Rumor: This indicator is not only difficult to get pregnant, but also easy to have a miscarriage?The truth you must know is here

Last month, a good friend suddenly sent me WeChat to me and consult this question:

Coincidentally, during the online consultation two days ago, I met such a patient:

Doctors, my menstruation is always delayed, and the amount of menstruation is small. I have done sex hormone examination and the measurement of anti -seedlings. I found that the value is very low. Is I premature ovarian failure? What should I do?

Everyone must have discovered that in both issues, it is said that the anti -mixture tube hormone is mentioned. What are the indicators? What does this have to do with the ovaries and pregnancy?Don’t worry, look down slowly.

Anti-seedlings, some places are also called anti-mullerian Hormone (amh). They are secreted by follicles and small sinuses from the anterior ovaries. The concentration level is directly related to the number of follicles in the ovary.

It is difficult to detect AMH in the newborn baby girl serum. After a few weeks of birth, AMH began to increase, and it reached its peak in the late adolescence. This change has gradually increased with women from birth to adolescence and the number of follicles before sinus.Adult women have gradually declined with their age, and the follicle reserves have gradually declined, and AMH will decrease until the menopause cannot be detected.

AMH levels are directly proportional to the number of sinus follicles. In the indicators of evaluating ovarian reserve functions, such as follicles stimulatory and lutein production, AMH is the earliest change with age, which is directly related to the number of sinus follicles and age.So it is more useful.

First, evaluate ovarian function

Unlike traditional sex hormones, AMH still has a unique advantage -during the menstrual cycle and different menstrual weeks, the level is relatively stable, no contraceptives and other drugs.You can take blood tests.

Second, applied to auxiliary reproductive technology

According to AMH’s horizontal prediction ovarian response, refer to the formulation of an individual ovulation promotion plan to prevent the occurrence of excessive ovarian stimulation syndrome.

Third, pre -examination of gynecological surgery

Some women suffer from ovarian cysts, fallopian tubes and other diseases, and they need to perform surgery. Sometimes doctors also recommend checking AMH to evaluate ovarian function.If the ovarian function has been reduced before surgery, surgery may further harm the ovarian function, it is necessary to suspend surgery, find a way to freeze the embryo before surgical treatment, avoiding the situation that cannot be born after surgery.

Since AMH is closely related to the function of the ovary, is it that this indicator is low or it is premature ovary?Can’t you get pregnant normally?

That’s not necessarily.

Premature ovarian aging, medical definitions occur before 40 years old. Ovarian failure is caused by follicle failure in the ovaries or hospitals.There are many causes, such as genetic factors, autoimmune diseases, radiotherapy, chemotherapy destructive glands, or surgery that cause ovarian blood vessels.

Under the condition of ovulation, the luteal stage is relatively fixed, with 14 ± 2 days, so the length of the menstrual cycle is mainly determined by the length of the follicle period.The shortening of the menstrual cycle, that is, shortening the follicle period means that the ovarian reserve function decreases. If the past cycle is 35-40 days, and gradually shorten to 25-30 days, you must be alert to the ovarian.Once women enter the stage of a menopause, ovulation becomes very unconventional, and the menstrual cycle is even more irregular. When the follicles are exhausted, menstruation is menstruation.

Although AMH is a indicator of judging ovarian function, the level varies from person to person. There is no exact value range that is completely fixed.After the hospital conducts an examination, there should be a reference scope of the corresponding age.

Although most women’s AMH levels are within the corresponding age range, among women in different races and regions, the value of AMH will also gap, which does not mean that the reference range is suitable for everyone. It needs to be analyzed in combination with other indicators.Such as basic hormones and sinus follicles, menstrual conditions.

If the menstrual rules are usually normal, other indicators to evaluate ovarian functions are normal, and they do not intend to give birth. AMH is low, but it does not need to care about it. It only means that the ovarian reserve function decreases, but it may not occur.Let’s predict whether to go menstruation in advance.

Can AMH be pregnant normally?

This is about the case I mentioned at the beginning.The pregnant woman who consulted with me, the hormone resistance of the anti -Miande tube is only 0.04ng/ml, which is very low. Everyone is not optimistic about her pregnancy, but the result is very surprised: the review has grown in two weeks, and now the fetal heart has grown. Noweverything is normal.

My friend consulted this pregnant woman is not a case. There are many such cases in the clinical work. Women with extremely low AMH values still have the possibility of natural conception and normal fertility.

Although AMH is a useful indicator clinically, we also need to be treated correctly.

First of all, everything is too late, and it is not recommended to check AMH. If you usually have menstruation and relax your mood, you do n’t have to check this indicator.In case the detection is abnormal, this is not to increase the psychological burden on yourself, and the impact is not conducive to pregnancy.

Secondly, the higher the AMH, the better. Don’t forget. This indicator is related to sinus follicles. If the value is high, you must also doubt whether there is a polycystic ovary syndrome. You need to further check the evaluation.

Finally, if the menstruation is irregular, the level of AMH is lower than normal. For example, the patient I consulted online before should not be nervous first, calm down, you need to check further, combined with basic hormones, number of sinus follicles, etc.judge.

If the results of comprehensive examinations are found that the ovarian function reserve function is indeed decreased, and it is intended to have childbirth, go to the regular hospital reproductive center as soon as possible to help complete fertility, and ovaries can be ranging.


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