Remember Hong Xin’s son Zhang Haozhang?He was filming with Yang Ying!

Hi ~ o (*(▽  ̄*) ブ, little oranges!

The recent costume drama "Acacia Order" has been killed!

Yang Ying × Song Weilong’s match,

The perfect combination of strong face and exotic style!


On the square of””在”to kill youth, Orange actually saw Zhang Hao!

He plays Zheng Shuting in "Acacia Order", 

Let’s take a look at his ancient costumes?


(Orange quietly says that the big baby is so beautiful ~)


Look at Zhang Danfeng’s social platform,

He once posted a Weibo saying that he would cooperate with his son again in eight years,

How can Orange hold his makeup like "Acacia Order"?

(Good guy, what about a show?)


But then again, about Zhang Haozhang’s family,

It is really complicated.

His mother -actor Hong Xin,

In 1990, under the recommendation of Chen Xinjian, he entered the performing arts circle,

(Chen Xinjian is a Hong Kong actor, screenwriter, director, and producer in China.

In the same year, the first film "New Summary Back and Eight Two" was released.


In 1993, she starred in many TV series,

Cooperate with Liming, Li Jiaxin, Zhu Yin to shoot the fashion drama "Original Zhen Xia",

Play the understanding of the satisfactory blue cricket in the play.

Participate in the costume drama "Ru Lai God Palm and fight again",

Playing Feng Qingqing in the play.

The starring youth inspirational drama "The Five Tigers of the Teenage" was broadcast and played the role of Kaner in the play.

Cooperate with Wen Zhaolun and Cai Shaofen to shoot the costume drama "Demon Swordsman Love",

Playing the daughter of Qu Ren in the play, Qu Lanling,

Participated in the police bandit drama "Interpol" directed by Ye Chengkang and played Yu Xiaolan in the play.

The guest movie "Wing Chun", played the tofu Xishi Shi Yanniang,

A smile is full of style,


Her momentum is good. When she was young, she boasted that she could not divide it.

If she runs herself with her heart, she may have already been a front -line actress,

But how is the big beauty just "love the brain"!


In 1996, he cooperated with Guan Yonghe, Liu Songren, Wu Jiali, and Mo Shaocong to shoot the TV series "The End of the World",

 In this drama, she fell in love with Mo Shaocong because of the drama.

Even if a friend advised her to make a good film, she did not listen, but just wanted to follow Mo Shaocong,

But she paid for three years, and eventually was abandoned cruelly during her pregnancy.

After the child was born, Mo Shaocong refused to raise it, but Hong Xin still made the child surnamed Mo (Zhang Haozhen was called Mo Haoyu).


In order to give her children a better life, she has worked more and plays a lot of impressive roles.


In 2005, he filmed the costume drama "Princess Diao Wan" and played Jing Xiu Tai in the play.

In 2008, the Republic of China drama "The Last Grid" was broadcast and played Cixi in the play.

In 2010, the court drama "The Beauty of the Tang Palace" played Miao Fengniang, Miao Fengniang, the Division of Si Shan.

In 2012, the ancient drama "Deep Palace Spy Shadow" was broadcast, playing the goddess of Dan Gege.


From beginning to end, she believed in love very much. After marrying Zhang Danfeng, she probably thought that she had found her "true life son".

In the early days, they were still very sweet,

Will show affection in front of everyone, if no one shows affection,

He is also very good to her son,

When Zhang Hao was four years old, he naturally determined that Zhang Danfeng was his father.

The two are like a mode of getting along with their biological father and son.

When I was a kid, my father had a lot of time with him, and he would send him to school.

Accompany him to the sports meeting and give him a parent meeting,

Will go to his father’s class,

I will discuss with my dad before what I do,

Dad will take him out to eat barbecue.


When he grows up, he also has the idea of going to the entertainment industry to develop.


In January 2019, participating in Youku Art Training Education Program "The Name of the Group",

The combination is called "New Storm",

But how do you feel that the entertainment industry "has no such group" (cover his face)

To what extent this group is?

Hong Xin participated in the show, and the host played the songs he sang, but the mother did not hear the son sang.

(This is really confused that even the mother does not know anymore (cover the face))


He also has a trend to go to actors,

On July 10, 2019, he exposed his notice on Weibo that he was admitted to the Shanghai Academy of Drama.


Although there are many short dramas on the DY platform,

(But none of them aroused too much water ~)

But it’s okay to see that the handsome guy is still very pleasing!


It turns out that he will fly ~ (bushi)


There is still a long time in the future, everything is possible,

Then look forward to actor Zhang Hao!


The last sentence

He also has a younger sister named Tongtong, and he is still a full "sister control"!

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