Rumor: normal menstruation, ovulation will be normal

Many women who prepare for pregnancy think that as long as menstruation is normal, ovulation is normal, they can conceive normally, but they may not.Women generate an egg every month. When there is no sperm and eggs, the endometrium will fall off. At this time, menstruation will be formed. This situation is also called "normal ovulation menstruation".

Another case is called "ovulation -free menstruation".The ovaries only secrete estrogen and do not secrete progesterone, so the endometrium only changes in the hyperplasia period.When the endometrium falls off, women will also have menstruation, but they will not ovulate.

What will cause ovulation without ovulation?The first is ovarian lesions, including congenital ovarian dysplasia, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian function, cervical lesions, ovarian tumors, etc.; Second, hypothalli brain-pituitary-ovarian axis dysfunction causes ovarian menstruation, amenorrhea, women’s emotions, women’s emotionsLong -term adverse state such as tension, anxiety, anger, and sadness causes brain dysfunction to cause abnormal ovulation or ovulation; third, systemic diseases, such as severe malnutrition, hyperthyroidism and other diseases can cause ovulation.

If you want to know if there are ovulation, there are three ways:

The first is ovulation test strip.The conventional monitoring should be started 17 days before the next menstruation. For women with a menstrual cycle 28 days, the ovulation test strip can be used for continuous monitoring on the 11th day of menstruation.

The second is the basic body temperature measurement method.Women’s body temperature before ovulation will be low, and the body temperature will increase after ovulation. Generally, the ovulation period occurs 14 days before the next menstruation. Therefore, the body temperature changes should be paid attention to.Wake up in the morning and don’t exercise and eat, and immediately measure the temperature of the lower tongue. At this time, the tongue will not be disturbed by the external ambient temperature.

Third, the B -ultrasound monitor the development of follicles.B-ultrasound follicular monitoring should be performed about 3-4 times during the diagnosis. According to the time of the doctor’s arrangement, the first time is tested on the 2-4 days of menstruation, and then the detection is determined every few days according to the follicle size.

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