Rumor: Some people dare not get pregnant and divorce because of this disease. In fact, sometimes it is not necessary to treat

There are two high -incidence areas in the hospital, one is a dermatology department, and the other is a gynecological clinic.

The most common scene is that one party holds a checklist to control and interrogate the other party with blood and tears:

"I didn’t go out to mess around again, how could I get the disease, say! Did you go out and go out and mess with me!"

There are also simply staged a torn war:

"I can’t pass this day, go home and get a household registration for divorce!"

In the above scenes, the disease may include condyloma acuminatum, syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniac vaginitis, and a primary positive.

But no matter what kind of disease, the parties are all transformed into Dou E and shouted loudly!

Who is the most wronged?

Of course, the last one, mycoplasma positive.


Many people do not know what the mycoplasma is. In fact, mycoplasma is a very small, very small, and the simplest prokaryotic creature that can live independently.

There are more than a dozen category categories infected with humans. Common classifications separated by women’s reproductive tracts are human -shaped chlamydia (MH) reconcile chlamydia (UU) and reproductive mycoplasma (MG). The most common is the first two.The name of the unique name of the name, the reason why it is called this name is because its growth requires urea.

The mycoplasma infection belongs to a chance of infection, that is, in some cases, it is not ill, but just stays there honestly and be a harmless carrier to carry microorganisms.

In the body of normal people, mycoplasma will also appear. The role it plays is part of the normal flora in your body. Whether you are an old man or a child, or a woman with a childcare age, it can live with you peacefully.There is no dispute with the world, and at most, you can break down urea and eat, which does not cause any trouble.

However, because mycoplasma infections may have the impact in the state of cure, many people want to kill it!

The reason why I am so afraid of mycoplasma is because its infection may affect the health of both men and women in the state of disease, which will not only affect the combination of sperm and eggs, affect conception, and infection during pregnancy.Infection of the fetus may even cause abortion, premature or even dead.

Sister Sister feels that a woman who is going to be pregnant and pregnant, seeing the above paragraph, will be unconsciously nervous.


So how should we judge the state of mycoplasma infection?

Human -style mycoplasma infections are mostly caused by vaginitis, cervicitis and fallopian tube inflammation. The relieving primary infection is mostly caused by non -gonococcal urethritis.Causes disease.For example, the commonly combined cloth infection of the mycoplasma, as well as gonococci and so on.

If it is really a state of disease and not carrying it, what consequences can it bring?

The mycoplasma can exist in the vagina, around the urethral mouth, the outer mouth of the cervix, and the urine. It is mainly transmitted through sexual contact.

After the infection of pregnant women, mycoplasma can be spread to the fetus vertically to the fetus in the uterine cavity through the placenta, or the infection of the genital tract spreads, causing infection in the palace.

In the process of childbirth, it can also be transmitted to the fetus through polluting the delivery channel.

After infection with UUs and MH, pregnant women can invade the amniotic membrane from 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, damage the placenta, cause choricularitis, and even cause late abortion, premature fetal membrane, premature birth or even dead tires. The survivable fetus can lead to low weight and congenital deformity.

Newborns, especially premature babies, have undergone UU infections, can cause chlamydia pneumonia.

MH infection can lead to postpartum pelvic inflammatory disease, postpartum mycoplasis and neonatal mycoplasis.

Intimate contact and air dissemination of postpartum breastfeeding can cause newborn pneumonia.


So under what circumstances do you need treatment, and under what circumstances do you need to be treated?

To put it simply: If both men and women have no related symptoms of urogogly tract infection, UU is positive, considering it as a carrier, no need to treat it.Male is a UU urethritis, and it is recommended to treat sexual companions at the same time.If you are preparing for pregnancy, no matter if you have any symptoms and discomfort, you are recommended to get pregnant after treatment.Patients who detect UU during pregnancy during pregnancy do not need to intervene and treat.When the quality of men’s semen is abnormal and there is a need for fertility, both men and women recommend treating a course of treatment at the same time.

Jieye branch can be divided into two sub -types: tiny 原 原 脲 脲 脲 脲 primary primary. Among them, the tiny pupae primary is particularly easy to see in the asymptomatic carry. Among them, the positive of the reproductive tract UU of both men and women has no significant impact on IVF.

Reproductive mycoplasma is an important pathogenic microorganism of urethritis. The genitals mycoplasma is also an important pathogenic microorganism of cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.The use of nucleic acid analysis methods forcopic chlamydia testing is more conducive to the diagnosis and treatment of mycoplasma.

In the treatment of medication, MH and UU are more sensitive to multiple antibiotics. We often see that the results of a drug sensitivity test will be followed by our own checklist. Select sensitive drugs in the list for treatment.

For pregnant women, the first choice of therapeutic drugs are Azithromycin, and the common amount is 1g meals. If you cannot take Azithromycin, you often use erythromycin 0.5g oral replacement, and use it twice a day for 14 days.

Newborn infection can choose 25 ~ 40 mg/(kg · d), divided into four veins, or oral erythromycin, which is also used for 7 to 14 days.


The following is the key time:

I have a sexually transmitted disease 伴 Partner must go out and mess it!

The reason why we say that a disease is a sexually transmitted disease, or it mainly through sexual transmission, referring to the way of spreading this disease, not that it is not possible to use this to determine that the source of the disease must be a mess.

For example, this mycoplasma may also exist in people, but usually the current life is stable and quiet. The mycoplasma is busy eating urea and sleeping."Disease", so I ran out of trouble.

For example, trichomonas vaginitis, HPV virus, can sometimes do not pay attention to hygiene in rough men. The environment for our survival is not sterile.More injustice than Dou E!

Therefore, do n’t go online because of a check -ups, and then go online.He’s!

Crazy tearing, and absconding with money, you can perform 10,000 times in your mind, but what you need to do in real life is to do not use your mind, be careful of hurting yourself, and hurting each other by mistake.

Don’t be so culprit, don’t make a big noise in the hospital immediately. It’s really doubting what the other party is. We can communicate well after returning home and interrogate strictly.Intersection

There is no need to be positive because of a simple UU, without any symptoms, but for many years, it has been stuffing for a long time. I dare not dare to ask for children in the same room, and even psychologically carry a heavy burden.I plan to eat and drink, life is still a blue sky!


Zhang Jian, Liu Zhaohui. The consensus of the expert in infection and treatment of reproductive tract branches [J]. China Sexual Science 2016,25 (3): 80-82.doi: 10.3969/J.ISSN.1672-1993.2016.03.026.


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