply for the settlement of hospitalization costs, find a doctor to open a baby’s "Diagnostic Certificate". This is used to manually reimburse the baby in medical insurance. Without this diagnostic certificate, the Social Security Bureau will not be reported.I stepped on this pit. If the baby is already good, I can apply for the "Birth Certificate" directly at the hospital, or I can follow it online or follow the hospital to handle it.The birth certificate should not be dragged for too long, because the subsequent hukou and medical insurance need to issue a certificate of birth.The "Beijing Prevention Certificate", also known as the vaccine book, because the newborn baby has to get hepatitis B and kale vaccine in the hospital, so the hospital’s vaccine gives you a record of these two stitches."Beijing Newborn Disease Screening Certificate", this small was originally released after finishing hearing screening and taking heel blood in the hospital.

I personally is non -Beijing, so this part of the material just represents the requirements of our hometown.For details, you can call the local police station’s household registration club original identity card original+photocopy marriage certificate original+photocopy account book, which requires the original application of the baby’s household registration certificate to the original application (relative to his hometown).Copy (must have homepage information) The couple have ethnic minorities, and both parties must sign the national confirmation letter to handle the households. At least one person must be present, and the elderly at home should not be held on behalf of the family.

Process process: Go directly to the household registration department to submit the materials. When the information is entered, you need to take pictures and leave files on the spot. If there is no problem with the material, print your child’s personal page directly on the spot.

Venue: The street or neighborhood committee is located

Materials required: Homepage and Personal Page of Newborn Household Registration+Copy X2 Birth Certificate X2 Newborn Personal Account Copy One -inch Platform Photos 1 Certificate Photos Photo Photos Photo Photos: Format Requirements: JPG format, width, width, width, width, widthFor 358 pixels, the height is 441 pixels, the files are not less than 9kb, and not more than 20KB to fill in the "Beijing Urban Residents’ Basic Medical Insurance Insurance Payment Declaration Film" on the spot.Including two materials: 1. The confirmation form of the residence permit after the relocation, the child information has been brought above.2. To apply for a screenshot of the approval of the child when the child is relocated, the screenshot of the online page must be full (including the postal approval information).If the general way cannot intercept the full picture (maybe too many information, one page can not be standing), you can search the F12 screenshot method or privately letter online.

Process: Take the required materials to the street or the neighborhood committee for registration. Generally, get the temporary medical insurance card within 7-15 working days, and get a formal medical insurance card within 45 days.It may be because of the epidemic, we have delayed the time we get.

TIPS: Beijing is required to enjoy the medical insurance reimbursement of the year within 90 days, and only the next medical insurance year after 90 days can be processed.I think that there are 28 or 30 days on the Internet that there are 28 or 30 days, so it is necessary to confirm the time limit for local requirements in advance and prepare materials in advance.

As long as the medical expenses starting from birth, as long as they are within the scope of medical insurance, they can be reimbursed proportionally after the medical insurance is completed, but it is necessary to provide sufficient materials.

First of all, the cost of newborns is mainly divided into three stages: from birth to getting the cost of temporary medical insurance cards, all of which must be paid from the cost from the temporary medical insurance card to the official medical insurance card.Even if you need to pay for all the costs, you need to use the temporary medical insurance card to get the formal medical insurance card when settlement, and the cost generated will be settled directly in the hospital

Combined with the above three stages, it is necessary to manually reimburse all the expenses within the scope of all medical insurance in two stages.

Reimbursement place: street (district) social security office

Materials required for manual reimbursement: Hospital invoices, the cost can only be reimbursed within the scope of medical insurance, that is, the invoice shows "there is a self -payment" and "no payment".That is the bottom.These documents are the easiest to be lost. It is recommended to keep all the data on each consultation. In addition, the cost of hospitalization for hospitalization can also be reimbursed here, but the hospital must issue a baby’s diagnosis certificate.Remember to remember the diagnosis of the maternal diagnosis.Temporary medical insurance cards, all the costs before the medical insurance card can only be reimbursed once manually, this reimbursement requires a copy of the temporary medical insurance card birth certificate

Reimbursement process: Take Qi Qi to submit them to the Social Security Institute of the Street (District), and then pay the reimbursement fee to the baby’s own social security card related bank account after approval by the social security institute.

If you buy a commercial insurance or a supplementary medical insurance for parents, you can reimburse the child’s cost, you need to pay the reimbursement division of social security, because the general parents do not work in a company, they need to report to 50% of their parents.EssenceThis part of the reimbursement process can consult the company’s human resources department.Generally, this part of the company’s commercial insurance reimbursement can only be reimbursed for children’s expenses after full moon, so the cost of hospitalization at birth is not within the scope of this part of the reimbursement.

Finally, please remind you: If you are a non -Beijing household and have plans to have children, you must apply for a residence permit and a job residence permit in advance.

Working residence permit: The company needs to handle it on behalf of it, and the cycle is longer. If it is not handled early, it may affect the subsequent medical insurance processing of the child.

Residence permit: From all the above processes and materials, it can be seen that its importance is needed, and almost every step is needed, so if you need to handle it as soon as possible.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, all the standards in this series of articles are in accordance with the requirements of Beijing, and other places may be different, only reference.

The starting point of the article is to remind the latecomers as an experience post. Although I try to write the content in detail and specific, there will be no differences caused by omissions and different regions. Please also refer to the results of the local consultation during the actual implementation.

Finally, if you think the content I write is useful to you, I hope you can get your likes and support.

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